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MotoCMS Black Friday 2017 Big Sale – up to 50% Off! [Updated]

MotoCMS Editorial 23 November, 2015

UPD: Thanksgiving day has gone but there’s more holidays to come. Due to this fact MotoCMS congrats all its customers on the upcoming winter festivities and extends this big Black Friday Sale. You can purchase any template from the MotoCMS store with up to 50% discount up to November 27! Hurry up and happy holidays!

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November comes to its end and the cool breath of winter reminds us of upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. But before we fling into this pre-holiday fuss there is one more fall holiday you won’t wish to miss. Thanksgiving day opens a door to a Holiday Season and the Black Friday sales that follows it is a great opportunity to get presents for your friends and family or get some cool things for yourself for a good price.

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - main

Thanksgiving day is not just a time for roasted chicken, pumpkin pies, caramel apples and other scrumptious treats. It’s the day for expressing our gratitude towards people who blessed us with their friendship, love, and care. This day the entire MotoCMS family is happy to say thank you to everyone who stayed with us all these years. Thanks to all our team and customers, blog readers, contributors, subscribers, and followers. You help us believe in what we do and aim higher.

To let all our customers know what they mean to us MotoCMS offers a great sale for this holiday week. Check out MotoCMS Black Friday 2017 Sale with up to 50% off on all templates in our store.

You can get any MotoCMS template you like and get it with a discount. Starting from Monday, November 20, and throughout the next week, until the 27th of November, choose templates and purchase them for a low price.

Here is a collection of the latest and greatest MotoCMS 3 templates to give you some ideas.

Professional Fitness Trainer Website Template

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - 55643

Web Template for Photography Courses

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - 55537

Plane Rental Website Template

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - 55634

Business Consulting Web Template

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - 55534

Website Template for Farm Winery

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - 55627

Life Coach Website Template

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - 55532

Clean-Style Restaurant Web Template

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - 55629

Financial Advisor Website Template

MotoCMS Black Friday 2015 - 55644

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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