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Modern Blog Niche Ideas In 2021

MotoCMS Editorial 24 March, 2021

Choosing the best blog niche is can be challenging in 2021 because there are just so many things you can do. When researching blog niche ideas, you will notice that many of these blog ideas will fall into much broader topics. That’s because most blogs don’t focus on a general topic but rather on something more specific. You need to find a number of ideas for your blog and then choose the blog niche ideas you are interested in the most. From then on, you will be able to choose THE blog idea for yourself. Here are some modern blog niche ideas you should consider in 2021.


Modern Blog Niche Ideas – #1 Technology

Blogs about technology have been around for ages and have always been quite popular specifically because technology plays such a huge role in our lives. Moreover, 2021 is still perfect for starting a tech-centric blog because so many people are becoming more and more interested in reading about the newest tech or simply learning how to use certain tech.

#2 Budgeting

Many people – especially those who don’t have enough experience with managing money, particularly young people – often struggle with budgeting. That’s why so many people turn to the Internet to find out which habits they can adopt to start saving money properly. You can also focus on tips for saving money here and there (e.g. groceries, leisure, etc.)

#3 Cryptocurrency

When money and tech come together, you get cryptocurrency – and that’s one of the most discussed topics at the moment. Though the cryptocurrency market has had its ups and downs, many people are still interested in it, so if you are an expert in this field, then a blog focusing on this will definitely be a great choice.

Modern Blog Niche Ideas – #4 Family Travel

Travel is one of the biggest topics in the world of social media and blogs which is why there are so many different niches you can choose from within the topic of travel. For instance, family travel can be a great place to start because it allows you to explore the aspects of traveling that single people don’t get to experience (e.g. traveling with young children) and that many people are interested in.

#5 RV or Car Travel

Another interesting direction to go in with the topic of travel is RV or car travel. As opposed to people traveling as a family, there are more individualistic adventurers who want to take on the wild in their own car or use LA RV rentals for the full experience. As experts from the best essay writing service reviews site put it, “RVs are like portable homes – you get to live at your own place but you should also keep it in check if you want to enjoy your adventures.”

#6 Time Management

Much like budgeting, time management can be a great blog niche to choose because many people struggle with organizing their own lives. In an age when everything is changing so quickly, many people find that they don’t have enough time to do everything they want to do, so that’s why they turn to time management tips and techniques they can use.

Modern Blog Niche Ideas – #7 Personal Development

Because the Internet provides us with so many opportunities for learning and so much information and knowledge at our fingertips, more and more people think about their personal development. This can be anything from social and communication skills to learning mindfulness and meditation techniques.

#8 Self-Care and Self-Confidence

Directly related to personal development, self-care, and self-confidence blogs focus on the mental and spiritual sides of individual care. You can talk about getting clear skin or becoming more confident as a public speaker or anything else that falls into the broad topics of self-care and self-confidence.

Modern Blog Niche Ideas – #9 Cooking and Baking

Some people don’t know how to cook while others know how to do it and enjoy it but want to learn even more recipes. That’s why cooking and baking blogs are so popular – they help people learn the necessary skills to create something delicious, something they might not even be able to try in a restaurant.

#10 Language Learning

A user can Google “French essay for sale” and get on your blog about language learning which is also a very popular blog topic. Globalization has encouraged people to travel more, study in foreign countries, and even move there and live there. That’s why language learning courses are in demand while blogs dedicated to this are just as widespread.

Modern Blog Niche Ideas – #11 Photography

Photography is the kind of hobby that almost anyone can take up thanks to the widespread use of smartphones which often have cameras as good as professional photography devices do. You can focus your blog either on such casual photography or on the conventional kind of photography that uses dedicated cameras.

#12 Dieting

Though people like learning about interesting recipes to cook or bake something, dieting blogs are just as popular. Besides, dieting is also about eating healthily and having delicious food even if you are trying to lose weight with these new eating habits. Hence, you could consider your dieting blog as belonging to food blogs.

Modern Blog Niche Ideas – #13 Yoga and Fitness

Yoga and fitness are not always about weight loss, but they can be about it too. In addition to that, you could focus on yoga and fitness for being healthy and leading a life that will help your audience feel good both physically and mentally as well as live longer.

#14 Home Decoration

Lastly, home decoration – which falls into the popular topic of DIY – is also a good blog niche to consider. As for cooking and baking, home decoration is about doing things yourself even if you could pay for them along with creating things you couldn’t find elsewhere.

Modern Blog Niche Ideas – Final Thoughts

To sum up, you can still choose a great blog niche idea in 2021 if you do your research and find what you like and what people’s interests are. The topics in this article are just some to get you started and you can choose from them, but make sure to brainstorm even more ideas that you could possibly use for your blog.

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