Microsoft Silverlight vs. Adobe AIR/Flex Debate: The Future of Computing

MotoCMS Editorial 10 February, 2009

The debate between the representatives of Microsoft Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. for control of the future of computing will take place at 7 PM (PST/GMT +8) on Thursday, February 12 in the Bronco Student Center (Ursa Minor) at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona.

Sam Stokes (Microsoft Aademic Developer/Evangelist) and Kevin Hoyt (Adobe Platform Evangelist) will participate in the debate. They will present the relative advantages of their Rich Internet Application products.

Adobe is encouraging developers to create media-rich desktop computer applications that run independently of the Internet through its Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). Meanwhile, Microsoft wants developers to create media-rich applications that can be used online through its Silverlight technology.

The area of rich Internet applications is fast becoming one of the most hotly contested among software providers. In addition to Adobe AIR, there is Google Gears for offline access as well as JavaFX and the Mozilla Foundation’s Prism project. But Microsoft firmly holds its positions: and now Silverlight is available on Windows and Mac browser. Moreover, Microsoft said that it intends to have versions for Linux desktops and mobile devices.

The free event is sponsored by the Interactive Web Development Student Association and the Computer Information Systems department in the College of Business Administration. It will be streamed live over the Internet:
Mid Bandwidth | Low Bandwidth


Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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