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Lookbook Template Designs to Create a Powerful Fashion Lookbook

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Allison Reed 8 December, 2017

Are you in the fashion industry and eager to surprise the whole world with your new collection? Then it’s high time to take care of its impressive presentation online. Perhaps, the smartest way to do it is to create a stunning digital lookbook. Consequently, the primary thing you need right at the moment is a great lookbook template.

Lookbook Template Designs main image

It’s not a secret that nowadays lookbooks have become an inevitable part of the fashion industry. Both big fashion brands and small retailers use their advantages to showcase their products in the best possible light. If you are still not in the game you risk falling behind your business competitors and losing potential customers. So, it’s a wise thing to review your marketing strategy and join the competition right now.

What Is a Lookbook?

To begin with, the concept of the lookbook slightly differs from that of your usual product catalog. Whereas a catalog simply displays your products in a plain, unadorned way, a great lookbook provides them with a context. To put it simply, a lookbook presents your products in a real-life, visually-appealing setting. It gives your online audience the idea how to use a product in a better way, what it goes well with, and how it may fit their lifestyle.

Moreover, lookbooks are all about emotions. Their primary task is to excite and inspire your customers thus creating an important emotional connection with them. As a result, you get such valuable things as:

  • brand recognition and awareness;
  • loyal customers;
  • increased sales.

Great Online Lookbook Ideas for Your Inspiration

In fact, there are a lot of ways to smartly present your products in a digital lookbook. However, if you don’t know how to transform a static catalog into an effective lookbook, it’s not a problem. Just have a look at several solutions that will definitely inspire your future design.


Brahmin Online Lookbook

Brahmin specializes in leather handbags and accessories. Their online lookbook is a combination of quality content and constant ability to make a purchase. While clicking through the lookbook you not only examine new products but also get helpful styling hints. Moreover, the integrated quickviews enable you to see the products from different angles. As soon as you decide to make a purchase the only thing you should do is just to click “Add to Bag” on the right.


Bonmarché Digital Lookbook

Bonmarché is obviously a good example of implementing inspirational content. First and foremost, their lookbook is dynamic and interactive. The company enlivens it and keeps the audience engaged using embedded videos and animations. Furthermore, the outfit tips from the style consultant help you understand how to create a finished image using the product. Besides, this lookbook is a perfect reflection of the brand itself.

Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter Online Lookbook

Mr. Porter shows its collection in another creative way called contextual product placement. In other words, the company combines the menswear with the editorial content. It means that they simply integrate the photos of their products throughout the editorial article. Whenever you hover over a photo in the article the images of the clothing the person on the photo is wearing appear under it. Clicking on any image you find yourself in the section describing the product that aroused your interest.

How to Create an Effective Fashion Lookbook

It doesn’t matter whether you create a separate lookbook linking to your product pages or make it a part of your fashion website. The main components of a powerful lookbook remain the same.

An Appealing Cover Page

It’s a simple knowledge that your cover page is the initial attention grabber of your lookbook. It is that first impression that is the strongest. Namely, the cover page will influence the further behavior of your customers. So, it’s vitally important to make it visually attractive.

Griffon Lookbook Template


The cover page should not only set the tone of the whole lookbook but tell a few words about your collection. Alongside with a captivating image, it should include your brand name as well as the title and the date of your collection.

Simple Navigation

Of course, user-friendly navigation is an essential part of great customer experience. That’s why it’s a wise thing to provide your online visitors with the most possible intuitive navigation. So, take care of your customers’ ability to smoothly move from page to page, without any interruption. Make sure that your navigation elements are obvious and lead to the proper sections.

Lookbook Online Template


High-Quality Visuals

Perhaps, it’s needless to explain the importance of qualitative images to a person who deals with fashion. Besides, visuals are the core of any digital lookbook. Consequently, each and every visual element should look perfect. So, don’t try to take shots using your smartphone to save on a professional photographer. What’s more, hire a model who completely suits the style of your collection to highlight the strong sides of your products.

Nova Lookbook Template


Make sure that all your visuals convey a consistent theme and appear in a logical order telling a coherent story. Don’t forget to accompany your products with informative descriptions. However, try to keep text to the minimum – not more than 30-60 words long.

Call-to-Action Buttons

There’s no doubt that call-to-action buttons (CTAs), as well as correct links, are crucial to the success of your lookbook. Although the primary aim of your lookbook is to excite and inspire, don’t forget to supply it with CTAs. Actually, your final purpose is still to make your visitors purchase your products. That’s why CTAs are a must-have.

Avenue Ecommerce Template


Make your call-to-action buttons highly visible. They should stand out on the page and look clickable. Remember, that any CTA can’t appear from anywhere. It should be a logical final step of your customers’ online journey through your lookbook pages.

Contact Options

Since a lookbook is a way of building relations with customers, offer your audience various options to interact with you. Implement such elements as your contact info and links to your social media accounts. Besides, use a sign-up form to be in touch with your customers and keep them well-informed via your newsletter.

Kustrix Responsive Lookbook Template


By the way, if you choose your lookbook to be a part of your website we’ll gladly share several tips on how to make a fashionable website.

Best Lookbook Template Designs from MotoCMS

Hope, you’ve grasped the general idea how to build a powerful fashion lookbook. Perhaps, now you’re ready to put this knowledge into practice. So, it’s high time to get acquainted with the best lookbook template designs capable of bringing your business to the next level.

Viva Ecommerce Lookbook Template

Viva Ecommerce Lookbook Template


Viva is an excellent choice for any business connected with fashion. To begin with, the clean, minimalist design of the template doesn’t contain any “non-essentials”. Next, the black-and-white color scheme of the on-trend fonts gives an edge to the entire design. Furthermore, the neutral and pastel photography adds softness to the mood of the template. Finally, you can always easily customize the fonts and the color scheme to make them perfectly suit your brand.

Fashion Online Lookbook Template

Fashion Online Lookbook Template


Fashion Online Lookbook Template is one of the best solutions for fashion designers. Thanks to the different kinds of galleries the template offers, you can present your products in a variety of ways. The best thing is that you don’t have to be a tech geek to add all the necessary content. Due to the convenient drag-and-drop website creator, the entire process will take you just a few hours.

Zoe Fashion Online Store Template

Zoe Fashion Online Store Template


Zoe with its breathtaking design is a completely responsive lookbook template. Undoubtedly, it is able to help you grab the attention of your audience at the first sight. More than fifteen pre-made pages are waiting to be customized according to your needs and launched on the web. Use a free 14-day trial period to evaluate all the killer features of Zoe Fashion Online Store Template by yourself.

Queen Ecommerce Lookbook Template

Queen Ecommerce Lookbook Template


Queen is an elegant and contemporary theme ideal to showcase top-shelf products and fashion collections. Frankly speaking, the template is a perfect balance of function and form. First and foremost, you’ll be able to sort all your products in any way you wish. Moreover, you’ll easily specify their custom properties. Besides, product filters and store search will grant your online audience the excellent customer experience.

Vogue Digital Lookbook Template

Vogue Digital Lookbook Template


It’s quite obvious that the world of fashion can’t exist without models and model agencies. If this business is your cup of tea, then Vogue is the very template you need. An original design of the home page, simple navigation, and fast loading speed won’t let your audience stay indifferent. What’s more, you’ll continuously get more prospects day in, day out due to the best SEO-practice the template follows.

So, create a powerful lookbook and make it an indispensable part of your online fashion experience. Demonstrate your professionalism and taste to the whole world.

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Author: Allison Reed
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