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10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business

MotoCMS Editorial 15 December, 2021

LinkedIn, a professional platform to build and strengthen business relationships, can help you connect with your business, boost awareness, and establish lead-generating partnerships. It’s a social media marketing tool that exposes your business to millions of possible connections you can use to develop relationships with other companies and individuals to strengthen your brand. To successfully grow your business on LinkedIn, develop a marketing strategy unique to the platform. LinkedIn has an entirely different audience than other social media platforms, necessitating a different approach to acquiring desired results. Through LinkedIn, businesses have direct access to their competitors, customers, potential hires, investors, and prospects. Here are 10 LinkedIn growth hacks and marketing tips for growing your business.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips – Create Your Company Page

Creating a LinkedIn company page is free. Enter your business name and add an image that represents your brand. Keep it professional. Describe your business in the ‘About Us’ section and mind the character limit. After that, add your industry, website links, and other information related to your business. This lets your visitors know who you are. Leveraging your LinkedIn company page helps you appear in searches conducted by others on the channel with the help of the provided company profile information.

Consider sharing your physical location to help prospective leads know you better. It also allows you to remain connected with businesses within your locality for local referrals.  Once your profile is set, consider creating links to the company page and posting them on your website, email signature, and blog posts for potential clients to check you out.

Know Your Goals

Like any other marketing initiative, knowing what you want to achieve on LinkedIn helps you create a strategy that propels your business in the right direction. Determine if your goal is to increase brand authority and profile, generate, nurture, or capture leads, drive relevant traffic to your site, or promote event appearances. Your goals form the basis for your LinkedIn marketing strategy, so be clear and concise.

Optimize Your Business Profile

Having a good profile doesn’t translate to potential clients finding you, but SEO does. Include keywords in your company profile and ensure they’re descriptive and relevant to your business and what you deal in. To optimize your company page, update your LinkedIn banner image as it’s among the first things users see when they visit your page. If your business has something to share, consider refreshing your banner with information about it. Align your CTA button and tagline, create LinkedIn product pages and update your LinkedIn content strategy.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips – Share Valuable Content

Marketing on LinkedIn is different from other social platforms. It’s about giving value to your audience, not publishing sales-based promotional messages. Research shows that 88% of top content marketing performers prioritize audience needs, not sales messages. This is why you should leverage LinkedIn by creating, sharing, and publishing content that informs, guides, entertains or inspires your audience, improving the chances of them engaging with your content and establishing a connection with your business or you.

When your audience engages with your content, chances are it will also appear in their connections’ feeds, boosting your reach. It’s not always necessary to share your original content; you can also share informative and insightful content relevant to your niche. This makes you an essential source for helpful industry-related content, widening your reach.

Build Your Network

Growing your network means a broader reach and increased brand awareness. Besides content marketing, you can ensure your staff follow your company page and like your posts as they’re your best brand advocates and are more likely to share your content. They can also play a key role in strengthening your network and broadening your reach on LinkedIn. Motivate them to add your business to their profiles to help it get noticed on the platform. It also makes it easy for your staff to engage with company updates and share with their LinkedIn connections.

Using your blogs, press releases, and email newsletters, make your LinkedIn presence known and consider inviting your partners and customers to follow your company page. Share other people’s content, especially if it resonates with or is by an influencer from your niche. Request your past satisfied clients to write testimonials and recommendations for your business page to make sound social proof.

Use Rich Media to Increase Engagement

Visual content engages customers better than text. Consider employing various types of visual content, including short videos about a minute or two, and add subtitles for those who prefer watching with no sound. Ensure they are attention-grabbing. Consider engaging in live videos more as they attract more comments than regular videos. You can also use custom images to get more comments on your posts, increasing engagement rate and overall reach. Include rich media content in your LinkedIn organic or paid marketing efforts to create even more impact.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips – Send Personalized InMails

The personalized InMail feature is only available in premium accounts. Connecting with influential personalities and potential clients through direct InMails is an excellent way to connect with customers and prospects. This is because InMails are more personal, and customizing them can earn your business some responses, making it an excellent avenue for promoting your products and services. Based on the prospective customer’s profile, you can share your latest content, send out offers, and give updates regarding a new service the recipient might find interesting.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Searching for LinkedIn groups in your niche is a great way to make connections because you’re able to interact with professionals in your industry and your audience too. It’s also a great way to find out what your audience talks about so you know what they want. Check how active the group is and join the most active conversations. You can also converse with a specific group of like-minded professionals in the group to share insights or ideas.

Use the Matched Audiences Feature to Run Ads

The Matched Audiences feature in LinkedIn lets you focus on the most relevant users when running ads. It allows you to retarget your site visitors and prospects on your email contacts. Considering that the people you’re reaching out to are familiar with your brand or have interacted with your company, converting them might not be difficult.

Since most people will likely not convert on their first interaction with your brand, the Matched Audiences feature takes your LinkedIn marketing efforts a notch higher by enabling you to retarget them as a gentle reminder of your existence and gradually convince them to convert.

Rely on Analytics Data to Feed Your Marketing Efforts

Jumping into LinkedIn marketing without prior research can lead to publishing numerous posts without getting any tangible results, causing all your efforts and resources to go to waste. You can get insights into your posts’ performance and any improvement scope using LinkedIn analytics data. With LinkedIn integration, you can get a better look at your performance analytics because it analyzes your company page’s engagement and growth rate and audience demographics details to boost your targeting efforts. It also allows you to compare your paid promotions against content fares to determine the impact of your investment.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips and Tricks – Endnote

LinkedIn can be a powerful engagement tool for businesses and companies with the right marketing strategy. Use the above marketing tips to grow your business on LinkedIn.

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