Things To Know About HR-LMS Integration

MotoCMS Editorial 15 July, 2022

With rapid digitization and quick technological development, various innovations have made life easier. LMS is one such innovation and the most significant innovation of all.

What Is an LMS?

LMS, or Learning Management System, is a web-based platform that helps an institution or organization facilitate easy online learning. An LMS allows you to create, document, record, track, and distribute the learning or training program.

What Is LMS in HR Training Programs?

The HR world is a complicated world with heavy responsibilities. HR has the most challenging task of all the departments: to hire the best possible employees for an excelling organization. An employee is an essential asset of any organization, so choosing the best possible asset becomes challenging. You must hire employees to bring the best possible outcomes for your organization. One might wonder, what is LMS’s use in any HR training program? LMS is a platform that helps you record and document any data efficiently with easy automation and helps you record the data of any HR-related activities of an individual.

For example, when you hire recruits in your organization, there might be many formalities and duties that need to be fulfilled. Such as creating documents or fulfilling the paperwork. With LMS, you can easily document the paperwork virtually and record the employee information automatically without repeatedly filling it in again and again.  Litmos is one such LMS that helps ease employee training. When you provide your workforce with fast-working and developing software that contributes to the development of themselves and the organization, it helps them stay in the organization and helps in employee retention.

Benefits of LMS-HR Integration

  • Easy onboarding. Onboarding is the process that starts right from the training. It begins when the employee receives his offer letter and signs it. Now you might wonder how an LMS can affect the onboarding program. An LMS can help ease onboarding by easing the iterative process by filling in the necessary information with automotive operations. You can also combine LMS with your specialized onboarding software to create a seamless experience for your new hires. Employees can achieve an onboarding with LMS from anywhere, and it doesn’t let geographical boundaries or time be a factor or a hindrance for your recruits.
  • Easy training program. LMS makes your training program more accessible and efficient by providing excellent reporting and tracking. It can track the progress of the training program that your employees receive. With this tracking and reporting, you can quickly identify the areas that require additional training or care. It lets you and your employees see and identify the areas of gap and provide them with courses to fill their holes. This gives employees a sense of motivation and satisfaction that their organization is willing to contribute to their development.
  • Collaborative training. An LMS can easily automate the process of joint training and learning by providing a platform for every employee to come together to talk and share their experiences and knowledge, incorporating active recall and spaced repetition techniques for optimal retention and comprehension. Collaborative learning and training are often known as peer training, where employees learn from each other and see and acknowledge different perceptions. You can find different ways to solve a single problem with collaborative learning.
  • Better employee performance and employee retention. When you provide your employees with a better operating system, they operate and function better. With an easy operating platform such as an LMS, you can allow your employees to grow and prosper when provided with a platform that will enable them to work better.
  • Customization. One size fits all isn’t what every organization needs now—every organization works in a different industry with different goals and needs. You must find a platform that suits your needs and your requirements for such purposes. An LMS lets you customize the program according to your requirements and needs. It also lets you update your training and learning content without removing the entire range.

HR-LMS Integration – Conclusion

HR-LMS integration has proven to be one of the best integration ever. HR is full of data, including employees’ personal information or training and progress data. You can create and manage this heavy data processing when LMS is integrated with your HR.

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