How to Make an Industrial Website: Two Cornerstones of Success

MotoCMS Editorial 23 May, 2017

There is no doubt that modern civilization belongs to the industrial one. Probably, this is the reason why industrial companies make the profit that can be hardly compared to any other type of enterprises. The interest to the industry has resulted in the growing demand for professional industrial websites. As you may think, there is much to be done behind the scenes to create a website that can fully embrace the potential of a specific industry. Here is what MotoCMS has to offer in case you are planning to make an industrial website or update the website you are currently using now.

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In this article, we will try to analyze the two cornerstones of any successful industrial website, i.e. a product and a customer. You will be more than surprised to see that learning how to make an industrial website is as easy as pie with MotoCMS and its collection of industrial website templates!

How to Make an Industrial Website

People are going to visit your website with the only primary goal. It is to find what products or services you offer and at what price these are available. That is why it makes sense to meet your clients’ expectations and follow simple steps for presenting your offer at its best.

Focus on Your Products – Develop an Attractive Products and Services Page

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The first thing you need to start a successful website is to state what you offer. Listing your products or services is always ok as long as you add some eye-catching design tricks to it. Remember – there is more to this than meets the eye. Have a look how the products and services enumeration can look on your website if you choose the Steel Company Responsive Website Template from MotoCMS!

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You can always choose another design option for your products and services list, like in this Metal Fabrication Website Design.

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You are welcome to launch this template free of charge and try to edit the services list by yourself with the admin panel from MotoCMS. It requires no coding skills. Just use your imagination.

How to make an industrial website - services list

Remember that enumerating your products or services is not enough. Try to divide Products and Services page into certain content blocks. For example, you can start with providing an overview or categorization for your products and services. This way your prospective clients will find the information they need quicker.

How to make an industrial website - services list

Then you can mention additional services (in case you offer any). Do not forget to refer to your facilities to attract customers from a certain location. You can also target the most impatient clients in a bit different way. State your products and services right on your Homepage. Your prospective customers will definitely appreciate that you praise their time. See how this idea is performed in this Website Template for Cement Plant.

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In this Website Design for Metal Fabrication Company, the homepage is built for advertising a wide range of industrial products.

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Concentrate on Your Prospective Customers’ Needs

Any industrial website should be about the products you offer, that is for sure. However, when choosing the design for your future online project, try not to forget about your customers too. The Internet is getting more user-friendly, as we all know. Try to keep up with this tendency! There are several ways to show your respect and interest to your future clientele.

For starters, add Testimonials to your website. Believe it or not but people tend to trust the opinions of other customers. Of course, all the feedback has to be genuine. It is also important to place this content element wisely. For example, in this Steel Company Responsive Website Template, you can find testimonials at the bottom of the Homepage.

How to make an industrial website - testimonials

One more way to engage your clientele is to get personal. Demonstrate who your company team consists of and state your company’s approach to treating customers.

How to make an industrial website - company team

Another suggestion to get close to your prospective customers is to inform them about the news and events of your company. It is important because it shows that your industrial website is regularly updated. In other words, the News and Events section on your website sends a very important message to your clients – your company is up and running! Have a look how this Timber Suppliers Website Design intrigues the clientele with the News and Events block!

How to make an industrial website - fournier

You can find a bit different version of the “News and Events” idea in this Smart Design for Industrial Website. Here you can see the Events Calendar at the bottom of the Homepage.

How to make an industrial website - mariner

Make sure that your prospective customers know how to reach you. Yes, contacts forms are effective. But the old good way, i.e. posting your phone number on the Homepage, is always a win-win situation. Of course, do not forget to mention the exact time when your company consultants start their work. Your clients need to know what to expect and even more importantly – when. It is also very important to update all the contact information regularly. Nothing is more disappointing for a customer than a busy line or an unavailable phone number.

There are several places on a website that are more suitable for mentioning your current phone number. For example, you can always post your phone number in the top right corner of your Homepage. It is where your customers are going to look for this information. You will not disappoint them if you choose this Website Design for Oil Company.

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One more place for posting your phone number is the middle of the Homepage. Yes, it is a bit unconventional but it will definitely attract the attention of all the visitors of your website. See how it can be done in this Website Design Textile Industry.

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So, now you know how to make an industrial website. Browse the stunning collection of industrial website templates from MotoCMS and find the option that suits your business best today! Remember, you can test any web theme free of charge thanks to the free trial period.

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