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How to Make a Computer Website: 8 Quick Tips

MotoCMS Editorial 24 July, 2017

How to make a computer website - main image

Computers have been playing an increasingly more important role in the lives of modern people. We can’t imagine our daily activities without the help of desktops, laptops, tablets, e-books, smartphones and other digital devices anymore. Of course, there are some individuals who are able to cope without these little assistants, but they are really few nowadays. We use computers for earning money, communicating with our friends and relatives, entertainment and enjoying our hobbies.

The worst nightmare of any active person in the modern world is a computer or a phone going out of order at the most inappropriate moment. The loss of the information and of the ability to communicate may become a very serious problem for many people. Still, most of us feel quite helpless when it goes to repairing our digital friends as the majority knows nothing about the way they actually function.

How to Make a Computer Website

If you are good at fixing different types of devices, do not hesitate to give a hand to other people who are not that lucky. There is no doubt you realize perfectly well how important the creation of a personal website is for the success of such a business. But being an excellent computer master and an expert in coding you may have no free time to do all the work yourself.

Nevertheless, with a wonderful selection of user-friendly website templates from MotoCMS, you will make a computer website of your own with an incredible speed saving valuable time for other vital activities. Just pick the template you like, customize it effortlessly and skyrocket your business to success!

If you are not sure what is really important for your future website, let’s have a look at some really helpful ideas for the beginners:

Give extra attention to the list of your services

How to make a computers website - services

Take into account the fact that people will visit your website for finding efficient help as quickly as possible. So, it is quite wise to start by telling what services exactly you offer and create special links for further details.

Emphasize your contacts

How to make a computers website - contacts

Place the link to the contacts on the homepage for the prospective clients to find them at once. Add the information about your working hours as well. If you are available for 24/7 services, emphasize this fact in the most visible way.

Make repair process understandable for the clients

How to make a computers website - repair process

Make the whole process of the repair as transparent as possible. A lot of people are quite suspicious about the whole procedure of repairing digital devices. They are afraid of being cheated and charged more than necessary for non-existent problems due to their utter ignorance in this field. Bust this myth by offering a free diagnostics service and informing the clients about the expected price of the repair in advance. Thus, your clients will feel confident and more likely use the services you offer.

Declare reasonable repair terms

How to make a computers website - services benefits

Inform your clients about the time the repair of different devices usually takes. But remember to be realistic in your promises. If you promise the client an extra quick fixing and then do not keep it, you risk creating a bad image for your company in future. It is much better to make your client happy by completing the repair of the device earlier than otherwise.

Introduce a special discount system and loyalty programs

How to make a computers website - discounts

Encourage your visitors by offering different sales and discounts. This simple method always works as consumers tend to go with attractive proposals and choose the services they do not consider about under different circumstances. Use powerful call-to-actions. Provide your clients with a long period warranty. Introduce a special discount program for your loyal clients.

Give fresh opportunities to your customers

How to make a computers website - extra services

The competition in the sphere of computers repair is pretty high. A good way to struggle with it is introducing additional services for your clients. Inform the visitors about the newest opportunities you offer on the separate page of your website regularly. Use your work experience for generating fresh ideas.

Stress the benefits of your company

How to make a computers website - why us page

Tell the people who you are and why they will benefit from choosing your company. Do not give too many pros. Concentrate on some strongest features which single out your company among the competitors. Use your website for finding staff members as well. Inform the prospective employees about the new interesting possibilities they will get if they decide to become your team members. Keep the jobs information updated.

Use blogging to educate your customers

How to make a computers website - blog

To start a blog on your website is always a great idea. Though blogging is a bit time consuming, it is great for establishing stronger relations with your customers. Try to be helpful for them by writing posts which will provide with interesting and useful information. To reinforce the visitors’ interest, add the links to the latest blog posts to the homepage.

Start creating a computers website for free

As you see, a lot of details should be taken into consideration while creating an efficient website. But why waste time if MotoCMS has already created a number of wonderfully functional website designs for you? Only test out one of these user-friendly templates to see how convenient they are due to the drag-and-drop editor and a handy set of tools. You will certainly enjoy working with it. Here are some of the best variants of the themes.

Techno Fix Responsive Website Template

How to make a computer website - techno fix template

Just choose this awesome template to represent your repair business online in the best possible way. You will appreciate the effective work of this template and find it really beneficial for your business.

Website Design for Computer Repair Service

How to make a computer website - computer repair template

This marvelous website theme will take your business to a new level for sure. It will help you provide your customers with top-quality services and guarantee their satisfaction.

Phone Repair Website Design

How to make a computer website - repair theme

If your specialization is fixing phones, this beautiful template is for you. Create a special atmosphere for your customers with its help. Stay easily reachable for your loyal customers and find new ones simpler.

Choose the template according to your taste and needs, and sign in for a free 14 days trial period. Besides that, you can change the template in your account as many times as want free of charge. If you have any question, our 24/7 support team will help you with great pleasure.

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