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How to Keep Your Life from Imploding While You’re Building Your Startup Business 

MotoCMS Editorial 15 January, 2024

Hey, startup warrior, do you ever feel like you’re juggling flaming swords while blindfolded? That’s pretty much what starting a biz feels like – so you’re not alone. When working hard to build your startup business, it’s important that you don’t let your life erupt into an uncontrollable blaze. So, take note of the following ways in which you can stop your life from imploding during this new and hectic stage of your life.

Master the Art of Unplugging While Building Startup Business

Okay, real talk – your brain isn’t a machine. Sure, it has more processing power than a supercomputer when it comes to dreams and schemes, but you have to give it some downtime. Otherwise, you’ll soon burn out – and that won’t be beneficial to either you or your business. So, make sure you unplug from the matrix every now and then.

Ever had one of those eureka moments in the shower? That’s no fluke. It’s what happens when you step back and take a breather from your startup grind. Create sacred tech-free times or zones – like having a screen-less Saturday morning. Not only does this recharge your mental batteries. You’ll also often find that stepping away actually sparks those genius ideas that could catapult your business into the stratosphere.

Sweat It Out with a Side of Endorphins

Alright, you’re building an empire. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day – nor was it built on energy drinks and cold pizza alone. So, sneak in some time to get physical – and no, running between meetings doesn’t count. Exercise is like that secret weapon that squashes stress and pumps out those sweet, sweet endorphins to give you a mental and physical boost.

Slam that gym session into your calendar just like a business appointment – non-negotiable. Not the gym type? No worries. Dance around your living room or chase your pup at the park (they’ll love you for it). You’re not just keeping fit; you’re giving your mind a breather, too—allowing it to percolate ideas while you focus on nailing that perfect yoga pose or beating the track record.

Plus, there’s nothing like the feeling of being stronger than yesterday – take THAT startup stress!

Simplify Mealtimes by Getting Ready-Made Meals Delivered

Planning and cooking meals can feel like an unwanted stress and time-waster when you have so much on your plate – if you’ll forgive the pun. You won’t want the act of eating to be a masterclass in culinary arts when your brain’s doing somersaults over your latest business matter. So, consider getting ready-made meals that are delivered straight to your home or office.

With a meal delivery service like Factor, you can select gourmet meals from a new menu of dietitian-designed options each week. When the meal arrives on your doorstep, there’s no prep work to do. Simply heat and eat.

Be Budget Savvy

Now, let’s talk dollars and cents – and dollars and sense. Your startup is your baby, but that baby can drink money like it’s going out of style. To keep from spiraling into a financial abyss, you have got to play smart with your moolah. Crafting a budget for your personal life that runs tighter than hipster jeans isn’t just good practice – it’s survival.

Track every cent like a hawk (even those sneaky little coffee purchases), and automate savings like you automate emails. Use apps or tools if you need to—whatever helps sift through the noise and keeps you on top of things. Keeping personal expenses lean means less stress when business costs balloon (because sometimes they will).

Delegate Like a Pro in Your Startup Business

You might be the superhero of your startup, but even superheroes have sidekicks. The trick is in the delegation game. It’s all about trusting your team with tasks so you can focus on slaying the big dragons. Handing over the reins for parts of your project doesn’t mean losing control – it means empowering others and expanding your empire faster. Plus, it frees up your most precious resource: time.

Invest in finding folks who bring their A-game. Then, watch as stuff gets done – without you needing to clone yourself (because science isn’t quite there yet – or is it?). By offloading some weight from those burly entrepreneurial shoulders, such as by outsourcing your web design to an ISO 27001 compliant designer, you will stay sharp for the decisions only you can make.

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