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How To Boost Reddit Traffic For Your Business

MotoCMS Editorial 31 July, 2022

Reddit is an underrated yet effective online forum platform that businesses can leverage to empower their digital outreach. Statistics indicate that more than a billion users visit it monthly, and the numbers are ever-growing. Brands can leverage the platform to gain traffic, grow their following, and showcase niche expertise. Missing out on it means losing massive traffic volumes for your brand. So if you haven’t added the platform to your marketing mix yet, you must do it sooner than later. Unfortunately, most brands still lag on this front because Reddit is a relatively lesser-known and lesser-used platform. You may only want to wait to get on the bandwagon because of apprehension regarding a lack of knowledge. But the truth is that using Reddit for marketing is incredibly easy, and you can boost traffic with just a little effort. You only need to take a strategic approach to get the numbers soaring. Here are some expert-based tips you can rely on.

Stick with Great Content

This one is a no-brainer because Reddit is much like any other social media platform. Great content is the only way to attract attention, stand apart in the crowd, gain followers, and retain them for the long run. Post unique, informative, and in-depth content that resonates with the audience. Steer clear of short and generic pieces because they tend to do more harm than good. Users are likely to downvote such posts, and you may end up losing your reputation points. Conversely, quality content gets upvotes that go a long way in driving traffic for your brand.

Keep Your Posts Relevant

Keeping your posts relevant to your audience is the key to gaining Reddit traffic. The best way to do it is by tailoring content to the subreddit instead of addressing too broad of an audience. You will probably have to dig deep into your subreddit to identify the popular posts. At the same time, you must understand your audience better to create posts to match their expectations. To nail the content, try to identify their pain points, expectations, and preferences. Also, follow them consistently as things may change down the line. Fine-tuning your posts with the changes keep the traffic flowing.

Join Only Niche-relevant Subreddits

Winning the Reddit traffic game is also about joining only niche-related subreddits. Picking your communities wisely does more than keep you on the right side of the rules. It also connects you with the relevant audience who are likely interested in your offering or brand. They have better chances of checking out your website and giving it the traffic uptick you want. Besides ensuring relevance, remember to go through the subreddit rules so that you do not get into trouble for not following them.

Have Fun Like a Real Redditor

Besides taking a serious note with relevant posts and subreddits, you must also focus on having a fair share of fun to pull Reddit traffic. Perhaps, it is one thing marketers tend to overlook because they think a lot like sellers rather than Redditors. Having fun is about posting light-hearted content and interacting with similar posts. The approach helps you build a realistic post history like a regular user. You even get more karma points by posting funny comments on other posts. The best part is that you can do it effortlessly by investing a few minutes every week to talk about your favorite subjects or comment on funny GIF images. The more genuine you appear, the more traffic you get.

Stay Ahead of the Concerns of the Community

Another way to jump-start your Reddit traffic is to stay ahead of the concerns of your community even before they have them. Posting links to your site on Reddit can get you the wrath of the users.  But you can overcome it by addressing their concerns before they bad-mouth your brand or report it to moderators. If you are proactive enough, you may win the users over and get them to visit your website without apprehension. Everything boils down to providing genuinely helpful content to the community, and they will accept it even if it is partly promotional.

Consider Buying Upvotes

Upvotes can go a long way in boosting your Reddit traffic as they make your brand exciting for the users. They even strengthen your profile in the long run. But you cannot rely on them to come organically because impressing the audience with your content every time is easier said than done. Fortunately, you can buy reddit upvotes legitimately and leverage them to your advantage. Just ensure getting them from a seasoned provider that knows how to make them appear natural. You can manage the speed of upvotes and balance them with downvotes to ensure they do not raise red flags.

Avoid Promoting at the Outset

Promoting your brand at the outset is the last thing you should do because it can hurt your traffic statistics instead of helping them. As a rule, your first few posts should not be promotional. Be sure to pick other content pieces before promoting your business if you are new to a subreddit. Consider it like consolidating a foundation first and then constructing a building over it. You have to become a genuine user initially and step into a marketer’s shoes down the line.

Steer Clear of Over-promoting

Even as you promote yourself after becoming a genuine member of the community, remember to be cautious. Steer clear of over-promoting because Reddit is a non-promotional platform. Although you may see nothing wrong in promoting your site in the same Subreddit, moderators and users will not appreciate the activity. In fact, there is a risk of Reddit’s automatic spam filters blacklisting your domain. Once you get a penalty, your site will not show up even if anyone else posts it. You can imagine the setback it can cause to your traffic.

Skip Double-dipping

Another practice you should skip is double-dipping because it can hurt your Reddit traffic more than you imagine. A big win is addictive, and you will probably want to repeat the activity if it shows a quick spike in traffic. But it is sensible to stay out of the hot areas and avoid going overboard. Every time you post a link in a subreddit, give it enough time to rest. Consider waiting for a couple of weeks before posting another link in the same subreddit to be on the safe side.

Share Posts with Your Friends

You can rely on your friends to do their bit to give your Reddit traffic a boost. Start with your team, and include your personal connections in the subtle promotion game. You only need to send your new posts to your friends and social media contacts, also Reddit users. They can give you organic upvotes, empowering you with a domino effect and fetching more traffic. Your posts are likely to get popular sooner than you expect because upvotes work as recommendations from users.

Engage as Much as Possible

Being active on Reddit gets you more activity in the form of traffic. The best way to stay active is by engaging with the community members as much as possible. Replying to comments on your posts is an excellent idea as it doubles the comment count. Redditors tend to click on posts with lots of comments, so you can get the conversation going. Try commenting on your link to start the conversation instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Greater engagement translates into more traffic, so try to be active and connected with the community.

Practice Humility

Another out-of-the-box tip is to be humble as you navigate your Reddit journey. You may encounter both positive and negative on the platform, but humility enables you to take criticism in a stride. In fact, you can use negative comments on your posts as an advantage. Replying to comments can build interest in your conversations, but remember to keep your tone humble. You may actually end up driving traffic and customers to your website. Also, try to gather feedback from people who share negative comments and use it to change your strategy for the better. Affirm that you aim to serve value to the community and follow the rules.

Advertise for a Quick Boost

Advertising is a legitimate option if you want to go the extra mile with the traffic boost. The best thing is that you need not break the bank to set up an ad campaign on the platform. Getting started is easy as you can do it on a budget. Moreover, you can directly send targeted traffic to your website instead of waiting forever for things to move with the organic approach. Another great thing about paid ads is that they have an impressive click-through rate.

How To Boost Reddit Traffic – Final Point

Boosting Reddit traffic is easier than you imagine, provided you commit to sticking with your niche and following the rules. These tried and tested tips can help you achieve your traffic goals safely without worrying about penalties and downvotes.

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