How Much Does Website Hosting Costs?

MotoCMS Editorial 15 May, 2020

Are you the one who cares about the costs of web facilities to keep your website live? If so, this post is for you! Website hosting will help you to launch a website on the Internet. Are you wondering how much does website hosting cost? Keep on reading this post and discover how to choose a web hosting provider and which one offers the price.

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Website hosting helps you to publish your website or a webpage on the Internet and make it available for other users. For instance, your documents, HTML files, images, or videos will store on a special kind of computer that calls a server. Whenever any internet surfer attempts to look for your website, all he does is enter your domain name into his browser.

After this, his browser connects to your remote server, and your webpage appears in a second. That’s amazing! To provide 24/7 access to your website, it has to work with no breaks. Do you think that it is costly to keep a computer 24/7? Well, in this post, you’ll find thorough research on the cost of website hosting.

Deep Dive Into World of Website Hostings

Many hosting corporations tell you that you must acquire a domain name to consume their web hosting facilities. Don’t you have one? No worries! Website hosting companies also assist in buying a domain too. However, if you haven’t chosen a domain name yet, contact your hosting provider, asking them to provide a developer’s URL to your server. It will help you to access your site by using a direct IP address and user’s login. Feel free to use this tip to save your money on the website development stage.

Besides providing you the website advantages, these firms have large teams of tech experts who make the websites of their clients running the whole day and night. Sometimes, you may experience a troubleshooting error. For instance, you come across some script debuting, or you are not able to send or receive emails. In this case, feel free to contact a support team. Consequently, tech-savvy agents will resolve an issue for you and make your website running again. Regarding the – “how much does website hosting cost?” question, the primary advantage is the suitable cost that hosting providers offer.

Even though most shared hosts are available for less than $5/month, there are some deals through which you can further the website hosting costs. One can simply get a hosting account through Black Friday Web Hosting Deals where the top hosting services queue up to offer a 75% discount. You can pick the best host based on a higher discount and also a free domain and SSL certificate which further reduces the web-hosting cost.

Interesting Facts

If we talk about statistics then, the contributor of Forbes, James Lyne, says that at least 30,000 web pages or websites get hacked daily. The truth is, there can certainly never be a perfect way of getting rid of this issue. However, web hostings have a solution to this problem. What they do is create data backups frequently. Hence, if you accidentally meet a security issue or lose your data, hosting provides full store backups on a remote server. Therefore, you have to take a closer look at the security aspect by reviewing the cost of website hosting.

If your website becomes slow, your customers would not be able to make purchases. Hence, you won’t be able to earn money. Amazon suffered the worst when their website got slow just for less than an hour, and they lost $66,240/min. That’s mind-blowing. Therefore, CMS hosting providers always keep an eye on their servers to ensure 100% uptime. Due to this fact, you can be sure that your website will work 24/7.

Intending to have unconstrained and the most excellent services for your business, choose the top hosting facilities that offer the most suitable services at a reasonable cost. After this, put all your efforts and time into making your website successful without any worries.

Helpful Tips to Select Website Hosting

For now, the question – how to select the best website hosting provider arises. Keep the following instructions in your head or bookmark this page in your browser. The tips from this post will help you to choose the most suitable hosting organization that delivers you the best offers.

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Allocate Primary Goals

Focus on the need for your business instead of checking how much does website hosting costs only. The small price may bring a lot of trouble. Initially, you must understand what your e-business requires in aim to be facilitated with the most exceptional host. In case you want to create a website for video-makers, bloggers, a 24/7 live streaming, you have to get better hosting than a person who wants to create a resume or cover letter-making website.

Select the Most Appropriate Hosting Package

Looking for a low cost, never prefer a website host blindly just by being impressed by their low-price tag. Always take a closer look at the expense of website hosting, but never compromise on low services. Always choose a suitable package. If you utilise WordPress as a CMS, opting for a managed WordPress hosting provider like Cloudways can be a flexible and high-performance option for your business.

Never Get Outwitted by Cost

If you are new to e-business and have a limited budget, follow the instruction, and you will never get tricked. The offer that seems very inexpensive might be very alluring. The cheapest website hosting offer that might satisfy you with the question – “how much does website hosting cost.” However, it might imply the slowest servers and have a low satisfaction rate. Moreover, some hosting companies provide a one-time discount after entering credit card credentials. But, at the time of a package renewal, they will charge a significant amount from your credit card automatically. Take a closer look at hidden prices, choosing a hosting company.

Check Reviews

To discover a web host in more detail, always check reviews from verified customers. Mind it, choosing a trustworthy and unfailing web host is equally important to choose a web host at a reasonable cost. How much does web hosting cost? This question and the requirement for the most exceptional services always go together. Looking at a few hosting review websites is a great place to start. Always look for the end-user reviews to go over and above promotion banners. There might be some complaints that are consistently happening with that web host. Also, you will see how the company is dealing with upset customers.

Select Suitable Amount of Bandwidth

Ask a hosting company how much does website hosting cost, and specify the bandwidth for each package before entering credit card credentials. Try to select a suitable hosting company that will not limit you to a specific quantity of bandwidth. Also, a lot of companies provide the unmetered bandwidth at a reasonable cost of website hosting. Always pick up a web hosting that offers you more services at a fair price.

Examine Terms of Use

Do you blindly click and agree with the terms and services, whatever they are? If so, stop doing it! It might contain a refund policy that you have to explore thoroughly before making any payments. Just don’t go blind by the best cost of website hosting. Always focus on how great hosting companies provide their services.

Examine Customer Support

Have you ever thought that what will you do if you encounter any troubleshooting error? Always ensure that your web hosting provider offers you a convenient and accessible contact service via the phone or live chat. Always test every aspect of a web host instead of being comforted by their answer to your question – “how much does website hosting cost?” and then compromising over the low services because of low cost.

Ask Questions about Backups

What is the worst thing that may happen to a website? It’s a complete loss of data. Never compromise over reliability just for the low cost. Always ask hosting providers for backup strategy first, and in case their answers, don’t please you, leave them! Never compromise on small proposals.

Examine Security

Never deny the protection concerns if you don’t want to lose personal data. Ensure your hosting proposes a protected socket layer to ensure that all your transactions go protected. A satisfactory solution to the question -“how much does website hosting cost?” and the weak protection is not the best choice.

Think about Growth

Are you planning to start working with a company that knows nothing about handling the growth? It is a bad idea! These guys can make you mess with many problems. Keep this in mind! Choose a company that can update your hosting account by providing additional disc space and bandwidth. Hence, you’ll be able to keep your site working well with a growing number of visitors.

How Much Does Website Hosting Cost? – Most Popular Providers

Are you geared up to have the maximum capable hosting provider that delivers you all the offers as well as supplies you the satisfactory solution to the “how much does website hosting costs?” Well, let’s review the best hosting providers that will help you to run a successful website.

 Monthly cost24/7 SupportFree SSLFree DomainDisk SpaceMore Details
Bluehost$3.95+++50 GBClick Here
InMotion$6.39+++UnlimClick Here
Siteground$11.95++-10 GBClick Here
HostPapa$3.95+++100 GBClick Here
Hostinger$2.15++-100 GBClick Here
InterServer$0.33-+-UnlimClick Here
GoDaddy$5.99+-+100 GBClick Here
A2 Hosting$2.99++-100 GBClick Here
HostGator$2.75+++UnlimClick Here
NS$5.69---15 GBClick Here
Namecheap$1.44+++20 GBClick Here


Keeping the most significant score of 9.8, Bluehost can resolve many of your troubles. Moreover, Bluehost has an affordable cost of website hosting. This amazing host is starting at just $3.95 per month. The most crucial part is that it is offering free-cost domain and site-builder.

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Just sing up and get the website installed for free. Additionally, that guarantees a cash-back guarantee. Hence, you will be able to get a 100% chargeback if you’re not satisfied with their services. The most fantastic thing is that it provides live support 24/7. Just go and grab it. It will not disappoint you!

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Buy Hosting


Do you want to make a quick start and launch a website for cheap? The Siteground is here to convert your dreams into reality! Carrying the most significant ranking of 7.8, the Siteground has a wide variety of features that will help you grow your very own website. They provide free website installations and software updates at no charge.

Siteground pricing

It is straightforward to use this service. It also gives the best solution to your question of “how does website hosting cost” by just starting a web hosting with $0.33 per month for three months. Further renewals will cost $11.95. However, by purchasing a 12-month plan, every client can get 50%. The cheapest package implies the unmetered traffic, free SSL certificate, unlimited databases, and proceed daily backups to keep all your data safe. Moreover, their server works on renewable energy and makes zero impact on nature.


Do you want to launch a website that will work 24/7 with no issues? Then go and grab Hostpapa that fulfills small business for a low cost of website hosting. It provides services for just $3.95 per month. It is an excellent answer to the question – how much does website hosting cost? Maintaining the best score of 8.0, Hostpapa is now for you.

HostPapa Pricing

Do you intend to enjoy business-oriented apps? So just hit this fantastic host supplier that has over 400 business-oriented apps. Amazing! This hosting provider is perfect for limited businesses. The best part is that it provides 24/7 support via phone calls and email. The one most surprising thing is that it provides you with a 63% discount on distributed hosting.


Having the most excellent score of 9.5, Hostinger is waiting for you to get it, and then you will be amazed by its features. Starting with $2.15 per month, it’s more than any big deal. Are you looking for fast and safe hosting? It delivers you with SSD servers and open backups.

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It is hosting that will match your budget. Have fun with its drag and drop interface. Hence, there is no need to be an experienced software developer to run your site under this hosting. There are a lot of amazing features and affordable prices.

hostinger pricing plan


If you want the superb security of your website and webpages, consider using the InterServer hosting provider. The best feature is the cost of the website hosting lock forever. In other words, they won’t charge extra money each time it provides you a service. It has a suitable package that starts at only $1.00 for three months. It’s only $0.33 per month! That will be a highly satisfying answer to your question of “how much does website hosting cost?” SSD drives and free migrations are the best features of this hosting.

Interserver pricing plan


Are you looking for a low-cost yet biggest host provider? Consider using GoDaddy! This hosting supplier carries a high score of 9.3. The good news is that this hosting provides you with the top facilities and a reasonable cost of website hosting of just $5.99 per month.

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Providing you the free-of-cost domain, this hosting supplier will never let you get embarrassed. Just click and get your site launched in less than an hour! Its best features are that it has the fastest loading time. Moreover, this hosting provider has an excellent knowledge base where you can find an answer to any question.

GoDaddy pricing

A2 Hosting

Are you still searching for a hosting provider that works for your benefit? Just stop taking the stress and start taking rest! Carrying the best score of 8.3, A2 hosting provider is working for your interest and success. If you are not satisfied with their services, get your money back any time within 30 days. Its fast turbo servers distinguish it from others.

A2 hosting pricing

It also offers you free SSL and offline backups with no extra charge. The best part of it is that it provides unlimited SSD space and memory. It provides up to 20X faster website hosting plus $2.99 per month satisfies your question of “how much does website hosting cost?”


I think it would be an injustice not to chatter about the friendliest hosting provider, HostGator. With a fabulous score of 9.0, this hosting provider has the most amazing features in its bag. Who doesn’t want to enjoy SSL and a domain with zero cost too for one full year? You will enjoy all this free of charge for the entire year. Also, these guys provide SSD hard drives and the website installer. Thus, you will get a ready-to-run site with no hassle.

HostGator logo

After these fantastic elements, it also has a compelling feature of the full day and night backing plus a cash-back guarantee within 45 days. How much does website hosting cost with HostGator? So it costs only $2.75 per month and provides you the world’s best features. Free site migrations will help you to switch from a different hosting provider with ease.

HostGator pricing plan

Network Solutions

Low budgets, but the best services needed? The Network Solution is there for you! Having the best score of 8.9, it will match any budget. Are you one of those who are fed up with searching professional templates? Network Solutions also provide you with this great offer. Also, they will resolve any problems with the support of 24/7 over live chat and emails.

Network Soltions Pricing

Are you scared of being hacked? No chance! The network solution continuously scans from malware and takes responsibility for its removal. The best part is that it provides you with uptime monitoring and technical support for your site. While your main question is – “how much does web hosting cost?” the network solution provides service for $5.69 per month.


Exploring for the safest hosting provider then must go for Namecheap. This website hosting service carries a score of 7.4 and offers you incredible characteristics. The best part is that it has a free website builder. Furthermore, it provides you with SSL drives to ensure that you will have a high website loading speed.

NameCheap hosting pricing

You can also get your money back within 30 days. The most compelling feature is its affordable cost of website hosting that matches your budget. Yes, it brings an answer to the question – “how much does website hosting cost” by charging $2.88 per month. The unmetered bandwidth distinguishes it from other web hosting contributors. They also give a 50% off for the first year of shared hosting that makes it even more worthy.

How Much Does Website Hosting Cost – Final Words

In the end, a web host provider proves to be a simulated storefront for your e-business. Always focus on how many websites hosting costs and the quality of the services they are providing. Both are equally important and never compromise neither of them. To have the most successful e-business, always read the term of use, always do research before making payments, read the review, and ask about the security issues. Focus on the details above, and you’ll be able to create a website for a low cost of website hosting with no problems!

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