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High Paying Design Jobs & Which Education is Required

MotoCMS Editorial 28 July, 2021

It goes without saying that these days, any company needs a great design to succeed. This is true for both market leaders and fast-growing startups. User-friendly designs are more in demand today than ever before. With the fast growth of technology, the relevance of design to different industries increases. Web, interior, graphic, UI/UX design – everyone can find high paying design jobs for themselves. When choosing a suitable area, it’s recommended to take into account not only your personal preferences but also the industry trends. In this article, we have collected 5 of the most sought-after jobs in design – read on to know whether you need the education to work in a specific field.

High Paying Design Jobs – Game Designer

This developer creates computer games for all types of devices: computers, game consoles and mobile phones. In simple terms, a game designer can be called a game producer, whose job is related to both creativity and technical issues. Such a professional is responsible not only for the game’s design but also for its rules, content and holistic view. A game designer unites many people: players and developers, producers and investors. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that here, creative ideas are turned into technical assignments, distributed among various specialists. Game designers pay attention to the smallest details of the future game and convey them to the team.

Traditionally, such specialists have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or game design. Of course, there are courses that cover some key topics such as game prototyping, project management and level design. To complete the course, you definitely need to free up the time in your schedule and one of the ways to do it is to outsource your school tasks. When thinking: «I need someone to write a term paper for me, go online. You will quickly find reliable services that can give you a hand with any assignment, any time.

Web Developer/Designer

The web developer/web designer is responsible for the creation of a site, its design and its support. Now, this job also unites usability and layout designers as well as software developers. Web designers make sure the site is attractive from the users’ perspective. They think through its appearance and create the necessary layouts. They also deal with icons, banners and content – all this is important to make the site convenient.

No doubt, the web designer must understand the peculiarities of human behavior online and be familiar with many topics: from web technologies to HTML pages and mobile apps. It is also important to follow the trends and understand usability. Speaking of education, you can find an online job from sites like Bazar after completing online courses, provided that you have an excellent background and have already worked in the field of web design. After all, your portfolio and practical skills are appreciated most of all.

High Paying Design Jobs – UI/UX Designer

UX/UI designers work with user interfaces. No doubt, the simplicity in use is as essential as an attractive appearance. So, a truly user-friendly interface solves all the users’ problems and helps them understand how the system works. Now, let’s explore what these terms mean and what is the difference between them. UX stands for user experience i.e. the impressions the user gets when dealing with the interface.

UI is a user interface i.e. how the interface looks and what characteristics it acquires (whether the menu is convenient, whether the text is readable, etc). The UX designer foresees how the user will interact with the interface and what steps the user needs to take to do something on site. The UI designer comes up with how each of these steps will look. Now, UX and UI are closely related and often handled by one specialist.

Here’s what a UI/UX designer specifically does:

  • Identifies user needs, develops сustomer journey map;
  • Designs scenarios of interaction with the product;
  • Generates solutions that increase usability;
  • Develops and implements design layouts, interactive prototypes;
  • Conducts usability testing and forms a Lean-UX strategy.

As for education, consider such programs as Interactive and Visual Design, User Experience Design, Human Interface Technology and Communication Design.  You may also think about courses in various IT schools, but before you choose one, carefully study your future teachers and mentors. You might even get a job without a diploma if the employer is impressed by your skills. As for career growth, some manage to become seniors in 2-3 years of work.

High Paying Design Jobs – Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work on lots of things: advertising and branding, logos, packaging, or corporate identity. It is the graphic designer who created the lilac packaging for the Milka chocolate bar, drew the new icon for Google Drive and the infographics that are used in the news. Depending on the target audience, specialists develop products using the necessary colors, shapes, images, compositions and fonts. This job is perfect for people with great imagination and aesthetic taste, as they need to make a product truly unique and memorable.

First of all, graphic designers must understand how people percept shapes, colors and objects. Next, they have to possess communication skills and be rather empathic to connect with both clients and the target audience on a deep level. Nowadays, courses in graphic design are gaining popularity. During lessons, students practice a variety of tasks: from creating banners and posters to website layouts. Later, their works can be added to a personal portfolio. Plus, during training, learners follow the brief of a real customer, and this is a great practice for the future. Some online schools even help students get a job.

Motion Designer

Motion designer works with animation for plenty of spheres: television, apps, websites, advertisements, games, educational projects and business. Of course, this specialist needs to master lots of tools for graphics, video processing, animation (including 3D). Nowadays motion designers often work together with UI/UX designers and produce amazing interfaces. Note that this requires understanding the value chain, and being able to tell a story with short, bright animation.

When it comes to motion design, professionals advise getting a degree at a university. This allows gaining comprehensive cutting edge knowledge from industry experts and additional competencies as well. Pay attention to whether there are successful designers among college graduates and in which companies the teachers work.

High Paying Design Jobs – To Sum Up

Of course, it’s hard to collect all design jobs that are well paid and popular now, but we’ve focused on the main ones. There are also more traditional professions like interior designer, fashion designer, or art director. The job market offers a large number of spheres and specializations, so realize what you are really interested in and get started. Good luck!

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