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Trendy Halloween Website Design & Free Instagram Highlight Covers – No Ghost Towns Online

MotoCMS Editorial 28 October, 2020

One of the most appealing events of the year is around the corner, which means it’s high time to dress up your website! Learn 12 thrilling Halloween website design ideas, and use a simple guide for making a social media Halloween design using free Instagram highlight covers.

Show your spooky spirit and prepare your business for Halloween spicing up your site, blog, online store, or social media profile. Use the benefits of the most dreadful time of year to attract new visitors and surprise loyal clients. Prepare specific promotions to make your Halloween website design even more eye-catching. With impressive Halloween templates, you will easily dress up your platform without spending much time, money, and effort.

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4 Quick Steps for Making a Social Media Halloween Website Design

Swap out your everyday page art for spookier Halloween website design quick and easy. Start with customizing one of the website templates for Halloween so that it could reflect your business and meet the spooky holiday style. To promote your products and services not only on Google but also on social media platforms, you need to make sure your profiles on Facebook and Instagram match the Halloween atmosphere. Consider your social media promotion strategy in advance or use the social media services provided by professionals. Check out our brief but useful guide to figure out how to make a successful social media Halloween design without any specific knowledge or skills.

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1. Choose an Appropriate Template in the MotoCMS Builder

Before creating a stunning Halloween website design, you need to pick an appropriate web layout that contains a complete set of widgets and features necessary for launching a well-structured and functional site. Ready-made website templates for Halloween from MotoCMS are fully responsive, which allows you to customize every page and section according to your requirements and expectations. Moreover, they suggest free Instagram highlight covers for efficient social media promotion.

The MotoCMS web builder offers an extensive selection of themes to satisfy all customers’ needs. Regardless of what industry your business belongs, you will be able to grow your client base and revenues right after launching a platform. And with a brand-new, trendy Halloween website design, you will easily beat your competitors.

2. Customize the Halloween Website Design with Visual and Written Content

Start building your Halloween website design by generating visual and written content that complies with the holiday theme. Use a free Halloween desktop wallpaper for inspiration if you have zero ideas of how the homepage of your site should look.

  • Use the dark and fear-inspiring picture for your pages to make them impossible to ignore.
  • Change the header and footer to make it creepier and more creative.
  • Add a skull divider to the services and prices page to diversify the design of these sections.
  • Include a few small Halloween images to dress up your contact form and give it a new festive touch.
  • Make ‘bloody dreadful’ call to action buttons that will look frightening yet attractive.

As for the written content, you can focus on Halloween-themed topics, but they must fulfill your business concept. Otherwise, people will feel confused about your blog theme.

3. Spookify Users with Halloween Graphics, Icons, and Effects

You can find tons of nicely creepy images, illustrations, and covers on the web for updating your Halloween website design. However, many of them are not catchy and thrilling enough to attract and impress website visitors. MotoCMS suggests a wide range of free Halloween products that will instantly grab users’ attention at a glance.

The graphics, icons, and fonts provided by professional web designers, will turn your site into a premium platform, so don’t miss an opportunity to build the best possible Halloween website design.

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How Should the Catchy Halloween Graphics Look?

Want to know how spectacular graphics should look? Here are some tips that will help you to promote your services most effectively:

  1. Select a dark color scheme so that your customers could get into the Halloween spirit.
  2. Opt for vintage Halloween graphics if you want to create a ‘through the ages’ effect.
  3. Add spooky elements to make your Halloween website design trendier and more eye-pleasing.
  4. Choose holiday-themed typography to emphasize the festive mood.
  5. Include topic-related animations to make your site or social media page look tech-savvy, modern, and thrilling.

Use these tricks in free Instagram highlight covers to make the most modern and effective social media profile!

4. Share and Scare with Your New Design on Social Media

Once you dress up your site and create a unique Halloween website design, it’s time to share it with your friends and followers on Instagram and other social media channels. Your subscribers will love the idea of transforming your site, and you can rely on increasing the number of page views after you launch free Instagram highlight covers. Try to figure out how to promote your services and products via sharing your Instagram account on competitive platforms to attract more customers. Or consume our advice that will teach you how to boost your business without any digital marketing experience.

Top Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Halloween Website Design

Ride the wave of festiveness while drawing attention to your brand with an exclusive Halloween website design. Use the holiday symbols and icons, apply free Instagram highlight covers, and provide more of those holiday sales to celebrate Halloween with your customers in a surprising way!

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Take all advantages of seasonably changing the design of your corporate website, e-store, or other online services. Customize your website template to reflect the holiday’s atmosphere. Give your site the Halloween look using the following website marketing ideas.

Make Eye-Catching Banners for Your Halloween Website Design

A creative banner is an excellent solution for a great Halloween website design! Create an eye-catching, spooky banner and add it to the slider on the homepage to make it visible for all users. After newcomers visit your site, they would like to use your lucrative proposals for sure, as the first impression they get will keep them hanging around.

To make your banner catchy and attractive, use such design tricks as:

  • adding familiar Halloween images like the jack o’ lanterns or ghosts;
  • change regular fonts into Halloween ones to reinforce the frightening atmosphere;
  • make the call to action buttons the contrast look, for them being more marked.

Create Halloween-Specific Promotions

All entrepreneurs know that people are more likely to shop online if they see free shipping. Consume this trick to raise your sales and improve incomes. Provide holiday-specific promotions to draw more attention to your Halloween website design.

The wickedly cool Halloween MotoCMS template allows you to choose a background pattern, upload your own background image, and customize holiday fonts to make your promotions look more appealing. Don’t miss a chance to get your website and social media profile dressed up and organize a trick-or-treat online.

Spook Your Online Store Visitors

Make your Halloween website design bright and thrilling, placing some free Halloween icons like monsters, bats, and skulls around your store. Switch to a spookier font and alter your products’ names so they could comply with a Halloween theme.

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Let your customers have some fun while browsing your site. Choose website templates for Halloween and raise your incomes to develop business efficiently.

Dress-up Your Halloween Website Design Logo

If you want to interact with clients during the Halloween season, a logo can be a useful tool for implementing this idea. Be like Google, who does a fantastic job creating doodles for different holidays. Updating a logo is a great way to be playful and build excitement on social media. And with free Instagram highlight covers from MotoCMS, your social media profile will look even more fascinating!

Provide a Halloween Flash Sale

Another fantastic marketing idea for promoting your business is a time-limited flash sale of your products and services for the holiday period. Add an eye-catching poster to your updated Halloween website design to publicize the sale and share it with your social media followers and email subscribers.

Use this tip to grow sales and boost involvement in your Instagram web design. Besides, you can run a Halloween contest with prizes, which will make your flash sales more popular. Ask subscribers to send photos of their Halloween costumes, decorations, parties, and food and share photos in your Instagram stories.

Create and Use a Halloween Hashtag

Halloween is probably the most creative time of the year for many regular people, and your Instagram feed probably started to fill up with spooky Halloweenized names since the end of September! Show-off your products or services and express your social media profile using popular or more personalized Halloween hashtags. We highly recommend you to think up your own hashtag campaign that will combine this holiday and your brand and circulate it on social media. Check out the most successful examples to figure out how to create an exclusive hashtag that will attract millions of users. And don’t forget to mention it in your free Instagram highlight covers.

Produce Some Halloween-Themed Products

Want your Halloween website design to stand out from your competitors? Launch special offers like limited-edition products for Halloween to allow your clients to get exclusive, affordable proposals. Add some Halloween emblems and images or create an orange and black version of your work to promote it locally or worldwide. Website templates for Halloween have all the necessary tools and widgets for decorating your offerings in just a few minutes.

Make Some Creepy GIFs for Your Halloween Website Design

Diversify your Halloween website design with creepy GIFs and add them to your social media channels. Your GIFs can include the images of:

  • ghosts;
  • scary pumpkins;
  • bats;
  • vampires;
  • spiders;
  • witches;
  • magical hats;
  • potions, and more.

Be creative, and try to find the key to your audience’s wishes satisfaction!

Launch a Virtual Trick-or-Treat

Let your customers and Instagram subscribers gain great treats. Organize a virtual trick-or-treat for everyone, who fulfills a simple requirement, i.e., make a repost of your business offering. Create a graphic to advertise your services and send it out to your mailing list and social media followers. As a result, you will obtain an excellent promotion on the web, and your followers could enjoy lucrative treats.

Sponsor or Host a Halloween Event

Host a spooky event for your clients or join Halloween festival sponsors to do fantastic advertising for your business. Look through the catalog of MotoCMS website templates for Halloween and pick the most appropriate option for implementing one of the above ideas. The collection of web layouts contains a lot of products worth paying attention to.

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Write a Halloween-Themed Blog Post

Seasonal content is always a good idea, as it creates unique vibes and moods for every website visitor. A fun Halloween post is a must for those who want to build a magnificent Halloween website design. Have no idea what to write about? Get creative and share holiday tips related to your business. For example, if you run a home décor site, you can tell about top Halloween decorations. Do you own a food blog? Write a post about spooky cake design ideas or holiday party punch ideas. Work on both the visual and written content of your Halloween website design.

Run a Holiday Social Media Poll

Interact with your social media audience by running a poll or vote on Halloween topic. For example, you can dress up in Halloween costumes together with your colleagues and take a photo. Then, load it to Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media channel where your followers can leave their feedback about your looks. Let subscribers decide whose costume is the scariest or the most original one. This is an excellent Halloween marketing solution, mainly if you use it with free Instagram highlight covers.

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