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MotoCMS Editorial 19 August, 2014

Not long ago Google has announced that they will disable the old Google Maps Flash API. Here’s a quote from their official source:


    The Google Maps API for Flash has been officially deprecated as of September 2, 2011. The API will continue to work until September 2, 2014. After that date, the API will no longer be available.

Like it or not, but it’s something that we all will have to deal with because from now on we all will have to use Google Map in a slightly different way within the good old MotoCMS Flash templates. This post is aimed at clarifying everything about what exactly it affects and how exactly to live with it.

But first, for those who don’t have enough time to read in details, here’s a short summary of the most important points about this:

1. Everything’s not that bad! 🙂

2. The move from Google will only affect the Google Maps widget. All other widgets will keep working fine.

3. Only the widget in Flash templates from MotoCMS will be affected. The Google Maps widget in MotoCMS HTML templates works just fine and will keep working.

4. Even though Google Maps Flash API will be disabled, there’s a very easy workaround allowing you to add your map to a Flash-based website in minutes. There’s a Google Maps tutorial made by our awesome support team on how to do it yourself (or you’re free to address our support team and ask for help, they’re always happy to assist).

Now if you’re one of our curious clients, here’s a little bit more detail on this whole story. The Google Maps widget in our older product – Flash CMS templates – was initially made with the help of the Google Maps Flash API. Back then things looked pretty optimistic for all things Flash and we were pretty sure Google will never discontinue such awesome thing as this Google Maps Flash API. Then things have changed and in 2011 Google decided it will stop supporting and developing this Flash direction of the API in favor of the JavaScript version. Now the Google Maps Flash API will completely stop working, starting Sept 2nd 2014.

What can we say – Google’s job is to take care of the web in general and its further course. Our job is to deal with everything Google comes up with and figure out how we can help our clients work according to these new standards. This time it appeared to be pretty easy – the JS version of the map can be embedded using the HTML widget that all of our Flash templates have (again, more details on how exactly to do this are available in the Google Maps tutorial from our support team).

This way or the other MotoCMS has got your back and there’s nothing to worry about. Flash templates from MotoCMS are still fully functional and you may use it for all things that you’re used to. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or address them directly to our support team.

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