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10 Free Tools to Help Elevate Your Video Quality

MotoCMS Editorial 6 May, 2024

Whether it’s the audio and visual quality of your videos or more advanced enhancements like framerate and trimming, various tools are at your disposal. However, not all of these video tools are free. Digital videos that can deliver the desired impact require professionally shot footage, but post-shooting quality can be improved in various ways. Let’s dive into some of the best 6 video editing tools to take your footage to the next level. But first, let’s ask, “What makes a video high-quality?”

What Are the Aspects of a High-Quality Video?

Multiple factors affect the quality of your videos. Some of the more obvious ones are audio, resolution, and the smoothness of the editing outcomes. But you can also make more advanced tweaks to your final results, pushing your video quality way up there.

Aspects like background noise elimination, color correction, and frame interpolation will all elevate your video quality, too. Being able to add extra frames (frame interpolation) or tweak the finer details of your color and contrast (saturation) are desirable functions of any good video editor. Free After Effects presets make editing easy, so you can edit more than one video quickly and effortlessly.

The end file is also a factor to consider. How big will the file be after you’ve finished your editing? The more you improve a video, the larger the file, so you want something that can compress your video file without compromising quality. Some free video tools can help with all of these. Let’s take a look at some.


Avidemux started as a straightforward video editor but was quickly expanded by external developers to be more comprehensive. Use this tool for the basics of editing, cutting, and filtering.

Speed control is also a feature with Avidemux, making slow motion or speedups easy to control. While the scripting functions are pretty advanced, we can still make additional improvements to your video, so let’s move on to the following tool.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a watermark-free video editor that works independently from the resolution of your footage and allows you to correct the color before or after you’ve begun to edit. It possesses intuitive sound synchronization and lets you synchronize multiple video clips with one audio file in a simple, coherent way.

There are many functionalities on its interface to learn and master, and it can be a challenging program to get the hang of. But once you understand this interface, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store with all its abilities and finer detail editing capabilities. While it does support all formats of video files, it is limited in its ability to support multi-camera editing.

YouTube Video Editor

Don’t dismiss the convenience of YouTube’s on-site video editor. If you’re a YouTube uploader, put your video through the YouTube Editor gauntlet to refine a few aspects. This free video enhancer can help you trim the video to an exact frame and also allows you to add interactive cards, links, and subtitles. These features give your video an extra touch of professionalism and style, but they are still limited compared to other programs.

Active Presenter

Active Presenter is a screencast video creator that acts as a high-quality screen recorder, perfect for individual or team use. Educators and course writers predominantly use it as a lesson creator, but it has enough functionality to edit most other video types. It supports multiple formats and has many user-friendly editing functions.

Although it’s more suited to video editing veterans, new users to the program will benefit from its online tutorials and step-by-step user walkthroughs. Active Presenter supports HTML5, making it a high-resolution digital video editor worth getting if you want a more professional finish to your content.

VSDC Video Editor Pro

Regarding creative freedom, VSDC Video Editor Pro is a must-have. It’s designed for professionals who already understand the nuances of video editing and gives those users many editing options–many of which are finer in detail. You can get this free video editor online and upgrade it anytime to unlock more features.

We’d suggest upgrading only once you’ve learned the basics so that you’re more prepared for the intricacies of the paid version. VSDC Video Editor Pro is more suited to professionals but can be a handy tool for beginners eager to learn it.

Free AI Video Enhancers

It’s worth looking at some AI video-enhancing software since most free video editing software is now powered by artificial intelligence platforms. These utilize AI to intuitively enhance footage before or after you’ve completed your editing.

Topaz Labs

This video enhancer focuses on upscaling your videos to cinematic levels with AI-powered resolution and audio enhancements. It can even fix facial detail incrementally, leaving your video at a much higher quality than before.


HitPaw promises to upscale any video to 1080P/4 K quality and will even help you compress the file afterward for easier transference. This AI-powered video enhancer will brighten your videos’ colors and improve their contrast significantly.


TensorPix allows you to scale the resolution of your videos, reduce background noise, and even restore color to your original footage. This AI platform will enable you to upload multiple videos and enhance the quality in simple steps. You can adjust the finer details of one video at a time and make it what you want. It’s completely free and 100% AI-powered.


Video enlarging and upscaling can be quick with UniFab’s simple-to-use AI software. UniFab is free to use with limited features and an upgrade option that gives you even more features worth having.

Enlarge your videos to a higher resolution and enhance them with visual effects rivaling television-quality footage. Its simple interface is perfect for beginners and doesn’t take a long time to process its deliverable functions.

Movavi Video Editor

Over 70 million video editors worldwide use Movavi Video Editor because it’s one of the most accessible programs to learn and master. The interface is more intuitive than most but does not compromise the user’s creative freedom. The free version is only available for seven days, which speaks to Movavi’s confidence that users will buy the premium version once they see how great it works.

Movavi also has excellent sound editing abilities, allowing you to filter your footage, transition from one scene to the next in various ways, and even add multiple picture-in-picture additions to your videos.

Tools for Video Quality – Final Thoughts

It’s worth using any of these tools to elevate the quality of your videos, especially if you’re aiming for a more professional look. You may also find one that does everything you want and upgrade to a paid software version to gain even more features. For now, choose one that will set your videos at a high level and run with it!


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