Flash CMS Flip Book: a Fresh Way of Presenting Your Publications Online

MotoCMS Editorial 31 August, 2010

Are you familiar with the page flip effect? You must have known it: this function allows you to imitate the natural way of browsing through the pages of a true book or document, and at the same time this is a traditional digital way of managing a publication with such options as jumping to another page, copying and pasting text content, inserting external links, and so on.

Have you ever heard about a digital flip book with a WYSIWYG Editor integrated and the ability to manage the website content without even closing your browser’s window? We are sure you have never faced with such a wonder before… Before now, because FlashMoto, as always, implements the most unbelievable ideas into real products!

Well, our dear audience, we are proud to present you a New Flash CMS Flip Book solution. It is the first Flash CMS template from Flash Moto of such a format, but not the last one for sure!


This stunning Flash CMS template with the page flip effect is a quick and convenient way of publishing your book, magazine, catalogue, brochure, report or any publication online. The page flip component gives a great opportunity to present your written works using modern multimedia technologies, and at the same time save the effects of traditional print. Also, this Flash CMS template will be an ideal solution for many business projects.


With the page flip component integrated into the template you may create as many pages and sub-pages of your digital book as you wish. The convenient drop down menu allows users to easily “turn over” the pages of your digital publication with specific sound and visual effects. And the powerful WYSIWYG Editor makes it possible to manage the content of your Flash book as easily as any other Flash Moto CMS template. You may add, change or remove your Flash website’s components and pages, add effects and modify the website to your liking. The background is easily changeable: if you prefer another color scheme for your website, there is nothing to it!

The users will definitely appreciate the modules and widgets already integrated into the Control Panel: News Block, Music Player, Rich Content Block, Form Widget, Gallery widget and Media Player. Moreover, you may develop your own modules and build them into your Flash CMS website.


Take advantage of this unbelievably attractive and functional Flash CMS template by viewing the DEMO, and become one of the first lucky fellows to get the template!


The following video was specially created by FlashMoto developers to help you customize the template.

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2 responses to “Flash CMS Flip Book: a Fresh Way of Presenting Your Publications Online”

  1. Dilip says:

    I need add and edit flip book pages on my website. is it possible from your web based tool.

  2. Kvisoft says:

    The logo you posted in the page “Think big, win the world” gave me a lot of inspiration.

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