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FM + TM = Perfect Flash Website For You

MotoCMS Editorial 25 August, 2009

Recently FlashMoto announced the Contest for Best Graphic Design for Flash Website. Unfortunately, the result was not successful – FlashMoto Team got no decent works that could meet the requirements of creative Flash website design corresponding to the FlashMoto style concept.

flash templates

We were a bit disappointed with the situation, but then our good friend who runs a template reselling business advised us to cooperate with his template provider – TemplateMonster Company, the trend-setter at the web templates market. We thought we might try as it sounded like a very rewarding partnership. We thanked the friend for the brilliant idea and necessary contacts provided and rushed to get in touch with TemplateMonster CEO –  David Braun. We couldn’t contact him within a week, but a few days ago we finally arranged the phone conversation and it was successful indeed. We get to know that TemplateMonster team has been working over their own Flash CMS lately, and some decent user-interface concepts have been already implemented in Flash CMS Intro and Flash Photo Gallery products. After we introduced them FlashMoto CMS it became obvious that our companies should work together.

As a consequence, FlashMoto now combines efforts with TemplateMonster (official TemplateMonster press release)– a giant in premium templates production. This is going to be a very promising and perspective partnership as finally cutting-edge Flash CMS from FlashMoto will come in a couple with exquisite Flash templates from TemplateMonster in order to provide an exceptional user-experience to the customers.

Very soon you will be able to buy a power package from FlashMoto & TemplateMonster . Besides, there will be a stand-alone version of FlashMoto CMS available on the FM official website.

Imagine how many opportunities you will get by managing super high quality Template Monster templates within FlashMoto CMS. Building an attractive, interactive and dynamic Flash website was never so easy.

By the way, FlashMoto is still open for your design contributions as cooperation with the community will be always a priority for our team. Please, let us know your opinion by leaving comments below. Read our blog and subscribe to the Project News to get the first-hand information about upcoming FlashMoto news and events.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Issam

    Great news…. thanks for helping bringing life to the web

  • desa

    omg, you guys amazing

  • thanks alot for this great news
    Is Flashmoto ready now to handel or deal with any flash website ? (NOW)
    or with specific websites

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