FlashMoto CMS Demo Version Overview

MotoCMS Editorial 15 May, 2009

Greetings everybody! We’ve got some great news for Flash developers and everyone who use Flash in their web projects! FlashMoto is happy to present Demo version of our Flash CMS.

At last you can actually check all the features of our revolutionary content management system and get inspired with all the opportunities FlashMoto CMS opens up before you. So turn your speakers on and enjoy the video below.

We put all our effort to live up your expectations. FlashMoto CMS is created to make managing any Flash website easy and efficient for users of all knowledge levels and skills. It’s all about interactivity and intuitive administration here.

All you need to edit your Flash website within our CMS is a working browser and a desire to make your site perfect. All the media files can be easily managed by a built-in media library. You can upload your clipart, photos and videos there. With the image editor you can resize, rotate, crop or adjust uploaded photos, so there is no need for external photo editing software.

Add images, videos and even prebuilt interactive features like galleries, news and contact forms simply by using our toolbars. It has never been that easy before. A simple drag-and-drop interface helps you quickly create and update page layout without needing a code or waiting for busy support assistance. Tasks that once took hours will now take minutes.

Imagine delivering the most useful content and features to your customers accurately and on schedule. This becomes true with a next generation administrative tool from FlashMoto.

So whether you are a developer or just a first time user that is looking for an attractive website, FlashMoto gives you the power to orchestrate amazing results.

Hopefully after this post you will wait for FlashMoto CMS Beta Version even more impatiently. Sign up for our newsletter and get to know first about Beta release!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Jim

    just curious. why didn’t you publish your own website using your tool?

  • Jos

    I hoped a download link to test demo version.
    Video is not a demo version for me.

  • saurabh

    I dont know when can we actually embedd this product with our fla files.. Is it as2,as3 flash 9 compatible..Whats the pricing and what are the oem possibilities..

    If any1 know about any great WYSIWYG flash editor then please mail me the site at [email protected]


  • Peter

    Presentation looks great, not really the demo I was hoping for.
    I know the team is working hard, looking forward to the real thing.

  • Martin

    Nice work guys. I like your video. Seems like you’ve created usable interface and navigation. Hope to see your CMS on my PC soon.
    Keep it up!

  • Guest

    demo != video

  • WOW! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a LONG while. Looks great guys! I can’t wait to test drive the beta.

  • Difort

    @Jim, we’ve created a website when FlashMoto CMS was only IDEA in our heads. But when we’ll release our CMS we’ll definitely will use for our own website.

    @saurabh, we haven’t thought on a price range. our CMS compatible with any flash player from 9 and higher (as3).

    Thank you all for your positive feedback.

  • This is cool, when is it being released?

  • Diego

    Olá, gostaria receber noticias sobre o flashmoto e também de como adquirilo !


  • Вася Пупкин

    Да, блин, когда мы уже сможем посмотреть в действии вашу CMS? Хочется протестить поскорее 😉

  • I need this yesterday!! Great work. Congratulations.

  • I cant wait for a release! I wounder if you guys can say how long there is back.
    But i know that you guys are working hard, so i do not wait an answere. 😀
    Good luck from Denmark!

  • Hi there,
    My name is Kimo,
    and I just wanna tell you how excited I am, your CMS features is amazing.
    I am waiting for your first release, we are a team of flash designers here at Dev-Solutions and this would be an ideal tool to use for our customers to increase speed for delivery while being able to customize any part of the GUI and backend. Should you need a beta tester Im interested,
    though im sure you are loaded.

    Anyway Im so excited I can’t wait…

  • Steve Sloan

    Cannot wait to give you my money–hopefully it will not hurt too bad–this has inspired me to learn a little flash–thank you for the inspiration–hopefully this will not be a long wait–any progress update would be appreciated by all I suspect…

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