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5 Pokemons You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

MotoCMS Editorial 1 August, 2016

After dropping its bombshell, Nintendo keeps struggling against the consequences of the explosion. Being unable to provide users with an optimized gameplay for Pokémon Go, the company baffled everyone with the delay of Pokémon Go Plus.

Pokemons - Main
Pokémon Go Plus is a device that “hacks” seeking of pocket monsters with just a press of a button. It connects to Bluetooth on your smartphone and frees you from using it every time you want to play Pokémon Go.

Pssst… Need 5 New Pokemons?

Our store has been invaded by some mysterious strangers. From credible sources, we found out that they call themselves #pokemotos.

Help us to catch these creatures and get a special reward – non-disposable promo-code. It allows its owner buying any MotoCMS templates as many times as you want with 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and even 50% OFF.

Here’s few crucial tips that may help you to discover where to find them:

  • there are only 5 pokemotos
  • every pokemoto is an expert in his own category

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Be The First to Catch Them All

We highly recommend you to hurry. The promo-codes are active, while pokemotos are at large. The chase for them may come to an end at any moment.



Canonikus is a mad photographer. He flashes his enemies and loves capturing moments of his adventuress. Keep in mind that Canonikus can’t hide long. We have seen him once.

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Luigi is a master chef. He cooks amazing pasta, pizza, focaccia and rizotto. Rumour has it he came from the Italian Peninsula, where he held his own restaurant.

You will get a promo-code with 20% discount for catching this pokemoto.


Henry used to be Henry Ford’s “imaginary” friend. Mr. Ford believed in his fellow so much that the creature began to come up with creative ideas and helped Ford to create his first vehicle.

Catch Henry and get your 30% discount promo-code.


Hippocrates has the power of healing. He works all the time to save many innocent lives. Catching him will be a hard task.

If you will find him, you will get 40% promo-code on any MotoCMS template.


The creature you see on an image above only seems like an innocent. In his world his name is BigWig. Don’t fall for his appearance. BigWig is the most cunning pokemoto. He is in charge of a secret business syndicate. He knows how to hide himself, but keep trying. Fortune favours the brave.

Remember that your reward will be a 50% promo-code.

Seeking for MotoPointers

Seek all 5 pokemotos on our template store. Find motopointers throughout particular categories. After finding a motopointer, activate it with one click and see the details. Depending on a caught pokemoto, you will get a promo-code with 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50% discount correspondingly.


Show Off Your Progress

After finding a motopointer, don’t forget to share your progress in social networks. Show off your pokemotos to your friends.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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