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The Evolution Giveaway Winner Revealed

MotoCMS Editorial 15 November, 2016

It is time to figure out who is going to be the winner of the contest we arranged last week. We are grateful for your commentaries. As it stands, 5 people wished to leave their vote.


Remind you that we give away Evolution absolutely free of charge. So far, it is the most advanced website theme from MotoCMS that combined a simplified page editor, a wide range of ready-made pages, responsive design, free 24/7 support, system updates and much more.

Thank you all for your participation and good luck!

The Drawing

Let’s play our game of chance and draw the universal business website theme from MotoCMS with one true random number service. We created a list with the names of our participants and simply randomized it. You can see the outcome below.


Congratulations to Our Winner

So the winner of this giveaway is Tim Cliett. Congratulations! We hope Evolution will meet your business requirements 100%. Enjoy your prize!


Dear Tim, please, contact us at [email protected] to get your reward.

As for the rest of participants, don’t be upset. To encourage you, we prepared a special gift – a unique promo-code on purchasing Evolution with 50% OFF.

Just drop a message to the same email and get your personal discount. Once we identify your person, we will send you your promo-code. You are welcome!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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