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9 Effective Link Building Strategies for 2022

MotoCMS Editorial 20 April, 2022

Link building aims at informing Google that your site is a reliable source of information while ensuring that your web pages rank well on SERPs for relevant keywords. It’s an essential aspect of SEO, enabling search engines to discover new pages and determine the ones that should rank higher. Link building can benefit your business, including brand building, referral traffic, relationship building, and enormous sales opportunities. To determine a high-quality link, consider the referring domain and page’s authority, the referring website’s relevance, link placement, anchor text, and dofollow vs. nofollow links. This article outlines nine effective link-building strategies for 2022 that go beyond link building services.

Leverage Guest Posting

Guest posts are pieces of content you write for other people’s blogs to be featured there, helping get your word out. They contain an author part where you link to your projects or websites. The authoritative, high-value content you provide to these blogs gets you more visibility from their audience. To successfully build high-quality links, be picky about where to pitch or use a guest posting service to help you find the best opportunities. For instance, if you’re into the homebuying business like Mill City Homebuyers, choose an authoritative homebuying blog to guest post to.

Consider reviewing its performance, and ensure you’ll receive a featured bio. When writing a guest blog, know what the audience wants, make your headlines catchy, write in-depth content, and ensure the content is easy to understand. This will help you get high-value backlinks, high search rankings, improved organic search, more qualified leads, and referral traffic.

Make Your Content Shareworthy

Publishing high-quality, sharable content is essential to earning high-value backlinks. Ensure your content is link-worthy for publishers, bloggers, and other websites to link back to your site. Curating industry statistics and reports, including survey reports, research studies, predictions, and trends, is a simple way to build backlinks. Developing industry-relevant, valuable tools and visual assets will naturally attract links from multiple sources. Publishing listicles and in-depth guides get you more backlinks because they contain more information and are easier to digest.

Consider Supporting New Business Growth

Crowdfunding is a link-building strategy you can use to get people to notice your website. When people use crowdfunding to raise money for their businesses, they often link to every person who contributes. There are two ways to get these links, including donor links from pages publishing all donor details plus a link to the donor’s site and package links that can be offered to you for donating a specific amount of money.

Searching the internet can help you find affordable crowdfunding websites where you can list and narrow down potential opportunities. Choose crowdfunding pages in your niche that let you build links and ensure they’re within budget.

Comment on Relevant Blog Posts

Blog commenting on relevant websites is an effective link building strategy you can leverage. When adding a backlink to your comment, do it tactfully so it doesn’t seem forced. While you aim to build links, you should focus on building better relationships with the posts’ authors by making meaningful comments. You can recognize the author, add meaningful insights regarding the topic and include a resource that can give the post more value. Blog commenting also helps you develop and nurture relations with other publishers, authors, and bloggers.

Broken Link Building

Broken links send readers to error-coded pages. This spoils user experience and may even damage your website’s reputation. While link building may not be as popular, wisely using this strategy can get excellent results. It involves replacing another site’s broken link leading to a relevant page containing your content and a link to your site.

Broken link building improves your website’s quality, increases SEO rankings, and provides readers with a better user experience. It gives you a chance to drive more traffic to your site. To implement broken link building strategies, look for broken links, contact the webmaster, and then offer to replace their links with yours.

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation involves finding removed or broken links to your website and then fixing or replacing them with updated URLs. It’s meant to develop your link profile, regain link value, and improve your site’s overall authority and SEO. Broken or lost links happen when URLs change during a website rebranding or redesign. They’re previously existing backlinks or links which are now non-existent. Such links should be found and reclaimed.

Start by fixing your internal links to optimize your site’s usability. Upon finding your broken internal links, visit each of your site’s pages containing broken links, then update or do URL replacement. If you find links that can’t be fixed, you might have to remove them altogether. To ease your broken link search, you can use free tools such as Google Analytics or paid tools. You can also use paid or unpaid tools to find broken external links and then reach the site owners to reclaim them.

Leverage Infographics

Establishing and promoting infographics is a powerful link building strategy that increases website traffic, improves domain authority, and boosts SEO. Creating an infographic focusing on a trending issue and, adding valuable data visualizations and stats, then including a link back to your site can persuade the people interested in that issue to share your infographic with others. An infographic that creates links and backlinks for your SEO strategy should be well-designed and compelling. To create infographics that guarantee engagement and shares, begin by researching your topic, knowing your target audience, and creating a captivating narrative.

Create an infographic wireframe to identify why you’ll place every piece of information before beginning your design. Design your infographic. To succeed with infographic link building, publish your infographics and share and promote them on social media. Reach out to bloggers and influencers in your niche known for sharing infographics and partnering with them. You can also send it to infographic directories for publication.

Build Relationships

Building relationships is vital when looking to generate links from relevant, authoritative sites. Relationship building increases your brand’s ability to obtain multiple links, attract people to follow your brand, and helps a brand understand its customer needs. Requesting quick links, responses, or mentions may negatively impact your brand. Relationships that don’t benefit all parties don’t last long.

To build relations with industry influencers, list the verticals you can target, look for influencers via premium or free tools, and determine what connects you with influencers, or you can hire a link-building agency that can do everything for you.

Email Publishers and Bloggers for Link Building

Leveraging link building emails can help you generate white hat links from authoritative sites in your niche. Start by looking for link building chances and find publications or blogs that will likely link to you. Look for your target keyword on Google then, copy the top search results’ URLs, then utilize a link analysis tool to locate domains linking back to them because they’re prospects that will most likely link to your resource pages. Moreover, you can use a link building tool to locate link building prospects. Once you find your options, find their email addresses and send them personalized emails.

2022 Link Building Strategies – Endnote

Link building is great for SEO and establishing a good user experience. Apply these strategies for effective link building in 2022.

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