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Designer Wanted!

MotoCMS Editorial 16 July, 2009

FlashMoto is looking for a talented, curious and dynamic freelance designer to join our team. The candidate must have a strong experience in Flash website design and an interest for creating outstanding design projects for innovative Flash CMS.

FlashMoto is a powerful Flash CMS which integrates a wide range of most usable tools and features. This product is meant to change users’ idea of really easy and comfortable Flash website management. One of our software products will include Flash CMS and unique Flash website template. So we need a creative designer to develop template designs and also work on various design needs of FlashMoto.

To apply send us your portfolio at flashmotocms [at] gmail [dot] com. Please state your desired salary.

If you are an experienced designer interested in being involved into project that will make Flash developers’ and website owners’ lives easier, we are waiting for your message!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Hy Flashmoto team,

    I’m a webdesigner in switzerland, I love flash, but it was quiet hard for my clients to update it. I’m really interested in your application. I would be happy to work in your team, and even sale projects like yours here in switzerland.
    Hope to hear something of you guys. Greetings Michael

  • hey there i came across your website and was wondering how i would be able to purchase this product. When i design flash websites for my clients it is easy for me to edit them but i would love a simple tool that can allow then to edit the flash content as they wish. please email me with more information.

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