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7 Content Marketing Podcasts Every Digital Marketer Needs to Listen

Evie Harrison 29 March, 2018

Being a marketer is not easy. One has to stay up to date with the latest trends in the marketing so that we can attain as many customers as possible. With so much to do, it is often difficult to learn the about the latest content creation tools that will help grow sales and drive quick results. That’s where content marketing podcast steps in to save the day.

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Since these are audio clips, you can hear them on the go, while commuting to work or even when working out at the gym. Perhaps that is the reason behind the raging success of podcasts. According to a research, 21% of Americans listen to podcasts, which is a staggering figure of 57 million. That is almost the same percentage of people that use Twitter!

But even despite being the next big thing, it is not easy to find the perfect podcast. People are often confused that which shows should they listen to and whether it’ll be worth their time or not. That’s why we are sharing a list of seven content marketing podcasts that every marketer should listen to in 2018. Read on and find yourself getting hooked on them, as they can help you learn about the latest strategy for digital marketing to stay on top of your game!

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1. Louder than words

Louder than words content marketing podcast

Louder than words is a fantastic podcast hosted by John Bonini to stir the creative juices within you. Whether you are a project manager, creative leader, writer, designer or any other sort of creator- this podcast will help you master the art of creativity.

Listen to Louder Than Words every week as John interviews outstanding people from all walks of life. What makes this content marketing podcast different than others, is its laid back and relaxed style of conversation. The host has a very casual way of speaking which puts the guests at ease. Listen carefully as he extracts personal and professional stories and their creative processes each week, making it an enjoyable learning experience.

2. Smart Passive Income Podcast

smart passive ncome content marketing podcast

As Pat Flynn, host of Smart Passive Income Podcast rightly says, “The Riches Are in the Niches.” This show is all about solving specific and niche problems related to your field of work. Pat calls himself an “online marketing guinea pig,” where he actually tests everything he talks about and shares results too. So, you know that you’re listening to a vague theory.

In fact, Pat’s popular blog, podcast and now YouTube channel is a classic example of how content marketing can help you become successful.

Listen to the Smart Passive Income Podcast, as Pat interviews young and aspiring entrepreneurs trying to make it big in the world of digital marketing. You will definitely get a dose of inspiration by listening to this informative content marketing podcast. After all, great marketing is all about identifying the right audience and filling in their needs in the best way possible!

3. Call To Action

unbounce content marketing podcast

Another great content marketing podcast is Unbounce’s, Call to Action. It is a unique show which is perfect for marketing newbies, as it breaks down the art and science of digital marketing. From content strategy, content creation tools, planning, execution, to optimization and beyond – you’ll find almost every topic covered on Call to Action.

So, tune in every Wednesday and learn more about tried and tested marketing tips that can be implemented in your strategy right away!

4. Social Media Marketing Podcast

social media examiner content marketing podcast

Are you finding it difficult to employ social media to your business’s benefit? Then this content marketing podcast called Social Media Examiner by Michael Stelzner is the answer to all your social media marketing woes.

Listen to success stories and interviews with leading social media marketing pros to find your daily dose of inspiration. The host shares insightful tips on how to use tactics and strategies to improve your social media marketing. Learn a new tip each week and apply it immediately to see instant results. Michael Stelzner is one of the top social media examiners in the podcasting world, so you know you’re getting it from the best source!

5. The Growth Show

content marketing podcast the growth show

Many entrepreneurs face a thousand problems while growing a business, movement, idea or a team. This is when The Growth Show can help you break down these issues and resolve them, by listening to stories of other executives and entrepreneurs who achieved remarkable growth.

It is the perfect content marketing podcast for a small business owner who plans to grow his or her business. Learn more about ideal customers, better market, report and analyze sales to help you achieve your dream business model!

6. Marketing Over Coffee

marketing over coffee content marketing podcast

If you’re the kind of person who likes listening to conversational and relaxed podcasts, then Marketing Over Coffee is just the one you should tune into every week.

Hosted by EventHero’s VP of Marketing, John J. Wall, and Podcamp’s co-founder, Christopher Penn, this weekly content marketing podcast shares new and old marketing tips to help you stay in the loop. It is hosted by a coffee shop just outside Boston, and you’ll feel a part of their conversation as they talk to guests about some of the best marketing strategies for inbound and outbound growth.

7. AskGaryVee

And last but not the least, here’s a big shout out for Gary Vaynerchuk, best selling author, marketing celebrity and thought leader behind the popular content marketing podcast, #AskGaryVee.

This show works on a platform where people submit their questions online, and Gary answers them with a rotating panel of celebrity guests. You can also head over to Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel, which features behind the scenes clips from the show for a little extra dose of inspiration.


After going through this concise list, you may have realized that there are plenty of podcasts out there to address every issue related to content marketing. The next step is to reach out and start listening to the one that suits your taste. With a little bit of effort, you’ll find one that captures your imagination and can help take your marketing ideas to the next level!

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