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Christmas Decoration Shop Theme Giveaway from MotoCMS

MotoCMS Editorial 6 December, 2016

Ho ho… how much time do you need to get yourself ready for the Christmas holidays? The question is not about giving presents, decorating your house or any other obligations you have towards your family and friends. Are you still able to enjoy that magical spirit you felt with the first hours of a Christmas morning once being a child?


When you are an adult, such a magic fades away. That’s not a secret at all. For many of us, the mystery is exactly how to refresh that feeling year after year and, what’s worse, not to become a grouchy green adult monster like Grinch. What we know for sure is that everyone love presents.

That’s why MotoCMS would like to cheer you up this Christmas and give away a christmas decoration shop theme from MotoCMS.

Christmas Decoration Shop Theme from MotoCMS

Jingle Bells is a new eCommerce template from MotoCMS, allowing anyone with no coding skills to save days on launching own online store. With this web theme, you get everything to start your eCommerce business and promote it online:

  • Fully-featured admin panel. Manage products and structure them via a top notch showcase, proceed and track orders, view info about your clients, customize your e-store design with no coding, set discounts with promo-codes, monitor full statistics with diagrams, accept payments and much more.
  • Special pre-made Christmas design. You don’t have to waste hours on developing your eCommerce website. Just add product items, their images, descriptions and start selling online right away.
  • 100% responsive template. Your e-store will look perfect on any device like desktop, smartphone and tablet.
  • 24/7 free professional support. Take advantage of free customer support from MotoCMS and get a useful advice on your issue as soon as possible.

Ready-Made Online Store Giveaway

Do you want to get one more awesome present this Christmas? Participate in the giveaway from MotoCMS and win a pre-built e-store with a fully-featured admin panel, responsive design, free customer support and many other goodies to manage your online business with ease.

Follow these steps:

  • Tell us why do you need this eCommerce template in the comments section below this post (mandatory);
  • Log in with your email or Facebook account to enter this giveaway;
  • Wait for the giveaway results;
  • Answer our email to get your prize.

We need your valid email or Facebook account only to send you your prize.

Hurry up! The giveaway ends on December, 15. Good luck!

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • Максим Палий

    I will build an amazing Christmas shop to make sure every person can find an amazing gift for a friend or relative! Lets make people happy together!

  • Valentin Lyong

    I really need this theme for making great shop website for hand made great thinks.

  • dimitriz

    Wow, this is a great giveaway.

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