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11 Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Retirees

MotoCMS Editorial 8 June, 2022

Your retirement years are a time to travel, relax, and enjoy. However, with so much free time on your hand, why not make an extra income? You don’t have to go back to a nine to five job to make ends meet. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can raise money to make ends meet during your retirement in the comfort of your home. Read on for the 11 best work-from-home jobs for retirees to help you get started.

Work-From-Home Jobs – Online Tutoring

If you are a retired teacher or love working with students, venturing into online tutoring can be an effective strategy to earn additional income. You can connect with students via online tutoring platforms like Chegg or and teach on-demand subjects such as Physics, Science, English,  History, Math, and foreign languages. You could also help prepare for standardized tests like GRE, GED, and SATs.

While having a teacher certification is not mandatory, it increases your chances of getting hired. Some online tutoring platforms will also require you to take a proficiency test for preferred subjects. Online tutors’ pay ranges between $10 to $14 depending on the teaching subject, grade level, experience, and the hiring company.


Leverage your experience in your area of expertise or specialization to provide coaching services. For instance, you could use your fitness and nutrition knowledge to help clients achieve their wellness goals. You could also use your background in financing and counseling to coach young adults on various investment options, including buying metals like silver or gold or trading crypto to help them achieve a comfortable senior retirement in the future. Consider working with an online coaching company or setting up your website to advertise your coaching services and start earning.

Virtual Assistant

There is an increased demand for virtual personal assistants today to handle various administrative roles. These roles include email correspondence, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, making travel plans, and social media posting, among other tasks that can be handled via phone or computers.

Let’s say you are a solid communicator and have sufficient knowledge of computer software, including database management, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, and project management. In that case, you could take on a job as a virtual assistant.  Your working hours and pay will depend on your role, with median virtual assistants earning at least $20 per hour.

Be sure to take precautions to combat stress, repeated motion illnesses like carpal tunnel syndrome, and eye strains, as working as a virtual assistant involves sitting for extended periods.

Work-From-Home Jobs – Bookkeeping

Work part-time or full-time as a bookkeeper and earn an average of $20 per hour. You will need to manage payroll and accounts and handle income tax returns. To qualify for a bookkeeping role, you need to be excellent with numbers, computer programs such as QuickBooks and  Excel, and detailed and organized tasks. Some hiring companies may also require you to have previous experience in record keeping, payroll, auditing, and account reconciliation.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Support

Venture into a new and exciting career in your golden years while working from the comfort of your home as a customer service representative. Today, most companies opt to reduce their overhead expenses by allowing their representatives to work remotely. You will be expected to reply to client emails, answer phone calls, assist customers in finding solutions to their problems, and answer queries regarding the company’s products and services.

To work as a customer service representative, you require a landline and a reliable internet connection. Some companies may also require proof of a previous job with the public, including sales and service employees. Depending on the hiring company, you could work full-time or part-time with an average pay of $17.23 per hour.


If you can read, write and speak fluently in at least two languages, consider applying for a job as an interpreter or translator. You will need to translate data from one language to another. However, you must pass a proficiency test in your preferred languages to showcase fluency before getting hired. Other companies may also require previous experience in a specific industry before offering you a job. For instance, you need medical expertise to interpret or translate information for medical professionals.

Business Consultant

Use the knowledge and experience you have accumulated over the years to help other companies plan for the future, develop goals and overcome challenges. You could consider working with a consulting group, handling consultancy work for your previous employer, or setting up your own consulting company in your home.

Consultants could earn more than $42 per hour, especially when you set up your own consulting company as you will dictate your rates. Be sure to rely on your previous business connections or network with family, friends, and former colleagues to drum up your start-up consulting company.


Get paid to convert recordings or speech into the text as a transcriber. A transcriptionist job is a good fit for you if you have exceptional typing skills, solid grammar, and English skills, and are attentive to details. Some hiring companies may also require previous knowledge and experience specific to the industry to ascertain that you are familiar with the field terminologies and jargon. Your working hours and pay as a transcriber often depend on the industry.

Work-From-Home Jobs for Retirees – Online Juror

Sign up with online companies such as Jury Test, Online Verdict, or eJuryto work as a mock juror to help lawyers prepare for trials. As part of research before a trial, most attorneys evaluate how prospective jurors would feel or react to a specific case or argument. This results in hiring pretend jurors to help them determine whether or not they will win a trial and potential punishment for their clients. You must fill out an online questionnaire to sign up with an online company. So, when an attorney needs a juror matching your demographics,  they contact you.

To qualify to be an online juror, you must be a United States citizen, literate, and of sound mind. You should also be of good moral character and not have a conviction record due to a felony. An online juror should not also be a law assistant, paralegal, or lawyer or be accused of felony or misdemeanor theft.

Pet Sitting

If you love animals, you can earn an extra $10 or $15 by taking care of pets from your home. Pet sitting can open doors to more job opportunities as some pet owners are willing to pay more for you to watch their homes when they are away. You also get to exercise and keep fit because babysitting pets such as dogs require you to pet walk them.

Create a profile on online platforms such as Rover, or use word of mouth to advertise your services while indicating your charges and availability. Be sure to highlight the type of pets and sizes you are willing to look after. However, it is worth noting that you have to part with a percentage of your pet sitting pay when you advertise via online sites.

Child Care

Working parents are always seeking caregiver services in the form of frequent babysitters or nannies. Consider looking for caregiving positions on sites like Next Door or Craigslist. Alternatively, interact with the parents within your neighborhood and let them know you would be willing to babysit to enjoy a rewarding retirement job. If interested in more social work, Lensa shares five additional jobs.

Work-From-Home Jobs in 2022 – Endnote

Retiring from your primary career does not mean you should stop earning extra income. Familiarize yourself with the above work-from-home jobs and venture into one that suits your schedule and current lifestyle. Be sure to watch out for scams to avoid losing your savings.

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