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Best Social Media Outlets for Online Entrepreneurs and Startups

Stephen Moyers 2 August, 2018

You need a solid presence to build and foster a successful online business. Developing a substantial online presence requires a great marketing plan. Many entrepreneurs and startups focus only on their websites, limiting their marketing and preventing them from taking advantage of the masses of other potential online sales. Best social media outlets can be a great way to build your online presence. Try these tactics to improve and expand your online marketing.

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Importance of the Best Social Media Outlets for Marketing

Due to the increased prevalence of social media platforms, 30 percent of online time is spent on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. If you do not use social media in your marketing strategy, you miss out on many consumers.

One of the great things about the best social media outlets is you can reach people you would not be able to otherwise. Many companies reach out to people with large social media followings to garner their support and create a relationship where they promote the company. Some influencers have thousands or millions of followers who trust them. If a famous influencer speaks highly of your product, you will suddenly have access to a massive new base of potential customers.

There are countless ways to use social media to promote your company and increase business. Ensure each of the following is shareable, too, so that your business can have the furthest reach.

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Run a Facebook Sweepstakes

Offering a product in a sweepstake is a great way to expand your Facebook followers. Make it easy for them to enter and keep a “Like Our Page” button nearby so users will follow you. Make the prize one of your products so that non-winners may still be motivated to purchase one.

Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a relatively recent addition to the platform, and it is a fantastic opportunity to interact with potential customers. Real-time interactions make your company seem more human and more relatable. One of the ways you can do this is by holding a live interview in which people can ask you questions, and you provide immediate responses.

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You can also use Facebook Live to advertise a new product or line of products. Previewing the effect in real time allows people to become interested and engaged in what your company is doing.

Request That People “Tag a Friend”

Many people love the ability to tag friends in posts on Facebook. Use this in your marketing. Post a relatable photo relevant to your brand with a caption motivating people to tag a friend.

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For example, if you run an outdoor apparel company, you could post a picture of people hiking in your clothes and caption it “Tag someone you want to go on an adventure with.” It will engage people emotionally in your brand, which can often encourage them to give you their business.

Respond to Customer Complaints or Concerns

Accountability and care are appealing qualities in any company. Respond with a genuine apology if a customer posts a complaint or concern on social media. Do not justify yourself or be defensive. It is likely the customer mainly wants to be heard. You could also suggest they contact you personally to discuss how you can make it up to them. It will show you care about each person and make your customers feel appreciated. Ignoring customer complaints will make your company seem cold and numb, and people will be more hesitant to be loyal to your brand.

Schedule Posts on Twitter

Many people do not realize you can schedule a tweet. Tweeting consistently is one of the best ways to grow your base, but often people do not have time to go on Twitter every day. If you are busy and overwhelmed with hundreds of responsibilities, take some time once a week to schedule posts for the week in one sitting using Buffer.

Advocate for a Social Cause

Many marketers and business people are hesitant to get involved with social and political issues because it is bound to cause controversy that could damage the company. However, expressing support for a social cause gives your brand a more emotional and real vibe that consumers will appreciate.

Some companies choose to do this by raising money. You can start a fund or something similar to encourage followers to donate. However, it is essential to remember that even non-financial advocating is impactful. You can promote small acts of kindness or encourage people to send personal stories and share them on your account.

As a less controversial and more interactive option, you could ask your audience for their opinions. You can start a poll or create a quiz by using WordPress Quiz plugins so people can vote or express what causes they find the most important.

Use BuzzSumo and Engage Other Influencers on Twitter

BuzzSumo is a great way to see which content has the most significant impact on people. Use keywords to search for relevant content your followers find interesting and post them on your account.

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Analyzing BuzzSumo reports or using BuzzSumo alternatives also lets you know who the top influencers are in topics surrounding your product. Reach out to some top influencers and see if they would be willing to create a partnership or promotion deal. If you can associate with an influencer, you can have higher visibility with a new mass of people you would not have reached otherwise.

Engage Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is another social media platform where using influencers can be helpful. Create partnerships with influencers by contacting them and sending them your products. They may agree to do sponsored posts on Instagram and introduce you to their followers.

You can also host an influence “takeover.” Ask the influencer with whom you have partnered to take over your Instagram account for a day, posting continuous pictures from a daylong event or other activity. The influencer can mention it in their personal Instagram account, encouraging their followers also to follow your page and track their takeover.

Tag Popular Instagram Accounts

While you are at it, tag popular Instagram accounts relevant to your brand in your pictures. It will make your account appear on the popular account and increase the chances that new people will find you on the best social media outlets.

Buy a Snapchat Geofilter for Company Events

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Geofilters are becoming a large part of Snapchat. Most towns and cities in the United States have at least one geo filter option. Snapchat also allows private people and companies to buy event filters. Design a filter for an upcoming company event and encourage people in attendance to post to their personal Snapchat Stories using the filter. It will increase your visibility and spread awareness about your brand on the best social media outlets.

Post YouTube Videos Consistently and Link to Products

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Consistent posting is key to developing a YouTube following, similar to how Twitter works. If you are frequently uploading videos, people will be more motivated to subscribe to your channel. When you post videos, finish with a link to your website’s content or product. For example, if you post a video about how to make great spaghetti, add a link to buy your business’ cookbook at the end of the video.

Partner with YouTube Personalities

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Associating with influencers is not only important on Twitter and Instagram. Try to partner with a popular YouTuber. Create videos together and collaborate so the YouTube fans may become your own. You can also engage with other YouTubers by sponsoring them in your videos and the description box beneath them. This may lead them to sponsor you, which may expand your audience.

Create “How-To” Videos

One of the things YouTube is most used for is “how-to” videos. Take something relevant to your brand and create a helpful how-to video instructing people about the task.

Create a Consistent Brand Image

There are many best social media outlets to utilize in many different ways. You must always keep your brand image consistent. The only way you can use multiple best social media outlets to build your online presence is if your brand is the same across all.

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