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15 Tips To Formulate the Best Posting Schedule

MotoCMS Editorial 23 September, 2022

As Instagram is so full of material, your photos and captions must stand out in order to catch a user’s eye as they scroll through their feed.

So, here are a few tips to help you create the ideal publishing schedule.

1. Consider the Length of Your Captions

Your captions should be of higher quality, regardless of how long or short they are. Consider using ig line breaker by MegaFamous to split the information into portions for your users and readers to fully comprehend. You can also encourage people to tag their friends or leave a comment with a short Instagram caption that includes a beautiful photograph.

2. Post on a Regular Basis

Whatever social media networks you use to market your company, it’s critical that you keep them active and updated. If a potential or current consumer comes across your page, they will only want to follow your company if the information is intriguing or valuable.

That’s why it’s best to update on a daily basis or at least multiple times per week. Not only to attract new followers but also to keep existing ones interested and entertained.

3. Best Time to Post

You can experiment with different hours and days of the week to identify the optimum time to reach your audience. It’s essential to find out which given timeframe or weekday suits you best by tracking the success of your various social media postings and even the metrics provided by the native social media accounts.

Best Posting Schedule

A good general rule suggests that the best time to post is Monday through Wednesday between 8 pm and 12 am.

4. Save Time by Remaining Focused

There is a lack of enough time to generate and find new social media material when you’re running a small business. Social media marketing should not be a duty that causes you to lose focus and disrupts your workflow.

Thus to ease things out, scheduling can be the best option. It enables you to devote one block of time per week to content creation, allowing you to focus on one task at a time. Furthermore, this eliminates the need to plan daily, which may divert your attention away from other more important responsibilities.

5. Save Time by Scheduling Multiple Accounts at Once

Scheduling Multiple Accounts

One of the best ways to save time with social media scheduling is to schedule your content across multiple networks at once. When you hit publish on some platforms, such as Instagram, you can also share the same post to your Facebook profile. However, you must actively post from the app — so if you want to save time, scheduling your posts to go live across all of your social platforms at once is essential!

6. Make Your Social Media Material More Valuable

As previously said, the most crucial feature of social media material is frequency. On any given day, consistency and quality of content win out over bombarding your fans with content. Last-minute post creation can result in irrelevant or low-quality content that your readers might not like. Scheduling allows you to prepare and develop content ahead of time without feeling rushed. So, using Hootsuite or a Hootsuite alternative is highly recommended to schedule and publish content ahead of time.

7. Before You Publish, Work on Your Captions

It’s worth spending time composing your captions since the story you tell on Instagram is just as important as the photographs and videos you post. While stunning material for your feed is essential, writing strong Instagram captions that promote engagement is a terrific tactic for reaching new consumers.

Your captions are one of the most effective methods to give information and personality and even motivate your followers to take action.

8. Use a Social Calendar To Stay on Par With the Latest Trends

Social Calendar

While you may have specific dates in mind for launching ads for your brand or company, it’s also crucial to consider global, national, and social media events. No one wants to miss out on a worldwide celebration or social media holiday that will take over Instagram feeds owing to a hot hashtag.

9. Save Some Content for Later

Content that is not the time or date-bound will always be useful to both your customers and your company. Because current topics remain relevant and are frequently searched online, this type of content is likely to be given clicks and visits long after the initial buzz has died down. So that you can schedule these contents when you are in need of any posts.

10. Provide Detailed Tutorials for Each Post Type

Instagram couldn’t be used for anything content-heavy until a slideshow was introduced. Complex postings may become the new normal now that many photos can be uploaded to a single post.

For Instagram accounts dedicated to food, home renovations, makeup routines, or fashion, adding tutorials to the schedule are a terrific option.

11. Make Use of Hashtags

Schedule your post with hashtags as Instagram hashtags have grown in popularity because they make your post easily searchable. So, look for hashtags in your niche used by your competitors, your audience, and influencers to ensure that your content reaches as many people as possible.

12. A Call to Action or a Question Can Be Engaging

Best Posting Schedule - Call to Action

Schedule your post with a call to action must be small and concise, so line breaking on Instagram would be extremely beneficial. The aim is to promote participation so that a sense of discourse and conversation can emerge. Encouraging involvement also enhances the likelihood that your post will show as a “recommended account” to follow in other users’ feeds.

13. Keep Track of What’s Working

Google Analytics will show you how much traffic and conversions Instagram is bringing you. Instagram Insights, which reveals how effective your posts are, will further help you schedule posts accordingly. If you have an Instagram Business Account, it is an extra plus.

14. Follow a Direct Approach

Not every post you schedule requires 600 characters to extol the virtues of your brand or explain why you adore your customers. There are times when you just need strong material in your feed to be relevant, and there’s nothing wrong with keeping captions short and straightforward. This is especially true if you have a fantastic image that stands out on its own.

15. Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram’s stories have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It not only enables a better engagement but also has quick functionalities. Thus, several users tend to upload their posts on stories to get a better reach and increase the chances of being included in the Explore area, which assists them in gaining new followers.

Scheduling the story along with the post can save much of your time.


It’s critical to understand how to schedule your content to get the desired results; the tips in this piece will help you do just that.

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