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Top 10 Benefits of Website Builders

MotoCMS Editorial 1 September, 2022

Website builders and, first and foremost, saviors for those who do not code. And those become essential for all users with a thought to share with the world! Technology allows us to combine elements, alter existing templates, and unleash our creative powers in the digital plane. And using website builders turns your computer into a canvas, and you become the Leonardo da Vinci to surprise digital bypassers with a masterpiece.

Of course, website builders can be your silent yet most effective helpers, regardless of specialization. Are you a marketing specialist who has a new product to offer? Use a website builder. Maybe your vocation is abstract art, and you need a digital gallery to present your artistic heritage. Use a website builder! Oh, and are you a game designer who has prepared character concepts for the new horror project? We want to see it, and you can use a website builder to present it!! So, that tool can serve your project right regardless of direction. But how and what can be the benefits here? Here is the list!

1. NO Coding Challenges with Website Builders

Do not prepare yourself for sleepless nights with a coffee-cola cocktail dangerously near your laptop. Moreover, you might have zero coding interests and skills, but create a website everyone will love. How is that possible? You can use a website builder and its editing panel to design a site from scratch or enhance an existing template. The latter is super convenient as it saves you precious time for more important things related to your business!

Besides, most modern builders do not require specific knowledge or skills since they provide all the necessary tools. So, that is like a sandbox with many tools to build a pretty sand castle. And you don’t have to be an architect for that.

2. Template Usage for Free

There are myriads of website templates available on the Internet. And that is excellent news for you! Whether you use a ready-made solution or create something from scratch, you can find a layout that ideally meets your needs and requirements. Different businesses imply various goals, target audiences, and corporate identities.

So, you can use a website builder to create a one-pager or a full-fledged website with many sections and pages. The sky is the limit here since many platforms allow you to use as many templates as you wish. And that is fantastic news!

3. SEO-Ready Website Right Off the Bat

Are you familiar with SEO? If not, here is a quick definition (and a comprehensive technical SEO checklist you will need immediately after finishing your design). Search engine optimization is a 100% necessary process of designing a website to make it rank higher on search engine results pages. That way, you will increase your visibility and organic traffic.

As a rule, that is impossible without an SEO PowerSuite website spider. The newly-created site might be good enough to publish immediately. Nevertheless, you want to ensure your project is excellent from the start, and a split-second yet full check will never be odd.

4. Mobile-Friendliness Challenges Are Undemanding Now

While mobile-friendliness is time-consuming, but you can cut that time in half. First and foremost, the app will simplify the PC website’s structure to give you a raw form of what your mobile version can be. Some touches and adjustments will suffice to have a convenient mobile version almost automatically.

5. 100% Design Flexibility of Website Builders

There are images and videos you can use to decorate your no-code website. Still, who said you could not upload your materials to meet 100% of your demands? The website can be maximally unique with your photos and videos or pretty with less effort. Moreover, there are various fonts, animation opportunities, and other tools to deliver the aesthetics of your site. Plus, website creators have in-system photo editors that can help you make all images unified and more appropriate for the prioritized vibe.

6. Hiring a Designer Is Not Obligatory

If your project has a strict budget, your team can save on designers and developers. How is that possible? Website builders have multiple features and editing tools to create a website on your own. However, there are zero issues with editing HTML/CSS code or dealing with other web development challenges. The app will provide all the necessary instruments for creating a site from scratch or enhancing an existing one!

7. Website Updates in Three Clicks

Once you have a website, you will want to keep it up-to-date. The content should be relevant, and the design should meet the current trends. That is pretty challenging since most business owners are unfamiliar with HTML/CSS or other technologies required for site maintenance. Besides, even if they knew how to do that, making all the necessary changes would take too long. Fortunately, you can use a website builder’s editing panel and update your site in three clicks!

8. All Your Team Can Contribute

Yet again, your team might be great at everything except for coding. But they will not have to learn JavaScript and C++ to add touches to the project. Give your team access to the website creator account and build your project together.

9. No Issues with Connecting Your Website to Social Media

Suppose you want to link your website to social media for more traffic. In that case, you will be happy to know that it is not a problem with today’s website builders. The process is pretty straightforward, and you will likely not need help from designers or developers.

10. Customer Support Is There to Help You

While complete control over the process is pleasant and beneficial, you might encounter a problem. That is when the support will answer all your questions and explain how to fix this and that. So, you always have an agent to back you up if the website builder sometimes confuses you.

Website Builders Benefits – Final Words

Technological advances allow you to launch a fully functional web page to attain your business or artistic goals. Website builders are beneficial for many reasons. The 10 advantages of website builders we listed above are only a drop in the ocean. Hence, give them a try to see all the benefits yourself!

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