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5 Benefits of Hiring Skilled iOS Developers for Your Enterprise

MotoCMS Editorial 19 January, 2023

iPhone made up 25% of the global smartphone market share. That’s significantly less as compared to Android’s 70% market share. But take a look at the map below before you decide to do away with iOS app development. iOS app development Source

It is in most of the developed countries – USA, UK, Australia, etc. – that iPhone users dominate the market. Further,

  • iPhone users spend an average of 9 more hours engaging with apps than their Android users.
  • iPhone users have an average salary of $50,000 to $85,000 per annum. Android users have an average salary ranging between $35,000 to $60,000 per annum.
  • The total revenue from mobile apps reached $133 billion in 2021. Out of that, iOS apps were responsible for 63% of the revenue.
  • Also, if we see post-install engagement, iOS takes a clear win:

iOS takes a clear win


These figures should give you clear motivation to develop an iOS app for your business. Targeting the vast majority of Android users is necessary.  But you definitely cannot miss out on the wealthy, more engaging iPhone user base either.

  • Sure, but do I still need an iOS developer?
  • Can’t I get a cross-platform app developed?
  • How about hiring freelancer iOS developers?
  • What if I go with an iOS app development company?

Well, all your questions are valid.

But here’s the real deal.

Hiring skilled iOS developers in-house is better than freelancers, iOS app development companies, and even cross-platform mobile app development.

Here’s why you should…

Go for In-house iOS Developers

Native Apps Perform Better than Cross-platform Apps

The Lublin University of Technology conducted native vs. cross-platform performance tests. Various parameters were considered. And they found that native apps performed way better than cross-platform apps. Here’s an example.

cross-platform apps


Excerpts from the computing performance study. As is evident, native iOS apps were the fastest. They performed better than cross-platform (Xamarin) and even Android applications.

It Is Easier and Better to Manage In-house Developers than Freelancers

  • Working on multiple projects at once.
  • Avoiding long-term commitment.
  • Lack of IP asset security.

These are just some reasons that make freelancers an unappealing hiring option. In-house developers, on the other hand, remain in your direct control and supervision. Thus, they are simpler to manage.

Dedicated Developers Cost Less than iOS Development Companies

No doubt, iOS app development companies offer a lot of fringe benefits. It includes Quality Assurance (QA), project management, and sometimes even App Store Optimization (ASO). But that ultimately results in a much higher overall iOS app development cost. Considering the complexity and specificity of the iOS platform, partnering with a seasoned iOS app development company can provide the expertise and efficiency needed to navigate the development process effectively. In such scenarios, the option to hire iOS programmer becomes a valuable consideration, ensuring that specialized skills are brought in to meet specific project requirements. In-house iOS developers will be able to carry out essential QA.  And some level of ASO, too. Without any additional costs. Thus bringing down your total cost of application development.

5 Key Benefits of Hiring iOS Developers

The aforementioned factors make it clear that iPhone app development is essential. And hiring dedicated iOS app developers is in your best interest. But it isn’t just by way of comparisons. Hiring an iOS app developer also has the following critical benefits for any enterprise.

Improved Product Quality

Dedicated iOS developers have a deep understanding of the iOS platform. Thus, they are able to create high-quality apps that meet the specific needs of your business. This can be attributed to the following:

  1. Their deep understanding of iOS frameworks, libraries, APIs, and other tools. They leverage the right tools and yield the right results.
  2. Their years of experience. This helps iOS developers carry out the necessary tests before launching an app. They can find and fix bugs before app deployment. Ultimately, you are able to roll out a better-quality application on the App Store.
  3. Their knowledge of iOS development best practices. They’d never compromise on code or output quality.

    Faster Time to Development

The sooner you enter a market, the better positioned you are to capture a broader share and maximize your user base, loyalty, and revenue. Thus, launching your iOS app faster will benefit your business. And skilled iOS developers have the expertise to work efficiently and can complete projects in a shorter amount of time. Thereby saving your business time and money. Further, if you find iOS developers with a few years of industry experience, you can accelerate your time to market even more. Experienced developers will be well-equipped to anticipate and avoid pitfalls that can slow down or derail the iOS app development process.

Expert Guidance on Version Support

Major iOS versions are launched annually. And minor updates keep rolling out all year around. For your iOS app development needs, it means that you need to keep updating your app as per the version updates. That, too, without suddenly pulling away support for previous versions. (Users do take time in shifting to the latest versions.) Here’s a snippet of Apple device users segmented based on iOS versions from 2016 to 2022.

iOS versions


The expert guidance of iOS developers can help you ensure quick adoption of the latest iOS version without limiting your app’s performance ability on previous versions. The guidance of iOS app developers also comes in handy when you need to jump on to the latest trends. Their agility and hands-on experience help you stay up-to-date and competitive.

Better User Experience

Expert iOS developers create intuitive and user-friendly apps. These provide a seamless experience for your end-users. Newbies or freelancers might not be able to deliver that kind of UX. Majorly due to a lack of experience and expertise. And sometimes even due to missing commitment towards your iOS app development project. A good user experience is a must-have in any business mobile application. More so in the case of iPhone apps. iPhone users expect better experiences as they are paying more for the phone. And they are even willing to spend higher on the apps.

Enhanced Security

It is generally believed that iPhones offer a higher degree of security when compared to Android smartphones. But keeping your iOS application secure is in your hands. In fact, end-users even expect that kind of vigilance from you. After all, the need for greater cybersecurity is one of the key reasons people cite for ditching Android in favor of iPhones. Having dedicated and experienced iOS developers will ensure greater app security. Skilled iOS developers are knowledgeable about the latest security measures. And they can implement them to protect your business and user data. This results in higher user trust, greater loyalty, better public image, and no legal/financial hassles.

Hiring Skilled iOS Developers – Key Tips

Hiring iOS developers offer several unmissable benefits. So now it is time for you to hire an iOS developer for your enterprise. And while you are at it, here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Expand your geographical boundaries while hiring iOS developers.

hiring iOS developers


It is clear that hiring Indian iOS app developers is in your best financial interest.

2. Instead of carrying out the time and effort-intensive process of hiring iOS developers, look for talent connect platforms. These platforms can match you with top prevetted talent as per your needs.

3. While hiring iPhone app developers, consider the candidate’s communication skills. The developer will also have to collaborate and communicate with other teams in your organization. Thus, good communication skills are essential.

4. Find a cultural match. You don’t want clashes within your app development team, right? So make sure you hire candidates who match your office culture. Talent connect platforms are ideal here. These platforms let you request resource replacement in case of a cultural misfit.

Don’t wait anymore. Hire an iOS app developer and reap the vast arrays of benefits they offer.

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