Artificial Intelligence: Innovative Introduction to Online Photo Editor

MotoCMS Editorial 20 January, 2024

In today’s world, where people are involved in sharing their memories with social media platforms, the need for an efficient way to transform pictures increases. An online photo editor introduces an entire toolkit of artificial intelligence tools that make your work quite easy and quick. These tools help to make your photos look captivating and stunning. Besides, an online photo editor like CapCut creative suite provides an unlimited variety of commercial templates and personal templates, watermark-free downloads, cloud backup, team collaboration, and an entire online video editing tool. In this article, we will discuss what tools the CapCut creative suite offers in the online photo editor.

Use the Photo Background Remover and Remove Unwanted Objects

Online Photo Editor

The first important tool an online photo editor provides its users is the tool to remove the background from the photo. This tool is more like magic because removing the background while keeping the subject alive is a complex task. If you ever remove the background with a manual editor then you must have an idea of how hard it is to select the areas pixel by pixel. To remove the background from photos in the online photo editor, upload your photo in the background remover tool under the magic tool category and click to remove unwanted scenes. The CapCut provides the results in just a blink of an eye.

Words to Visuals with Text-to-Image Tool in CapCut Creative Suite

You have heard many times that a picture speaks a thousand words? By keeping this thing in mind, CapCut allows you to convert your words into visuals by offering a free text-to-image tool. Write the text in the prompt section of text-to-image in the magic tool category. Click on the generate button and you will get the same picture that you describe in the prompt section. Moreover, CapCut will provide you with multiple designs to choose from that suits you best.

Companies Logos to Graphics: Use Text-to-Design Tool for Instant Results

Text-to-design tool in an online photo editor is similar to text-to-image. This tool helps you to create a unique design according to your instructions within seconds. Go to the text-to-design tool in the CapCut creative suite, you will find this tool under the magic tool tab. In the prompt box, describe the design you want to generate in detail. You can talk about the colors, the shape, the effect, etc, and then click to generate. This is the best way to generate complex designs with ease without hiring any graphic designer for it.

Video content creation tools like CapCut have seen growing adoption in the crypto and blockchain space. Creators are using this online editor to produce high-quality video tutorials, explainers, and marketing content about crypto coins, NFT projects, DeFi protocols, and more. The visually engaging videos generate interest and help educate new users.

CapCut also empowers crypto influencers, project teams, and community members to produce attractive video updates, announcements, interviews, and other content to share on social media. Its advanced editing capabilities allow quickly customizing templates for a branded look. And the ability to collaborate on cloud-hosted projects streamlines creating videos around fast-moving crypto initiatives.

Four-Step Guide to Creating an Account on the Online Photo Editor by Creative Suite

Would you like to give CapCut Creative Suite a try to edit your photos and videos? Here is the four-step guide to let you know how an online photo editor works in the CapCut creative suite.

STEP 01: Easy Sign-Up Process

Online Photo Editing

Signing up for the CapCut creative suite is easy because it does not require much information. You just need to provide a valid email ID that belongs to you. CapCut Creative Suite is free to use and there is no paid version or trial period. Besides, it never asks for your credit card information or bank details. So, never provide any financial information if someone asks. To create your account visit the CapCut website by searching on your web browser. Enter your email ID on the sign-up page and let it auto-verify your email address. After the verification, log into your account to make edits.

STEP 02: Upload Images

If you are reluctant to upload your photos, you can use a blank canvas or ready-to-design template to build your trust around the tools. Afterward, start uploading pictures or videos.

STEP 03: Variety of Tools

After important photos to the online photo editor, apply tools to fix the error, clarity, and resolution of your photos to create a masterpiece. CapCut offers a lot of tools to use like photo background remover, text-to-image, text-to-design, image-to-image, batch edit images, old photo restoration,  AI video generator, image upscaling, AI portrait generator, photo colorizer, image style transfer, low-light image enhancement, etc.

STEP 04: Save Your Files

Save your file in the end, when you are satisfied with your creation. CapCut will not add watermarks to your pictures and videos so that you can enjoy the quality and credibility of your photos.


In summary, we can assert with confidence that CapCut distinguishes itself from other online photo editing software and tools. It is an all-in-one editing solution that provides an extensive tool kit for photo and video editing. CapCut empowers users to create stunning visuals, broaden their horizons of imagination and creativity, enhance images and videos, and make their work captivating for all people.

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