Apple’s Bite!

MotoCMS Editorial 18 November, 2008

Apple BiteAccording to Steve Jobs, Apple is ready to take a bite of Silicon Valley. Why does everyone think so? Currently Apple budget is for about $25 billion. Everyone wants to find the best way to invest their money. This wish is influenced by the economic crisis of 2008. So Apple isn’t an exception.

“This downturn may also present some extraordinary opportunities for companies that have the cash to take advantage of it,” Jobs said.

In the past, the vast majority of Apple acquisitions have been software-related so we could expect it would happen again.

What will be the next Steve’s creation?

The victim is Adobe. I know that everyone is talking about some iPhone development companies but I trust experts. Earlier this year it was announced that Adobe begins work on Flash player for iPhone. This information was announced at Adobe Town Hall press-conference.
You may know that iPhone is the last smartphone that can’t play Flash content. Seems this problem will be solved in the nearest future because Apple is the third-largest mobile supplier in the word.

Though, there are some questions: What is the Apple’s next move? Will Steve Jobs buy a ready-made solution for his “baby” or the entire company?

So what we have now is: Apple+MacOS is one of the best platforms for developers (SUPERfast! 8-)), the best video editing software – Final Cut PRO, Unity 3D (only on Mac).
What should we expect in the nearest future?

Adobe new logo

Would Mac be the only choice for a developer?

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  • I think were they to join, I would be a happy camper..

    Interesting topic though, Its intriguing to think about how the financial crisis in the states will affect our favorite companies all over the world..

    Cheers Mate, keep it up !

  • Tony Cheetham

    “Seems this problem will be solved in the nearest future because Apple is the third-largest mobile supplier in the word.”

    No it’s not, it’s not even close to third. Not by a factor of 10.

  • Lets hope apple and adobe keep themself far away from each other. Not due to anything i got against Apple, just that monopoly is bad, no matter who holds it.

    Tony: I think the numbers and source for that is and its only for the third quarter. Ofcourse theres several ways to look at the numbers.

  • O someone just shoot me now. If apple gets their hands on Adobe we are all screwed. As if the production suite wasnt expensive enough, expect that to double if apple has their way. Whats next all the adobe software will only run on apply supported hardware… ah shit. I respect Adobe quite a bit they put out some great software, imho I cannot say the same about apple. I hope Adobe holds their own the way they have been.

  • Difort

    @Maxwell, thanks!
    @Tony, I’m sorry if I mislead you what I mean is that Apple occupied 3d place in mobile suppliers revenue and if we will compare 1 specific product (since Apple has only iPhone) we will realize that they are the winners.
    @Andreas actually I hoping that Adobe has enough cash to defend itself but $25 billions against them!
    @Cory, its all about free floating of capital. If Apple would have enough cash they would be able to buy Adobe without it’s permission.

  • Mike

    If I were Apple I would only consider buying Adobe to keep Microsoft away from it. If Microsoft were to get hold of Adobe and its products then it could spell grave danger for Apple and its ability to cope for designers and general Internet users.

  • Darren

    @ Difort, “its all about free floating of capital. If Apple would have enough cash they would be able to buy Adobe without it’s permission”. Well, this isn’t true, is it? The existing shareholders have to agree to sell their shares to Apple. Look at Microsoft and Yahoo.

    “Of course, the victim is Apple” – is this meant to say “the victim is Adobe”.

    Lastly, Adobe have always wanted to put a Flash player on the iPhone. It’s Apple that has been blocking them. Research Jobs’ statements on this for proof.

  • Difort

    @ Mike, you are right, hopefully Apple to buy Adobe then Microsoft destroy this fantastic creation!
    @ Darren, thank you for your comments. I’ve fixed the typo with victim.
    As for the free floating of capital. The problem was in anti-monopoly committee since Yahoo and Microsoft(MSN.Live) are companies from one bottle. If we will look at Apple and Adobe they are not monopolies and different spheres of business to meet with. That’s why Apple keep buying software developers without any problems till they get 27% of all market.

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