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15 Amazon Best Sellers for Web Developers & Designers

MotoCMS Editorial 31 July, 2017

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Amazon is considered one of the best online markets on the Internet with a huge army of advocates and tons of positive reviews. With its rock-solid reputation and more than a million products on offer, this eCommerce giant remains the best place to go once you have an idea to indulge yourself with a new fancy item.

So whether you’re a web designer in search for some interesting stuff to spice up your daily routine or someone looking for an appropriate present for their creative friend, this list of the best Amazon best sellers will definitely worth checking out.

1. Helvetica Coffee Mug

Amazon best sellers - Helvetica coffee mug

As Helvetica has proven itself as one of the most loved typefaces of web designers, this durable white ceramic mug will impress even those who have the most sophisticated tastes. With a variety of professionally printed designs and several different styles available, there won’t be any problems choosing the one that you’d like to wake up in the morning with.

  • Price: $14-$25

2. Slate Mobile Air Desk

Amazon best sellers - Slate mobile air desk

No matter if you are a web designer or a programmer, you certainly need a table to keep the most important things at your fingertips. And – as we all know – the hardest part of having a working space is to keep it in order. Slate Mobile Air Desk is designed especially for that. It is made of pure, high-quality bamboo and will save your laptop from unnecessary heat. The desk has even a high-quality stalled which makes it even more comfortable.

  • Price: up to $60

3. Floppy Disc Coasters

Amazon best sellers - Floppy disk coasters

Feeling nostalgic? Then you definitely should check this awesome set of five floppy disc coasters! They are available in a wide range of colors from rainbow to black and neon and will impress any web designer regardless of their line of work.

  • Price: from $16

4. The Keyboard Waffle Iron

Amazon best sellers - Keyboard waffle iron

This amazing Amazon bestseller for web designers would be a real catch if you wish to diversify your working weekdays with such touch of fun and creativity. It is made of die-cast aluminum and has a wireless stove top cooking system.

  • Price: from $70

5. 1000 Colours Jigsaw

Amazon best sellers - jigsaw

There are very few people being involved in some kind of creative activity and not dealing with color palettes on a daily basis. In fact, web designers and web developers are the ones who devote their undivided attention to colors the most. So no wonder this 1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle is so popular on Amazon. Challenge yourself by trying to place each color in relation to the other ones. Will you dare?

  • Price: up to $30

6. Mollaspace Keyboard Coasters

Amazon best sellers - Mollaspace keyboard coasters

The Mollaspace keyboard coasters are designed in a clean minimal style and will be a perfect suit for any creative workspace. Each set has four coasters in black and white – it’s more than enough to save your desk from spilling drinks and heat marks when your friends come around.

  • Price: up to $30

7. G.U.S. Multi Device Charging Station

Amazon best sellers - charging station

G.U.S. Multi Device Charging Station is definitely worth being included in this list of the best Amazon best sellers for web designers and web developers as it offers the smartest way to charge all your devices and organize your cables with a specially created magnetic base to hide all the wires out of your sight. What is even more attractive about this item is that is it has been built from a 100% eco-friendly renewable source (bamboo).

  • Price: up to $40

8. Portal 2 Sentry Turret

Amazon best sellers - Portal sentry turret

No doubt every web designer and web developer has a little bit of geek inside so this little fancy device will definitely blow their mind. With more than ten speaking functions available and a motion sense activation, even the most serious professionals will not be able to ignore it.

  • Price: up to $405

9. Eton NBOTU4000B Rechargeable USB Battery Pack

Amazon best sellers - Eton battery pack

Due to the nature of their profession, most web designers and web developers must always have all their devices up and running as sudden battery low mode might cause no end of pain and unwanted work delays. This is when Eton NBOTU4000B comes in handy. This powerful device can charge most smartphones and tablets and has an extremely lightweight and durable aluminum body. So give yourself a power boost!

  • Price: up to $90

10. CanaKit Raspberry PI 3 Complete Starter Kit 32GB Edition

Amazon best sellers - Canakit

Haven’t you dreamt of a computer that is so tiny and lightweight as a credit card? Canakit Raspberry PI 3 turned this dream into reality. It’s an awesome device for an excellent mobile computing experience. With HDMI cable you are able to use CanaKit with any large TV so you definitely need to try it out.

  • Price: up to $70

11. Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation for Apple

Amazon best sellers - Ergotron

Ergotron stays on guard of healthy posture and comfortable workflow for all web designers. This easy-to-set-up, height adjustable workstation will place your computer and keyboard in the perfect position, whether you prefer to sit or stand while working on a project. The station is built for iMac however it can be used with other computer devices once set up correctly.

  • Price: up to $430

13. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

Amazon best sellers - HTML & CSS Book

In the era of digital reign, the power of books is often underestimated as they are slowly being replaced by technologies and the internet. However, there are still people who find books a great source for self-development. Web designers are not an exception. So if you refuse to give up on books, you will benefit from HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites. This book provides extensive information on basics of coding and explains this complex topic in a simple and comprehensive way.

  • Price: up to $20

13. Logitech RGB G810 Orion Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Amazon best sellers - Logitech keyboard

In case you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard which is perfect both for gaming-specific features and designing tasks, look no further than this super powerful G810 from Logitech. Whilst G810 is very hard to damage, it also has some majestic functions like the option to set defaults, volume scroll wheel and even LED configurations. Sounds pretty nice, right?

  • Price: up to $110

14. The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

Amazon best sellers - the principles of beautiful web design

A part of being a successful web designer is the ability to learn non-stop constantly improving your skills and boosting your abilities. The title “The Principles of Beautiful Web Design” speaks for itself as this book teaches you lots of valuable information on building websites and enhancing their look and feel. From understanding the philosophy of colors and color schemes to applying the right typography, this easy-to-follow guide will definitely make you learn something new and useful.

  • Price: up to $23

15. Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Drawing and Graphics Tablet 

Amazon best sellers - Wacom drawing tablet

Wacom is an authority when it comes to graphic tablet industry. This stunning model offers lots of useful features for web designers including battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen, free draw pack, four customizable Express Keys and more. Even beginners will find it easy and fun sketching, drawing and painting with this creative device.

  • Price: up to $80

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