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MotoCMS Editorial 19 November, 2008

Adobe Max

Each year thousands of web developers are waiting for Adobe Max conference (check Adobe Session Locator if you are still about to go). It’s a world famous conference that is held in San Francisco, California. This year isn’t an exception. Today was the first day of the largest ever Adobe MAX Conference. 5000 people have come to US in order to take part in this conference and this is the record. There isn’t any necessity to tell who these people are. We can simply call them Adobe Evangelists from all over the world.

As usual before the conference starts Adobe has represented its latest creation. Saying this we mean CS4 product launch. A lot of web developers still can’t come to senses. Though, some aspects were left behind the curtain: Flash – Flex – AIR to be exact; TERMO that has been announced last year and of course Flex 4 – GUMBO and etc. I think Adobe MAX Conference will help us find out when these and other Adobe’s products will be launched.

The main advantage of this conference is the ability to communicate with web developers. So you can take part in the conference by asking essential questions as well as watching presentations and listening to reports.

Coca-Cola Happiness Factor

One of the world’s well known brand Coca-cola and the MAX 2008 finalist Coca-Cola Happiness Factory website is the best commercial creation ever made before. Which give a stimulus to shoot a film!

Web developers from Europe and Asia are invited to visit Adobe MAX Conferences in Milan, Italy ( December 1- 4, 2008) and Tokyo, Japan (January 29-3, 2008). Don’t loose this chance if you aren’t in San Francisco now.

So let’s wait for the news, presentations and the latest Adobe developments. Who knows probably this Adobe MAX Conference will open all Adobe’s secrets …

… would Apple bite Adobe now?

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3 responses to “Adobe Max 2008”

  1. mark says:

    Two things….

    1. Next time can you run this through a translator so that those of us who speak english will understand it.

    2. This wasn’t a conference review, even though it’s dated November 20th (post-dated, actually, since today is only the 19th). So telling people what the conference is is kind of useless at this point….

  2. Difort says:

    @mark, can’t see the reason why you so offensive right now. conference is being held right now! as for the date i’ve fixed it.

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