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7 Ways Sending Push Notifications Can Help Your Website

MotoCMS Editorial 10 March, 2024

When done right, push notifications can captivate. They pop on screen even when folks aren’t browsing. Timed well, these unexpected messages tug users back to your site, app, or store. Misused, they annoy. Yet, with care, push notifications build steady, voluntary excitement for any audience.

This article unpacks the opportunities of sending push notifications —whether you own a business, create online content, market products, or all the above. Expect actionable tips grounded in real-world success stories for making the most of these messages. How do you increase traffic and engagement? Drive more sales? Unlock their technique and art so these tools boost your potential without becoming a pest. A little insight goes a long way.

The Power of Push Notifications

Unlike noisy emails and algorithm-dependent social media feeds, push notifications cut through the digital clutter by delivering messages directly to your audience. When used thoughtfully, sending push notifications at strategic times results in impressive engagement.

Research shows push notifications often pay off. Subscribers tend to buy more per order compared to non-subscribers. Yet recklessly bombarding users with announcements backfires. Overdo it, and they’ll disable notifications quickly. The key is walking a fine line between value and restraint. Send relevant messages at reasonable times. Avoid disruptive tactics and let quality bring people back.

Do that, and your website will see less bounce and more users sticking by. The more visitors opt-in and engage organically, the more you prove notifications are worthwhile. When they welcome interruptions, they gladly trade attention for discounts, exclusives, and dibs on new arrivals. Here’s how to turn notifications into subtle yet profitable exchanges.

Increase Website Traffic

Push notifications can serve as timely reminders designed to re-engage visitors. Segment your audience to send content that interests them. Promote new products, features, and blogs to entice them to come back to your site. Scheduling notifications promoting limited-time sales during inactive hours can influence spontaneous purchases.

Well-planned notification timing and personalization boost open and click rates. For example, promoting an expiring sale on weekends or during holidays achieves higher response and conversion compared to ordinary days. Tailor the message’s tone to establish a connection with both old and new visitors.

Boost User Engagement

Personalized notifications can improve participation in website activities. Send subscribers prompts to complete members-only surveys. Notify them when exclusive webinars relevant to their profile are about to start.

Polls and quizzes distributed through notifications could also encourage return visits. Remind your loyal readers to check for recently published articles matching their preferences. Timely alerts demonstrate value to website subscribers.

Drive Conversions and Sales

Push notifications are effective ways to turn mobile app traffic into sales. Target different stages of the sales funnel by using behavior-based subscriber segmentation. Offer to complete account creation prospects’ exclusive deals via sending push notifications.

Visitors who recently searched for certain items can receive suggestions on complementary products. Shoppers get reminders on items lingering in carts to complete more purchases. Tailor messaging and timing to user actions for the best response. Alerts on daily deals or price drops also effectively influence spontaneous buys.

Build Brand Loyalty and Community

Thoughtful notifications help forge emotional connections between brands and their audience. Strengthen bonds by selectively previewing content, sending birthday messages, granting early access, and sharing progress with your loyal followers. Brands earn devotion when they give fans first dibs on new launches, like those trendy beauty companies. Treat VIPs like insiders, and they’ll eagerly spread the word.

Spark two-way conversations through notification polls or contests that incentivize user contributions. Surprise devoted audiences with small but delightful perks. Recognition and rewards are meaningful when unexpected.

Promote New Content and Announcements

Help subscribers feel “in the know” by alerting them to fresh content matching their interests as soon as it’s live. Give heads-ups before online events to turn passive followers into active participants. Let readers customize alerts so you push relevant info their way.

Major website changes risk confusing users, so fire off notifications explaining face-lifts and new tools when they launch. Loop fans in early on new features relevant to them so momentum doesn’t stall. Transparent policy updates prevent misunderstandings down the line. When kept informed, transitions go smoother.

Run Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Browsing data lends insight into what piques people’s interests. Use it to divide audiences for tailored recommendations they’ll likely appreciate. Encourage tracking opt-ins for notifications even more dialed-in to individuals’ habits. When hyper-personalized, response rates improve.

Timing is everything for cart reminders aimed at closing abandoned sales. Study traffic trends to pinpoint peak purchasing hours for each loyal fan. Then, schedule personalized prompts during identified periods when motivation and means align to complete checkout. Any responsible marketer stewards user data to serve, not spoil.

Gather Valuable User Data and Insights

Activity metrics for push notifications offer clues to optimize their use. High open or click-through rates signal engaging content sent at opportune times. Seek additional feedback through quick polls on the notifications themselves. Let these insights guide relevance and frequency to keep the momentum building.

Some winning approaches emerge through trial-and-error testing. Compare how different user groups respond to notification tweaks. Let opt-in and opt-out trends direct your ongoing refinements toward ideal timing and content. Testing push notification types that users genuinely enjoy helps you find the most effective formats per user segment.

Best Practices for Sending Push Notifications

When careless, notifications annoy more than entice. But with awareness of your visitors, intentional testing brings all the right clicks. Before blasting the masses, first, ensure your alerts speak to who comes around. Note what grabs their attention and action.

  • Seek explicit opt-in consent from website visitors to send notifications.
  • Start with a welcome notification explaining the value to subscribers.
  • Carefully tailor message content to user interests for optimal relevance.
  • Test sending notifications at different times of day and days of the week.
  • Track performance metrics and engagement over time, adjusting approach as needed.
  • Allow users to unsubscribe from notifications easily and instantly.

Effective notification systems evolve continually. Messages triggering desired behaviors today may misfire tomorrow as interests shift. Keep content timely and tone-suited per audience segment. Experiment with cadence—days, times, and triggers yielding the highest open rates. Measure and tweak based on how people respond. Let their collective feedback steer your strategy so notifications captivate rather than capsize.


As you can see, when implemented thoughtfully, sending push notifications can unlock great potential for websites seeking to boost measurable outcomes like traffic, engagement, conversions, and loyalty. Armed with a deeper understanding, you’re ready to unlock the potential of push notifications. Start crafting messages and testing times that entice your audience to engage while furthering your aims. Experiment and optimize until you strike the right chords.

If you listen and fine-tune the notes accordingly, success follows. Traffic and sales inch up as followers increasingly welcome your alerts. When done right, push notifications become invaluable tools that set thriving sites apart. See your e-commerce business grow thanks to this thoughtful channel.

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