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30 Fresh and Exceptional Flash Portfolio Websites

MotoCMS Editorial 29 April, 2010

In the age of Internet portfolio websites became an inalienable attribute of any graphic designer, web developer, artist, photographer or even musician, as it showcases his works, reflects the way he does business and creates an overall impression about him. But sometimes creating a personal portfolio might seem to be a real challenge for some people, as it requires some aspects to be taken into consideration: creativity, usability, the ease of use and of course professional look. You should also define the purpose of your portfolio: whether it is for sales generation, reputation building, networking or finding a new job. So, you need to understand what kind of portfolio you are creating. And just remember, there is no any single “right” way of creating portfolios, as it’s something personal that expresses your personality.

When the slightest detail is analyzed and all priorities are set right, then it’s time for creativity and designing. And just imagine what incredible things you can do with Flash: amazing animation and dynamic effects, beautiful sound accompaniment, page transition animation, extraordinary website navigation, etc. Flash technology allows you to realize the most audacious approaches what will make your portfolio original, vivid and eye-catching.

Hopefully, this showcase of fresh inspiring Flash based portfolios will help you end up with a successful idea for your own portfolio. Thanks to designers whose sites are presented below.

* * *

Portfolio of Adhemas Batista, art director, designer, illustrator and photographer from California. Adhemas has been in business of selling colors since the age of 15. He is a self-taight digital artist known for his colorful and distinctive illustartive style.

* * *
Martin Anderle’s Portfolio

Martin Anderle is a freelance interactive designer and developer based in Frankfurt. He specializes in developing Flash micro and portfolio websites, what is not surprising, because his portfolio is simply stunning.

* * *

This is a design playground and personal portfolio of Jong Hyuk Lee (aka zeto), a graphic and multimedia designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He specializes in web design, graphic design, motion graphics, concept development and project management.

* * *

This is a personal page of Ahndray, a talented singer from the United States. Her portfolio is equipped with a Flash player with sound tracks and a real equalizer that analyzes sound spectrum and depends on the music being played. We won’t miss an opportunity to say that it’s a complex Flash CMS website based on FlashMoto 🙂

* * *
Andreas Smetana Portfolio

This portfolio impressed me much with its functionality and performance. It is very usable and has a sleek interface.

* * *

Here is a portfolio of Sergey Minaev, a famouse Russian writer. Sergey’s website looks like a real horror movie.

* * *

Simple, but creative and funny. The way Mister Coo presented the navigation menu is definitely worth your attention.

* * *
Nick Joore’s Portfolio

Portfolio of Nick Joore, a Dutch game developer and 3D artist. It impresses with its novelty and original creative approach. You even don’t have the slightest idea where this website will lead you.

* * *

Portfolio of Alexandre Soubrier, an art director, web designer and Flash developer from France. He loves illustration, graphic design, motion design and all that refers to the visual sensibility.

* * *
Tony DiTerlizzi’s Imaginopolis

This is the fantastic world of Tony DiTerlizzi, professional illustrator from California. He started drawing at a very young age including a crayon mural of Winnie-the-Pooh on his freshly painted bedroom walls.

* * *
Fator Criativo

Here is another creative portfolio that looks very user friendly and welcoming. Just pay attention to details, as each of them has its own meaning content.

* * *
Simone Moreno’s Portfolio

Simone Moreno is a singer and musician from Salvador where music has always been like a religion.

* * *

Creative portfolio of a web design studio or group. I liked the abstract and stylish website design and attractive animation, but frankly speaking it took me some time to figure out the idea of the website. The About page doesn’t give me the clue as well.

* * *
Robert Canane’s Portfolio

This website is a perfect combination of flash effect, text and images. Robert Canane, American graphic designer, photographer, videographer and professional musician has made a good choice and created an online portfolio with FlashMoto Flash CMS.

* * *
Max Shaman’s Portfolio

Max Shaman is a web professional from Ukraine who specializes in web-projects management and development. His portfolio is beyond comparison, for sure, but the music may seem a bit tedious afoter browsing the website for a while. Tastes differ 🙂

* * *
Jean Malek’s Portfolio

Here is an original, stylish dark style portfolio of Jean Malek. I have noticed that most of portfolios are done in dark shared, and that’s not surpricing. Black or dark color is associated with power, elegance and mystery.

* * *

One of the peculiar feature of this photo portfolio is that each visitor has an opportunity to customize it by choosing the dominant color of the design.

* * *

This stunning mysterious portfolio belongs to a talented digital artist and graphic designer – Gale Franey. Her style of art and design ranges from fantasy to complex social issues. Gale’s portfolio features her digital art, photography, animation works and even tutorials and presents the whole Fairyland.

* * *

Here is another creative unique approach to creating design portfolio. You may play with the camera view, zoom option and even puzzle rotation.

* * *

James Quantz JR Photography

Attractive professional portfolio, simply amazing works – everything speaks for itself. Black is the perfect choice for the background color, as it makes the other colors stand out and contrasts well with bright colors.

* * *
Kevin Murray Golf Photography

Kevin Murray has become regardedas one of the best in the world of Golf Photography. His style has offered a fresh and original approach to the industry.

* * *

Simone Carozzi, a freelance web designer, may also to be proud of a creative personal portfolio.

* * *

The page transition animation is really eye-catching. The flawless fucntionality creates a pleasant positive impression.

* * *
Diego Huerta’s Portfolio

Cute animation, elaborate design, subdued color scheme, impressive image gallery – here are the necessary components of the powerful Photo Portfolios, and Diego Huerta’s portfolio is one of them.

* * *

Here is a portfolio of Jota Leal, a talented Venezuelan painter. Leal started drawing in the early age and primarily works with pencil on paper, acrylic on board, and acrylic on canvas to achieve amazing results. He paints the inner soul of his subjects or characters, and manifests this as their outer persona.

* * *
Portfolio of Diego D’Sousa

The website is created with a huge portion of humor and belongs to “Another crazy web designer” from Colombia – Diego D’Sousa.

* * *

Here is a stylish portfolio of Brian Trinca, multimedia and motion designer who began his venture 9 years ago designing billboards.

* * *
Ben Dziuba’s Portfolio

Here is what Ben Dziuba, an interactive designer and art director, tells about his website: “It’s like my portfolio. Without all the pretty pictures.” But still, it is very attractive and well thought-out website … an integrated approach.

* * *

This portfolio of a talented Turkish actress Nil impresses with an original dynamic photo gallery that provides an opportunity to shuffle or align images.

* * *
Gabriele Perici’s Portfolio

This portfolio is remarkable by its stunning Flash photo gallery that contains a countless number of images and fancifully twists while you mouse over the images. By the way, this website is also powered up by FlashMoto, what makes it easy to control and maintain.

* * *

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  2. Bob Jones says:

    So many pretty things. It hurts my eyes =)

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    There is no any single “right” way of creating portfolios. This showcase of fresh inspiring Flash based portfolios will definitely help you end up with a successful idea for your own portfolio….

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  7. Karen says:

    Cool collection, you could have included some of your nice flash templates here as well 🙂

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  9. Beautiful portfolios! I wish I knew flash well enough to develop something like this, such interactive and inspiring websites

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  11. joe says:

    I just designed my first portfolio site…check it out at: http://www.jddesigner.ie/ It is still in development.

  12. creating websites…

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  13. Amir Nasir says:

    these are awesome! i want to know that if the same work can be done via CSS 3 and html 5?

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    Some really good stuff here! I am curious to know what portfolio service platforms they would have used to create their portfolio. Choose the right portfolio making platform that makes your portfolio standout is crucial.I tried Pixpa and it worked great for me
    So, I recommend Pixpa to those who want to make a winning portfolio!

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