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11 Best Web Design Blogs to Read and Follow in 2015

Web Design & Dev
Helen Stark 7 May, 2015

In one of our previous posts we offered you a roundup of the best and the most informative blogs that cover the user experience topics. It’s time to give you some hints about the top blogs that offer the coolest posts on web design, development and programming. These blogs are must-read for anyone who works in the web design related field.

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - main

We included here only the best web design blogs that stay trendsetters in 2015. You can find there the latest info on any design-related topic, get the best tutorials that should help you improve your skills and learn some new tricks for your web design projects. The major factor we considered for including those blogs in our list was the high quality of stuff they offer to their readers be it articles, videos, tutorials or free design elements.

Best Web Design Blogs in 2015

As with UX blogs, we included in this post highly popular blogs that have high Alexa Ranks and thousands of followers in social media. We also considered how often they refresh their content. The value and diversity of the content was also the factor of choice. On those blogs you’ll find theoretical articles and posts about the basics of web design as well as step-by-step tutorials and detailed design guides to various elements of a website.

Smashing Magazine

Alexa Rank: 2,169
Social Media: Twitter – 897K followers; Facebook – 244K likes
Posting Frequency: 3-5 posts per week
Types of Content: articles, guides, researches, contests, freebies, ebooks

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - smashmag

The king of web design blogs, Smashing Magazine tops our list. This highly reputable resource offers the best articles and posts on web design, coding and programing, UX and graphics. It offers cool tutorials that help to create various website elements or graphic designs. Most of its tutorials are highly technical so design newbies should have a great knowledge base.

Smashing Magazine also offers cool freebies for web design projects, its own printed (and electronic) books. The resource also runs conferences, sets various design contests. You can subscribe to its weekly newsletter.


Alexa Rank: 1,543
Social Media: Twitter – 39,1K followers; Facebook – 92K likes
Posting Frequency: up to 10 posts per week
Types of Content: articles, tutorials, reviews, freebies, design inspiration

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - hongkiat

A Hongkiat Lim’s creation, this blog is a real gift for people who are interested in web design and development as well as in photography and graphics. It offers high-quality researches on web design topics, various tips and tutorials on HTML, CSS. Cool resources roundups as well as various collections of freebies will be handy for various design projects.

Tuts Plus

Alexa Rank: 1,018
Social Media: Twitter – 121K followers; Facebook – 120K likes
Posting Frequency: up to 7 posts per week
Types of Content: various guides, tips & tutorials, reviews, design theory posts, news & interviews

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - tuts

Amazing resource that mostly offers detailed and very useful tutorials on versatile web design aspects. Tuts’ guides and how-to articles will be helpful for designers of any level of experience and allow improving their workflow. You can also check out a great Glossary category that explains various web design terms and gives better understanding of their basics.


Alexa Rank: 2,068
Social Media: Twitter – 115K followers; Facebook – 208K likes
Posting Frequency: a few posts every day
Types of Content: articles and videos, tips & tutorials, reviews, roundups, interviews, design and illustration news, freebies and various web design stuff

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - creativebloq

Creative Bloq is an cool resource that covers multiple design-related themes. You will find here inspirational roundups of Instagram accounts or Pinterest boards of the coolest illustrators or graphic designers of modern times. Free fonts or icons collections are also available here as well as detailed Photoshop tutorials or eBooks collections. Graphic designers will find here loads of 3-D animation, illustration posts while brands can get some useful info about social media or content management.


Alexa Rank: 2,226
Social Media: Twitter – 123K followers; Facebook – 83K likes
Posting Frequency: up to 3 posts per week
Types of Content: tutorials and tips, articles on web design, development & programming, inspirational posts, news & interviews

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - codrops

Like Tuts+, this blog is focused on web design tips and tutorials. Web designers share their secrets here and you can always find on Codrops something useful about creation of textures, headers, icons or various effects. Free stuff collections are also welcomed and inspirational posts are published often as well.

Web Designer Depot

Alexa Rank: 4,918
Social Media: Twitter – 726K followers; Facebook – 203K likes
Posting Frequency: every day
Types of Content: articles, web design theory posts, Twitter roundups, comics, freebies

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - webdesignerdepot

Web Designer Depot keeps up a good way with their daily web design theory articles, nice tips and great collections of fresh free stuff. Cool Tweets and Comics of the Week categories create light and conversational mood and allow users stay tuned to the latest news and trends of web design world.


Alexa Rank: 6,197
Social Media: Twitter – 253K followers; Facebook – 118K likes
Posting Frequency: 3-5 posts per week
Types of Content: articles, tutorials & tips, inspirational posts

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - designmodo

This cool blog features not just web design and development topics. Brands and small businesses can find here useful recommendations of online branding, search engine optimization and promotion. Latest news and technology breakthroughs are covered in Designmodo articles. Various tutorials on back- and front-end development, coding and design will be helpful for novice and experienced designers and coders.


Alexa Rank: 4,170
Social Media: Twitter – 354K followers; Facebook – 328K likes
Posting Frequency: every day
Types of Content: mostly articles about everything in design

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - fastcompany

Fastcompany Design Blog is the one with the most versatile content. It pays attention to everything in design – from clothes and interior stuff to technical innovations and website development. Here you can find roundups and reviews on latest web and graphic design news, fresh apps etc.


Alexa Rank: 7,436
Social Media: Twitter – 66,1K followers; Facebook – 50K likes
Posting Frequency: 1 post every day
Types of Content: articles, tips & tutorials, freebies, ebooks, inspiration art

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - speckyboy

Speckyboy’s blog also covers various aspects of web design and technology. It’s not so all-encompassing as Fastcompany’s blog, but you can find here multiple catchy and inspiring articles on graphic design, illustration, website creation and UX. Freebies and various useful tools roundups are also available on this blog as well as weekly News Digest and inspirational posts.


Alexa Rank: 1,792
Social Media: Twitter – 133K followers
Posting Frequency: over 5 posts per week
Types of Content: coding tips & tutorials, videos & podcasts

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - csstricks

CSS-Tricks is a more technically-oriented blog of all mentioned here. Most of their content is focused on backend process and will be helpful for people that do coding and build websites. However, CSS-Tricks have plenty of articles and podcasts on responsive design, development and even some branding-related topics. Here you can also find videos that give you insights of the latest trends on backend and frontend aspects.


Alexa Rank: 1,318
Social Media: Twitter – 127K followers; Facebook – 66K likes
Posting Frequency: every day
Types of Content: web design theory articles, tips & tutorials, reviews

Best Web Design Blogs 2015 - sitepoint

SitePoint offers a great amount of articles on backend and frontend development as well as website design. Its UX and UI studies are just amazing and are helpful for anyone who wants to improve their experience in this field. SEO and marketing articles are a perfect addition that makes the entire process of website creation complete.

The blogs, listed above, are great and worthy your reading but they are not the only ones that cover web design and development related topics. You can find multiple other resources that will offer you versatile info on this area. Share your opinion on your favorite web design blogs in comments below.

Author: Helen Stark
Being creating content for fashion, beauty, food and tech blogs during last years, Helen has found herself in web design field now. Constantly evolving, she explores new things to impress her readers with high-quality content. Follow Helen on Twitter and Google +.