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10 Must-See Flash Photo Galleries Powered by FlashMoto Flash CMS

MotoCMS Editorial 21 January, 2010

There are situations when use of Flash can be inappropriate, for example when you need to create a complex online store. But if you want to present some multimedia content, particularly images, Flash can often be an excellent solution for you, with flexible image management for web designers and impressive visual presentation for users.

Everybody will agree that one of the indisputable advantages of Flash technology is the ability to create splendid slideshows and Flash photo galleries. It gives you an opportunity to present your photos in the most attractive and unique way and enhance your website functionality. That’s why Flash Gallery CMS websites are in great demand among artists and photographers, design studios and advertising agencies.

So, this blog post features 10 attractive and convenient Flash Gallery CMS designs that demonstrate excellent use of Flash technology to create beautiful photo galleries. All these Flash photo galleries are powered by the advanced innovative CMS for Flash provided by FlashMoto.
Enjoy the collection!

* * *
Flash Gallery of Art or Photography

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable, just like the design of this stunning Flash photo gallery. The gallery easily and fancifully twists when you just move a mouse over the page. To open any image in big preview, just click on its thumbnail. Moreover, this flash photo gallery is very flexible: with no difficulties you can customize the number of rows and make it as long/short as you wish.


* * *
Spherical Flash Photo Gallery

This gallery is probably the most powerful Flash photo gallery solution out there. This sphere-shaped gallery presents an extraordinary way of showing your media content and is easy customizable via convenient FlashMoto control panel. It also enables you to switch between two view modes: spherical and flat rectangular.


* * *
Flash Gallery for Portfolio website

This Flash image gallery offers a quite original way of presenting bunch of images. Pyramid-shaped thumbnail structure impresses with the splendid animation effects and pleasant sound accompaniment. The extremely easy navigation leaves nothing to be desired: big image preview opens just in 1 click.


* * *
Dynamic Image Gallery

Here is a compact and unobtrusive way to present your photos online. The table structure of thumbnails is the most habitual and convenient for us. A wide range of transition effects creates a lasting impression. All photos can be sorted according to the selected albums that are specified below the gallery. Well, as they say, the simplest things are the greatest 🙂


* * *
Flash Gallery CMS for Artists and Photographers

This gallery design and smart navigation are the most elegant way to present your media content. The gallery starts with album thumbnails. By selecting any album, it opens the big preview of the first image.


The navigation at the bottom gives you quick access to the menus, navigate the projects and images. Moreover, you can provide a caption for each image via user-friendly FlashMoto CMS. When you are viewing the photos, it puts the main focus on the image and hides everything else.


* * *
Flash Photo Gallery for Model Agency or Design Studio

Here is an interesting and stylish approach for presenting images. Have you noticed how beautifully the grayscaled image turns into a color image while being viewed? By the way, the dark background makes other colors to stand out and is a perfect choice for galleries of art and photography.


* * *
Dynamic image gallery for interior design companies

Here is another creative approach to showcasing images online. The images thumbnails on the transparent red background hide right away when moving a mouse from it. There are no unnecessary options; everything is neat and extremely simple.


* * *
Compact Flash image gallery

This Flash photo gallery blends well with the whole website design. The right gallery side features image thumbnails, while the other one – big image preview. The straightforward functionality makes the gallery very user-friendly. To keep a long story short, simplicity is the supreme excellence.


* * *
Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery

Simple and neat, accurate and full-function… This dynamic image gallery is characterized by excellent quality and easy customization. Visitors can browse through the gallery sliding the mouse along the screen.


* * *
Clear Style Flash Image Gallery

The distinctive feature of this flash image gallery is the round image thumbnails that move along an arc-shaped track while clicking on any of them. You must admit that it’s a quite original way of presenting images on a website.



* * *
By the way, you don’t need to use any additional extensions and Flash components in order to have a professional Flash Photo gallery. Our Flash CMS templates has already had a built-in flash gallery component. You just need to upload photos and it’s in your pocket (or more exactly in your website 🙂 ).

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