Win an iPhone5 from MotoCMS! We’ve Got 3 to Give Away for Christmas!

Alex 17 December, 2012

Get iPhone 5 from MotoCMS and buy templates with 30% OFF

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Each member of the MotoCMS team wishes you all the best and hopes all your dreams come true. Christmas is a time when everything’s possible.

Probably you’re planing to have a family dinner, or maybe you have to work that holy night. We don’t know where you’ll be and who’ll decorate the Christmas tree for you, but we want to be your personal Santa Clause.

From Christmas and till the New Year night Santa Clauses bring presents to all good boys and girls (we’re pretty sure that this year you were very diligent and you earned a super-duper gift). So we want to bring you an iPhone5 under the Christmas tree.

Unfortunately we can’t send such a present to everyone (it’s not so cheap even for Santa Clause 🙂 ), so you need to let us know that you’re eager to own a new iPhone5. If you buy any Flash template from the MotoCMS store by using the promo code below you have a real chance to win 1 of 3 iPhones5.

Here is the 30% OFF promo code on all Flash CMS templates powered by MotoCMS:


This 11 magical letters will help you to save up to $80 on purchasing a website template for your business and to get the latest and the coolest iPhone5 for yourself. The regular price of the phone is $850 (open any online store and make sure that it’s true), but we’ll deliver it to you for nothing.

Some tasty features of your future iPhone:

  • Color: White & Silver or Black & Slate (at your liking);
  • Capacity: 64GB;
  • Unlocked version;
  • 4-inch Retina display;
  • 8-megapixel iSight camera;

This offer is valid for everyone who purchased a MotoCMS Flash template with a 30% discount from December 17 2012 till January 2 2013. Right after this time 3 winners will be selected randomly and announced here at Moto Blog. All winners will be also contacted via emails.

Note that Apple, Inc. is not a part of this contest or endorsing it in any way.

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Your MotoCMS team

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  • Sounds good!

  • The add above the templates shows a different coupon code:

    Should I use this one or the one from this article? (Both are apparently for the same promo.)

    • MotoCMS

       You can use any of these 30% promocodes to take part in the contest.

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