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Welcome MotoCMS 1.7 – a New Improved Version

MotoCMS Editorial 21 February, 2012

Dear friends,

We’re happy to inform you that our Moto Flash CMS has been updated to the Version 1.7! This major release includes only a few innovations, but be sure that all the improvements will be of a great use for you.

From now on, all the new features are available within all our Flash templates. So, here you’ll find a short description of each feature of our new MotoCMS version.

1. The speed of files loading has been increased

This news is really great for developers. Due to some technical improvements within our control panel, a size of SWF files of the Flash CMS has now been reduced by more than 50%. Thereby, the entire Flash pages’ loading time has been increased.

Adobe Flash CS5

All these improvements are forced by our update to Adobe Flash CS5. From now on, all the FLA files of our Flash CMS can be opened only using this software. Please note, if you want to use Adobe Flash CS3, you should convert back FLA files from CS5 to CS4 and than to CS3.

2. The ability to pin objects to screen edges has been added

This new option enables you to pin different objects to screen edges. It’s especially good for images. You can stretch them horizontally and/or vertically by checking a proper item. It’s also possible to edit an offset by changing its value manually or moving an object with your mouse. To disable this option, you should just double click it.

MotoCMS updated to version 1.7

You can also select the Scaling Mode of images to make them look better. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Fill;
  • Crop;
  • Fit;
  • Resize;
  • No scale.

Using this option, you can also place images on the background layer of a Flash page or entire website. For reaching the best results, stretch an image vertically and/or horizontally (1), choose the fill scaling mode (2) and select the background holder as a placement (3).

MotoCMS updated to version 1.7

The ability to fix current errors by yourself has been improved

This major update also makes it easier to fix some errors which can happen while working with our control panel. There are several easy to use instructions which will help you to solve the most common problems without a need to address the support team.

MotoCMS updated to version 1.7

We hope these significant improvements will help you to gain a success while using our Flash CMS. We really want to make your online presence more pleasant. If you have some remarks or thoughts which will help us to be better for you, we’ll be glad to know them. Please don’t hesitate to drop a line in the comments field below. Your feedback is very valuable and will enable us to serve you better.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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