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8 Website CTA Designing Tips To Boost Lead Conversion Rate

MotoCMS Editorial 28 July, 2022

“Do you know my website is getting millions of visitors monthly?” Well, if you are still flexing your visitor count till now, you may not be focusing on the right things for your website. Want to know the right thing? It’s your Website’s conversion rate. In short, out of all the visitors on your Website, how many are buying your products or services? Now let’s get back to when you had no website, and think about why you wanted to create a website.  Most of you are going to say “for leads.” But by noticing the latest websites, people cannot develop websites for lead conversion because of no proper website CTA designs. If you face the same problem, you are at the right place. Here we will discuss 8 websites CTA designing tips to boost lead conversion rate.

Website CTA Designing Tips To Boost Lead Conversion Rate

Turning the traffic into customers is challenging, but if we use the right Website CTAs, everything works well. Let us discuss the best Website CTA design tips!

Give Way To Visitors To Connect Directly With You

Do you know the biggest reason why websites are unable to notice a reasonable lead conversion rate? It’s because the website/business owners are not showing any point of contact. They spend all their brain and money on creating a good-looking website, where they talk about their excellent product and services and how they can help you. But they forget the biggest and most important part, which is to give your customers a point of contact with the help of which they can either schedule a call with you or directly purchase your products and services. To get rid of such issues, make sure to add a button like a call widget; hence, by clicking on the widget, a call will be made to you directly to discuss your products and services further.

Use A/B Testing & Heatmaps

If you are confused about what CTA will work better for your website and business, then the best way to find out is by using A/B testing. A/B testing is a method in which we create two different versions of our CTAs and test both with our live audience to see which works best for us. After A/B testing, you can use heatmaps to track the user’s cursor and see where they are clicking the most.

The analysis will help us redesign your CTA so that it can be placed in a position where it will get more clicks and attention from the users. The data generated from these analyses can also be highly helpful in getting UI design tips for your website.

Crisp Names

Just imagine you visited a website where they have created appropriate buttons for all the CTAs, but their CTAs are very long; it just feels like you are reading a story. Will you click on that button? Well, in most cases, you will say no, because when you are explicitly working around lead conversion rate, you are suggested to make things as small and crisp as possible. And the reason behind it is that people make sudden decisions based on your CTAs, UI designs, and sales buttons. Which directly helps in enhancing your sales.

Color Psychology

Every color links us to a specific emotion, and brands use those emotions of their customers to drive sales. That’s why big brands use typical color schemes for their branding. Hence you should also figure out what emotions you want to attach to your brand that can help you boost your lead conversion rate, based on which brand colors will be picked.

Quick Tip: You can try out and experiment with color psychology until you find that color scheme that provides you with the desired results.

Creativity Is Important

You all must have heard about web flows, it is a way to design your websites or web pages that goes in a flow, and at last, your CTA would be added. We are discussing web flow in this section because web flows are developed using creativity. They are created in such a way that the visitor checks out our complete Website without even them feeling like they are scrolling or checking a website.

The same strategy should be integrated with CTA addition because some web flows are so adequate that the visitors flow through their Websites and click on their CTAs without knowing they clicked or followed their CTA. Hence, creativity is essential whenever you are working on the Website CTA designing part.

Reverse Gear Strategy

Don’t search it on Google because there’s nothing like reverse gear strategy; this is something we have created ourselves. Let’s talk a bit about our reverse gear strategy. Do you know that whenever we are asked not to do something, we tend to get more attracted to that thing?

This is the same strategy that we can use in Website CTA designing. If we tell our visitors not to follow a link or click a button, there are higher chances that they will do the opposite of what they are told.  Firstly, it looks very creative, and the best part is that such strategies work a lot better than generic ones.

Exit Website CTAs

Even after creating outstanding CTAs, 50% of your visitors will leave your landing page without clicking the sales button or getting converted. What would you do to make them remember your brand for future sales? Here’s a quick idea, and that is an Exit CTA. With the help of an exit CTA, you would be able to make a final impression on your visitors.

There are several ways to create an exit CTA; you can ask them to join your newsletter, or you can ask them to follow you on a platform or anything similar with the help of which your brand stays connected with them. Most of you must have thought about how it will work for you and what kind of lead conversion rate boost you can expect. The answer is, with the help of an exit CTA you can ask your visitors to follow or stay connected with you on a platform.

With the help of that platform, you can stay connected with them, and your brand remains in your visitor’s brain forever. Hence in the future, whenever they come across any such requirement that is linked with your products or services, your brand or business would be their first choice.


When we ask people to add Website CTAs to boost lead conversion rate, we are explicitly talking about adding 1 – 2 CTAs to your Website and not filling your Website with a CTA at the end of every paragraph. Several Websites or business owners are making this mistake, which is the biggest reason they cannot fulfill their sales targets. Hence if you want to generate better sales and a reasonable conversion rate, focus on adding 1-2 CTAs.

Filled with website CTA designing tips and want to try some of the best ones? Well, you should try them out and let us know what kind of results you were able to bring out of them.

Website CTA Designing – Conclusion

Want to enhance the lead conversion rate on your Website? Adding Website CTAs is one of the best ways to do that. Here in this post, we have discussed several Website CTA designing tips with the help of which you can boost your conversion rate exceptionally.

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