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Web Design For Beginners: How To Create A Website That Looks Amazing

MotoCMS Editorial 7 November, 2022

Do you want to share information and resources with your community or reach people all over the globe? Did you pick up your car from Keflavik airport and think of some resources you could provide people about traveling better around the world? If so, you’re probably considering designing and creating your own website. But it can be pretty intimidating – especially if you don’t have any experience with it. Well, here’s your guide to designing your own website, no matter what kind of site you want to create.

Web Design for Beginners – How to Create a Website That Looks Amazing

What Is Website Design?

Website design is what makes up the look, layout and overall feel of your website. It’s what grabs people’s attention and tells them who you are. Good web design will make your website easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. When designing a website, it’s important to remember that it should be mobile-friendly and visually appealing. There are many factors that go into making a good website design, from selecting your domain name to figuring out your color palette.

Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name is not part of your website design. However, without a good domain name, no one will even search for your website. Here are some things you should think about when deciding on a domain name:

  • How does it sound? Is it easy to spell?
  • Do you want an extension like .com, .net, or .org?
  • Is there already someone else using the same domain name as you? If so, are they in your industry? Does this matter if you have no competition?
  • Who will own the website, and what is their role within the company?
  • What is your company’s branding strategy, and will this help create your web design goals?
  • What do you hope to achieve with your website, and how will this affect what site design features are most important to you (for example, interactive media vs. static media)

Choosing Your Hosting

When it comes to hosting, you have two options: do-it-yourself or hire a professional. The first option is cheaper but takes time and effort, whereas the second option is more expensive but takes care of everything in the background. If you want your website done quickly and cheaply, go with the first option; if you want something that looks great without any headaches, go with the second. There’s no point in spending all that money on the design if your website can’t handle the traffic. It’s best to host your website using a company specializing in web hosting.

A reputable company will offer enough bandwidth, so your site never crashes during peak hours. They’ll also keep an eye out for any new vulnerabilities (e.g., DDoS attacks) so they can be taken care of before they get out of hand, and they’ll always have backups ready to go when disaster strikes. Plus, it feels safer knowing you’re not relying solely on yourself when things inevitably go wrong. Companies like Lyricalhost.com are great options. Also, the hosting you choose, for instance, WordPress or Linux, will also define the limitations of your designing capacity. So choose wisely.

Choosing The Right Theme For Your Site

Choosing the right theme can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But it’s worth it. There are many different options out there, but here are some questions to help narrow down your search:

  • What colors do I want for my site?
  • Do I want a simple or flashy look?
  • Do I want my site in HTML5 or Flash?
  • Should my site have a responsive design? (adapts to mobile and tablet screens)
  • How often will I update my site content? (every day, once per month?)

Hosting, Domains & Themes Are Only Part of A Successful Site

Many think a website is only successful if it has great hosting, domains, and themes. However, there are many other things you need to consider. When designing your site, there are four main principles that you should keep in mind:

1) Navigation – Visitors want an easy way to find what they want on your site, and they want it fast.

2) Content – Ensure you have the right content on your site and that it’s high quality.

3) Aesthetic – Your site needs to look good,

4) SEO – Search engines like Google use algorithms that rank sites based on specific criteria.

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