7 Web Content Development Hacks – Creating Content for Website Design

Freddie Tubbs 11 July, 2018

Using content marketing as a way to boost your business is an excellent idea if done properly. If you care about the web content development, keep publishing news, useful articles, conducting studies and doing quality research puts you at a high position in client’s eyes. Sure thing you can also use professional web copywriting services, but if you want to DIY – here we have collected some helpful tips for the website content creation.

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Web Content Development Tips

However, your content has to be exceptional to be able to generate leads and bring conversions to you – for that, you’ll need much more. Everything on the page has to work in sync and look perfectly put-together.

Think of the Design

While the content you create is the focal point of your time, and it should stay that way, the design that accompanies it should be optimal as well. SEO content development includes design, too; if you want to create content for web design it has to look appealing.

Think about the color palette that you are using – are the colors neutral and easy to look at? Pick a few complementary colors and stick with them. Also, eliminate distractions like pop-ups, too many features in the sidebar or the footer. Especially if you have a content-heavy website design, distractions like these are only going to take your reader’s attention away from the most important thing – content.

Format Your Content

No matter how good your article really is, most people will just skim through it and only read it in its entirety if it strikes them as amazing. This is why you need to format your content to suit those scanners – this is a good content strategy for the web.

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Here are some things that you should use:

  • Bold the most important words and phrases;
  • Use short, readable paragraphs;
  • Subheadings help;
  • Create content in the form of lists;
  • Use bullet points often.

Your web content development will be much easier if you learn how good formatting can aid you.

Put the Most Important Things First

When it comes to web content development, you can`t write in the same way that you would write for newspapers, for example. You only have a few seconds to impress your readers and beating around the bush isn’t going to get you many leads. Your content strategy for the web should focus on delivering the most important information first and elaborating on details later in the text.

Figure out what the main point of your content is and share it first. Use tools like StateofWriting or Academized to help you with the rest of the text and finding the most appealing way to bring the information closer to the reader.

Include Strong CTA’s in Your Web Content Development

You can’t expect your readers to do what you want them to do unless you ask them to do it. This is what calls to action are for. Explicitly show your readers how to best engage with your brand – be it purchasing, contacting you or engaging with your brand on social media.

Web content development should always include strong CTAs. For instance, if you want your readers to purchase something from you, let them know by including a short ‘buy now’ with a link taking them to the sales page or a more complex version like ‘Click here to purchase this product and get an exclusive discount’.

Pay Attention to the Page Structure

When you are creating content for the web, and you want it to result in many conversions, you have to pay attention to things like page structure. No matter how good your content can be, it won’t matter if your page structure is bad. If it’s hard to navigate, and complicated for the average user, you are probably not going to have a very good response.

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“Create an appealing feed where the reader can move on to other pages easily – creating content for website design that works well for users is imperative. If necessary, employ reviewing services that can Mystery Shopper test your site and let you know if anything can be changed”, – explains Arlene Blakeney, a UX Manager at UK Writings.

Include Links to Other Pages

Instead of overwhelming the readers with a lot of features on the sidebar, including a few links to other, similar content can be a good web content development strategy. This way, your users will have an easy path to more information on the same subject – but that information will not be too ‘in your face’ but a more subtle message. The same goes for displaying a few similar articles below the text.


The simple truth is, readers don’t particularly enjoy seeing misspelled words or grammar mistakes when they are reading a professional text. This immediately alarms them that the website is not professional enough and that it doesn’t care enough to fix mistakes that are easy to fix by using tools like Grammarly and Hemingway online editor.

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Make sure to think about this when creating your web content development strategy. Content heavy web designs could benefit from being grammatically accurate and avoid confusion by eliminating spelling mistakes.


Web content development is somewhat different than any other content you can create. This is mostly due to it depending on so many other factors to be successful. Of course, quality content is the most important thing but also considering things like website design or page structure can only improve your chances of getting conversions.

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