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MotoCMS Editorial 31 August, 2009

Today on August 31, the semi-final of “Best of RIA 2009” contest started. The top 3 in the semi finals move on to Garth Braithwaite’s Adobe MAX session covering Best Rich Internet Apps of 2009 where the winner will be selected by the live audience.

Now we need your help friends! Please cast your vote for FlashMoto and guide us to the Best of RIA 2009 winners.

At Adobe MAX conference we will have the chance to tell hundreds of developers and designers about our brand new Flash CMS. The event assembles the heart of the modern web industry, so many creative minds will gather together to communicate and share future-building ideas. We at FlashMoto will be able to meet guys from Adobe team, leading designers, developers and technology trend-setters, perhaps we will get back with some partnership agreements bringing some more tasty surprises to you, our end-users.

FlashMoto CMS final version release is really close and we are going to present it at the conference actually. Here are some of our latest achievements that show FlashMoto is completely ready to rock the world at Adobe MAX:

  • Partnership with TemplateMonster. From now you will be able to use the best quality Flash templates within most intuitive and user-friendly FlashMoto CMS. This is the ultimate package you need to create a professional Flash website.
  • 16 000 Beta users at the moment. After the alliance with TemplateMonster was announced, the number of Beta registrations increased enormously and continues to go up.
  • Additional tools and services are ready to be launched with FlashMoto CMS. Online Font Creator is your magic wand to add any font to your Flash website easily and quickly. We will also release additional resource where you will be able to download various Flash components both for FlashMoto powered websites and any other Flash projects FOR FREE.

FlashMoto CMS project is ready to shine at Adobe MAX 2009. Help us spread the word and continue to vote for FlashMoto. Thanks for being with us, friends.

Learn the freshest FlashMoto news and upcoming events – read our blog and follow FlashMoto team on Twitter.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • rob

    Hey, how do you order your product? How much does it cost?

    I don’t see any information on that. Am I blind?

  • Julia

    Hey guys, best of luck, i think you can win!

    2rob: the product is in Beta so far. And it’s free to subscribe.

  • All the best to you! You have an amazing product!

  • Arnold

    I think you guys have been hacked. My beta link takes me to a russian Web site that spits out a virus! Get your sh*t together.

  • Steven

    Cant get in for a virus threat from a .ru site your link throws up after signing up for your beta! Beware!!!!

  • Difort

    @Arnold, @Steven Thank you guys. Fixed.

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