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Top Social Media Practices To Implement For Achieving Maximum Success

MotoCMS Editorial 20 May, 2023

Social media management is one tough cookie, and if you’re not using the best practices, you might not get to taste the crisp success. However, no definite guidebook or regulations will guarantee success overnight. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything that will boost the overall performance of your social media strategies. You can look up the internet and find numerous sites offering insights into the methods to promote social media results.

Of course, these are true since they’ve worked for different sites. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll also work out for your site or account. Let’s not forget that almost every social media campaign differs from the rest because of its workability, type of account, and targeted results. With that, we’ve compiled some of the best social media practices you can implement for your accounts to get the most out of them. Let’s check them out now:

1. Video Engagement

Gone are the days when you had to post a message and expect a response. Today, users demand more content, especially in the form of short videos. There’s a reason why TikTok is so widely used because of its short-form videos. If you want your social accounts to get noticed, creating and posting short-form videos is one of its keys. You must also formulate a video strategy with the content strategy according to the topics you’re focusing on.

By combining internal resources and using your existing content, you can easily create engaging videos and post them accordingly. Just track the metrics so you know how well it is working.

2. Posting at the Right Time

One of the most common misconceptions seen amongst social media practices is posting now and then. Even though it might be true for some cases; however, you need to post content at the right time that will help you gain good results. Then again, you need to post regularly, which doesn’t mean posting every hour. A single post in a day every day can make a huge difference. In doing so, you can use the time to analyze what your chosen audience is interacting with.

Influencer Marketing on Social Media

This will make it easier to develop posts that will help convert the most. You can use the time to create the right post and even schedule a few posts so you don’t forget about posting regularly.

3. Reducing Response Time

Whether running an online store or even a social media page, reducing your response time is one of the best ways of converting more on social media. Successful social media brands have a response time of less than 24 hours.

Either a dedicated response team or chatbots are used for responding to queries. In addition, responding during peak usage hours or events makes your brand highly attractive to your audience. While entertaining your customers, you can run audits to help you know how your inbox activity affects your performance. Apart from this, you should incorporate chatbots to minimize response delays too.

4. Highlight Your Products

Yes, giving insights about your products to the customers when they visit your page or website is one thing, but highlighting them is another way of engaging. Your products and services are your spotlights, and letting the customers acknowledge them is another way of gaining an effective audience.

Considering your audience, you should design the right posts and highlight your products/services. In addition, you should use promotional events to highlight your products since these posts are trending and help gain a good range of online audiences.

5. Define Your Engagement Tone

This is important because if you’re choosing a serious product/ service to market, you should engage your audience in a formal tone – well, most of the time. You can choose from excitement, ruggedness, sincerity, competence, and sophistication among the tones.

However, it all depends upon the type of content you’re posting, the platform you’re posting it on, and the audience you’re interacting with. In addition to this, you should answer the following questions before choosing a tone:

  • How will your audience be affected by this tone?
  • Is it alright to use this tone with the current content and atmosphere?
  • Are your brand adjectives achieved/ achievable with this tone?

You should use your selected tone if these questions have a positive answer. However, you don’t need one style for all content postings. For this, you need to analyze the engagement score of various tones to check how well each has worked out for your brand.

6. Use Automation Wherever Possible

Another amazing practice that you should not overlook is using automation. Automating processes for your social media management will help you accomplish numerous goals passively. For instance, scheduling posts will help you improve engagement without any delays.

In addition, you can use various tools for social media practices, such as Jungle Scout, Agorapulse, Hootsuite alternative, etc., that will help you track engagement while reporting accurate metrics for your existing content. Moreover, you can also use various tools for posting on different social media channels that will help improve overall engagement. In other words, it’s better to let automation handle everything instead of doing it yourself. Using automation, you can focus on important parts of social media marketing, including building new strategies, analyzing content for new posts, etc.

7. Seeking Engagement via UGC

User-generated content, or UGC, is one of the best social media practices to engage an audience on social media platforms. It keeps your performance organic and brings out the essence of engaging with your chosen audience correctly. For instance, figuring out the best hashtags for your accounts can help target the right audience on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc. In addition, using UGC for your content will help engage more audiences since people like to see what others come up with.

Sure, you can use AI to produce content; however, going for the human touch for your posts will most likely give the best results. In addition, you can also interact with your audience to acquire ideas about what kind of posts you should do. What’s better is engaging with them in various modes, such as organizing a giveaway contest for the best post on the theme of Christmas and your brand. In such ways, you can get a handful of ideas, and your brand will be recognized as UGC-oriented.

Closing Thoughts

Well, using the abovementioned practices, you can surely engage your audiences better and gain a competitive edge over your competitors with effective social media practices. Again, these aren’t a benchmark but will help you improve the overall performance that will bear fruit in the future.

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