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Snapchat vs. Instagram: Free Infographic 2017

MotoCMS Editorial 23 May, 2017

Snapchat vs instagram free infographic 2017 - main image

No one can deny that nowadays Snapchat and Instagram have become two of the most popular social media platforms. Both of them use visuals that are delivered within a few seconds to the target audience.

Being continuously competing with each other, both platforms keep evolving by offering more new features to their users. Since Snapchat and Instagram features are becoming more and more similar, some marketers feel confused when they are to decide which platform to target. Should your brand focus more on Snapchat or Instagram?

The Snapchat vs. Instagram infographic below will help you to learn more about the differences between Snapchat and Instagram and figure out which platform can become the best solution for your business. Feel free to download it right away. Enjoy!

Snapchat vs instagram free infographic 2017 - file

To cut a long story short, which of these social platforms should your brand give preference to? Maybe, the wisest idea is not to waste your time on debating with others trying to choose between Snapchat and Instagram, but rather embrace both of them to take an advantage of their strong points for your business further flourishing.


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