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9 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

MotoCMS Editorial 23 December, 2021

Instagram has developed from a photo-sharing platform to a business-oriented social media channel that ranks among the best-performing platforms of all time. Currently, Instagram holds the second position, coming after Facebook in terms of daily active users. This is why individuals and businesses looking to leverage this platform should grow and retain their audience. Besides uploading content regularly, having a huge following on Instagram is the best way to stay relevant. Unfortunately, this may prove challenging for newcomers. Fortunately, you can work your way up with some help. Below are the best websites to buy Instagram followers to keep your page relevant and attract more traffic.

Buy Instagram Followers – Famoid

Famoid ranks first among several websites for many reasons. You can buy real and active followers, views, and likes instantly from the website. Founded in 2017, the website offers a wide array of social media services, specifically providing followers across several major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Famoid primarily focuses on creating a snowball effect. They provide initial followers to new social media accounts, making it easier to attract new followers organically. Depending on your chosen pricing package, you can gain from 250 to 25,000 followers on Instagram. This is great for any upcoming startup looking to make online sales.

Famoid has monthly and yearly pricing packages. The basic package costs $29, $49 for the plus package, and $99 for the premium package. However, you can opt for the annual package to save money. Note that each package comes with different features. It is worth noting that you may lose some followers after some days due to the automatic Instagram algorithm. However, the amount of lost followers is negligible, and you shouldn’t be worried. If you aren’t sure about services from Famoid, you can try the free package, which comes with 10 publicly displayed ratings, five active surveys, protection from fake reviews, a search engine-optimized profile, and more.


SocialRush is the second website on this list that sells Instagram followers. What distinguishes this website is that, unlike other websites, SocialRush provides a targeted audience from one region. This highly benefits local influencers looking to promote local products and businesses. Like Famoid, SocialRush provides a satisfaction guarantee. This means that you will receive your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the services provided. This provides assurance that you get value for your money.

Flock Social – Real Instagram Followers

Flock Social offers a dynamic solution for growing your Instagram presence with ease and confidence. The strategy is simple yet effective – Flock engages with real Instagram accounts based on your target audience, resulting in increased reach, comments, likes, and, of course, real followers.

Flock Social has already helped over 15,000 Instagram accounts achieve impressive growth online, and it guarantees results. Plus, their support team is always ready to assist you in optimizing your targets for the best outcomes.

Why worry about account bans or wasted resources? With Flock Social, you can watch your followers steadily increase while focusing on what truly matters – engaging content.

Buy Instagram Followers – Viralyft

Viralyft is another veteran and popular website on this list that you can consider buying Instagram followers from. Alongside Famoid, the website has constantly ranked number one for its quality services. They have also been around for a long time, proving their adaptability in ensuring that you get followers despite the frequent change in social media algorithms.

Like other platforms, you get 100% genuine followers, improving your Instagram profile’s overall performance. As mentioned, this is crucial in ensuring that you stay relevant as a digital marketer or influencer. The website has SSL certification, which ensures that sharing your personal details on the website is safe. You get 300 followers at $7, and prices increase to $56 for 5000 followers. These rates are comparably affordable.


The third website on the list is SocialPros. Besides real followers, the website will help you get engagement and other social media services you may need. Unlike other lowly-rated websites, SocialPros provide genuine followers that aren’t machine-generated. To avoid the impact of bots on your Instagram and other social media platforms, SocialPros observes all measures to ensure that none of your followers are bot-generated. That aside, you get the most affordable packages. The website charges $3 for 100 Instagram followers and $105 for 10,000 followers.


ViewsExpert is another top website for buying Instagram followers worth mentioning. It is among the veteran platforms that have provided good services to its customers for a long period. Like Famoid, ViewsExpert offers social media services for Instagram and other platforms as well. Even though they provide diversified followers, your profile will get genuine followers that aren’t machine-generated. They also provide 24/7 customer support, assuring that any arising issues will be handled immediately. In terms of pricing, they have slightly similar package pricing. For $5, you get 400 followers, and 7000 followers for $74.

Buy Instagram Followers – Twicsy

You can also buy your Instagram followers from Twicsy, one of the few websites that has been ranked top by Atlanta Mag, Men’s Journal, Washington City Paper, and U.S Mag. Like other websites, buying Instagram followers to your influencer or business account from Twicsy is a breeze. Twicsy prides itself on providing active and organic followers at very competitive prices. Your followers will view and like your Instagram pictures and videos, which is every marketer’s dream. However, note that with more following comes more feedback, including negative criticism. Therefore, you should learn how to handle social media reviews for effective marketing.

As mentioned, Twicsy sells followers, likes, and views for as cheap as $3 for 100 followers. You can bundle all these services and buy them as one package to enjoy some discount.


Unlike other websites mentioned above, Stormlikes provides genuine followers, likes, and comments on Instagram only to their clients. You will also like the custom-made experience that suits everyone’s specific needs. The website has overly responsive customer support that allows you to schedule your growth on Instagram. You can choose an immediate or steady but delayed increase in followers. That aside, you can specify the countries that you want followers from and the gender ratio. This makes your Instagram account look fluid and natural as much as possible. With this, the only remaining task is creating content that generates traffic. Stormlikes also provides flexible payment options, and you can choose from one-time, monthly installments, or custom payment plans.

If you have multiple Instagram accounts, they can provide discounts on your selected package. Unlike other websites, you don’t have to share your password and login details. Payment is also made through PayPal. If you doubt their services, you can request a trial version that gives you 50 free followers. Pricing starts from $2.99 for 100 followers.


InstaMama is another platform that can take your business to another level with genuine followers. Unlike other companies that sell fake followers, the website sells profiles of real Instagram users. This makes your account credible with genuine followers. This keeps your Instagram account safe from Instagram’s algorithm that bans accounts followed by fake followers.

Followers are sent to your account gradually to eliminate suspicion. InstaMama starts sending followers to your account two to 24 hours after you complete payment. The platform also has a considerable retention rate, meaning that very few followers will stop following your account after joining. Like other aforementioned platforms, InstaMama is safe as you don’t have to share your account information. The payment system for their services also has secure encryption. Unfortunately, payments can only be made through credit cards, which can be inconvenient for some people.

How to Buy Instagram Followers Right – Endnote

You should have a large social media following to stay relevant and run an effective social media marketing campaign. Fortunately, these websites have made it easy to have a following. Marketing your products or services, engaging with your audience, and asking for customer feedback become easy with a good following.

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