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MotoCMS Nominated for 2015 People’s Choice Awards! [Vote Now!]

MotoCMS Editorial 3 December, 2015

Following up the Thanksgiving, we’re glad to thank all our customers, readers, subscribers and followers for their loyalty to MotoCMS. Thanks for your love and support to our work! MotoCMS has achieved an appreciation across many platforms, services and websites. Today we have some great news that we wish to share with you.

MotoCMS nominated for 2015 People's Choice Awards - main

We are happy to announce that MotoCMS has been listed in a prestigious 2015 People’s Choice Awards in the “Best Website Builder” nomination. It became possible thanks to all our friends and clients as well as to all readers of CMS Critic’s blog who nominated us for this awesome award. MotoCMS is in short-list now! It’s only one step that separates MotoCMS from becoming the Best Website Builder of the Year. And only you can help us.

Vote for MotoCMS on the CMS Critic website! The voting form is arranged at the bottom of the page that lists all nominations. Check out for MotoCMS in the “Best Website Builder” category and, of course, for other nominations you like. Voting is open now and will continue until January 1, 2016. Hurry up and help MotoCMS to become the Best Website builder 2015!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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