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How Website Design Conveys Brand Credibility

MotoCMS Editorial 23 December, 2023

Credibility is the essence of any business, and website design plays a key part in achieving it. In today’s world, web design is one of the most powerful tools in shaping brand perception. It is not just about creating a website that looks visually appealing anymore – although that remains a crucial factor – it’s about using the website to build brand credibility, i.e., trust with potential customers and make a lasting impression.

The Story of the Brand and the Customer

For those asking how website design can convey brand credibility, the first thing to note is the story being told. To build a successful, trustworthy brand, the website design must explain the company’s why’ and establish the ‘how’. This means talking about the brand and the customer, establishing how the relationship will work, and what the brand will do to protect any customer investing in it.

With data privacy coming to the forefront of people’s attention, customers are taking it upon themselves to protect their data, whether that’s through removing personal information from the internet or opting out of data brokers completely. In this light, a credible brand will integrate its data policies clearly in its website design, being as transparent as possible to differentiate the company and gain that trust.

We all know those ‘accept cookies’ boxes are irritating and repetitive, but they’re a good opportunity to convey your data usage philosophy.

Clean and Professional to Demonstrate Integrity

The design itself must also lead to a positive first impression. Through clear navigation, a logical layout, and a clean user interface, customers will immediately perceive the brand to be professional, credible, and reliable. This was exemplified by website builder Squarespace in 2022. A survey conducted with YouGov found that nearly 80% of people thought that a business with a professionally designed website was more credible than those without.

The user-friendly aspect is especially important as a way to attract new customers. With so much strong competition, users have come to have high expectations when it comes to their online experiences. This means that, when they enter a website, they want to be able to quickly find what they are looking for, utilizing clean navigation menus and breadcrumbs to reach their end result. Without an optimized and clean website, the brand will be unable to demonstrate its professionalism and integrity, subsequently painting it as credible.

Brand Credibility & Design – Trust in 2024

Going into 2024, companies must also understand that the website is the ‘hub’ of the business, with several arms that branch out onto other platforms on the web, including social media pages like Instagram and LinkedIn. With this in mind, the website must be the hub of the brand design, which is similarly conveyed on every other platform utilized.

The brand logo, the color palette, the imagery, the tone of voice, the focused content, the user experience – all of these aspects must be maintained across the website and across the internet as a whole. Doing this shows customers that the brand is serious about its image and online presence, with a consistency that creates authenticity and cohesiveness. Building trust and brand credibility is all about messaging – upholding the brand’s values and identity, and this is integral in the web design and how it is translated across the internet.

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