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How to Optimize Your Landing Page For More Conversions

MotoCMS Editorial 8 March, 2023

So you built your website and started promoting it on social media, paid ads, newsletters, and affiliate marketing. But you don’t see good results in sales. What can you do to improve this? Well in this article, we will show you how to increase your landing page conversion rate and get more conversions in easy steps. If a user clicks on a search result or one of your banners, he lands on your website. The specific page it arrives at is the landing page or landing page. It is the first impression that a user gets of you and your company – and is, therefore, of crucial importance. Because if this first impression is unsatisfactory, the user will leave your site, and there will never be a conversion.

Mistakes made on the landing page can be of many kinds. This starts with the appearance and makes a provider appear dubious or unprofessional. This continues with the products and services presented, which do not offer the visitor what he is looking for. This ends with unclean and illogical conversion processes that put insurmountable obstacles in the way of even the most willing visitor.

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Landing Page Requirements

Successful landing pages, on the other hand, do the following:

  • They keep the user on the landing page. The headline and the thematic and graphic consistency of the respective campaign will help you in particular.
  • They present the user with the right offer in the best possible way and prepare it for the web. Stimulators are often used in addition.
  • They convince the user of the conversion. The structure of the landing page and the call-to-action are particularly important here.
  • You reduce the risk of cancellations by avoiding unnecessary lengths and difficulties in the registration or ordering process. This also includes, for example, not requesting any data that is not required for the respective conversion.
  • You reduce the user’s doubts and strengthen his trust in your company and offer. Aids can be trust boosters such as seals of approval or customer testimonials.

And who decides for you whether the above points are fulfilled? When designing landing pages, many people often have a lot to say. The usual suspects are IT departments, marketing managers, webmasters, agencies, or managing directors. Those who are the only ones who can actually provide information are usually left out: your visitors because the landing page has to please them because they should make the conversion.

Online you have the opportunity to ask your visitors. In the simplest case, you create two variants of your target page, send half of the visitors to this variant and the other half to that variant – and see which works better based on the number of conversions. So, landing page optimization is the improvement of the landing page through testing.


What Is Landing Page Optimization?

In order to get the greatest success from your online marketing activities, these should always include the optimization of the respective landing page (and consequently the entire conversion process). If you use the conversion rate as a measure of success, landing page optimization means »improving the conversion rate through testing« for you.

You get more conversions based on the same number of visitors. With 10,000 visitors and a conversion rate of one percent, you get 100 conversions. If you increase your conversion rate to 1.2 percent, you already have 120 conversions. For example, you would have to spend 20 percent more budget with the same visitor quality to achieve this increase via AdWords. Your conversion costs decrease by increasing the conversion rate. With click prices of one euro, you originally pay 100 euros per conversion in the above case. As the conversion rate improves, these costs drop to €83.33. The landing page optimization thus develops a great leverage effect and can create increases that can no longer be achieved or can only be achieved with difficulty by optimizing campaigns that are already good.

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Testing landing pages is a broad field because every campaign and every website has to find the best solution for itself. So it usually doesn’t help much to copy functioning pages or to transfer the results of other optimizations. Each landing page serves a different user group and conveys a different message with different focuses and stimuli. Above all, different elements harmonize with each other on each landing page: A headline works better with this image than with that one, a colorful call-to-action button is more successful with this text, while a simple order link is better received with that text.

The wheel does not necessarily have to be reinvented for the alternative variant. Small changes to the existing landing page can be enough to achieve significant improvements.
The problem: you don’t know which changes are involved. The solution: You can ask your target group and visitors to test it.

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