Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day 2016: Greet MotoCMS Patrick the Cameleo!

MotoCMS Editorial 16 March, 2016

Every year millions of people go crazy because of one color. The color of spring, life and youth! Green blooms everywhere as the official color of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world.

St. Patrick’s Day 2016 MotoCMS - main

These days everyone wants to be an Irish. People wear green, drink beer and search for four-leaf clover for luck. Here, at MotoCMS, we can’t keep out of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2016 with all the people around us.

We have a couple of cool news for you! First – it’s the amazing discounts for all our customers during the St. Patrick’s Day and one day after it. Get your four-leaf clover of luck that brings you a wooping 30% discount to all templates in MotoCMS store March, 17-18. We mean literally “all templates” including MotoCMS html templates, MotoCMS 3 templates, and our freshly-baked Ecommerce templates that already contain Ecommerce plugin functionality inside.

And it’s today we’re going to introduce you our new team member that will appear on our website very often, we hope! Welcome our Patrick the Cameleo! You must have noticed already – it’s Patrick himself who introduces the discount to you. He is an Irish at heart, and a real web designer and artist by birth. He knows everything on how to create a beautiful website with no hassle.

Wish to learn all the website building tricks our Patrick the Cameleo knows? Choose your template, register a free demo our buy it right away with 30% off to find out how to easily make a website. And subscribe to our blog right now to get some cool news from Patrick in future. Cheers!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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